Khamis, 15 Disember 2011

Supplemen tidak membantu pesakit barah?


Baking soda, DCA, apricot seeds, vitamin B 17, laetrile, habbatus sauda, honey, Gerson therapy, bekam, The Secret, Tony Robbins, and the lists goes on and on......




I realised that of late, there are more “educated” females that came late for treatment of their breast cancers. The nurse counselor said that apparently, many were mislead by reading blogs and viewing u-tubes of cancer survivors testimonies that chose alternative treatment rather than operation and oncology treatment. Yesterday, I went round reading cancer blogs and u-tube testimonies, and I also realized how cancer patients were being misled into delaying treatment. I m a cancer patient and I could understand the hope given by those claiming to be cured of cancer by just taking apricot seeds, baking soda, DCA, positive energy, practicing holy water, fruits and the holiness of The Secret. There is no harm in taking several apricot seeds daily, but be careful in taking chemicals and non-food items. Things like colostrums have growth factor and IGF-I and IGF-II than stimulates tumour. 
If I visit the oncology unit in my hospital and interview those with late stage cancers, many had actually eaten apricot seeds, habbbatus sauda, honey, all sorts of factors and processed juices, baking soda or some even have had vitamin C shots and Gerson therapy. Sadly these people don’t go and blog and upload their u-tube confessions so that others at the beginning of the journey could have some insight on their desperation and unscientific claims. The story of Big Phama is too good for generalizing the blame on modern medicine. Even I as a doctor and a psychiatrist (probably could claim a sociologist too, i.e. after giving sociology classes for many years) was seduced, but then I have my medical background as well as real life stories of disillusioned patients under my care. Temporary seduction, yes.
I supported naturopathic treatment and I am a believer and practitioner as well. But, be informed that there is such thing as placebo response and psych-neuro-immunological influences in immune defense. Thus, one person success with a certain alternative therapy is not necessarily replicated in another person. Just as simple as differing blood groups make a lot of difference. A person with blood group A, helloo..please do not emulate blindly what a person with O group does, though O is not entirely successful all the time. Even O, with poor eating and high stress level, the body would still be weakened. Then one person cancer is not the same as another person cancer. For all you know, the person you are modeling is having a grade I slow growing cancer. You’re asking me on how to know? Take the whole dangerous thing out via operation, and let the pathologist scrutinize the tumour, on its grade, type of receptors, the number of lymph nodes involved and the presence of lymphatic and vascular infiltration. If I see your Histopathological report I could roughly predict what is coming. Tissues from needle or tru-cut biopsies are not sufficient. Some patients think that as long as their breast cancer is not increasing in size, then they are having an upper control over their cancer. Hellooo....seemed like your cancer is more intelligent than you. See the diagram…your breast cancer can travel without showing its presence in your breast.

I’ve just had a patient, discovered a lump, in two weeks went for operation, and the results showed that she was triple negative (PR, ER and cerb), grade III cancer and there are evidence of lymphatic and vascular infiltration. It means that the cancer had entered the blood vessels and had sent its representatives (perwakilan) to distant organs and waiting signals to open up its franchised outlet. Smart eh? In my book that is facing its own terminal stage with DBP (terminal not necessarily almost to the stage of appearing on book racks, but terminal of dying with the distributor and publisher) I advocate a much stronger chemo regime for this type of cancer. 
However there is one plus point for people who decided to keep their breast cancer in their breasts. As long as the size and local invasion is not frightening (e.g. of frightening is given in the images), then the representatives will remain calm and dormant. 

I feel some sense of responsibility (after realizing that my unpublished book will remained so) to put my spiritual reflection on hold today, to write about this, and hopefully it make sense as I am in a hurry for other more pressing matters. 
If you decide not to take out your cancer, well at least practice the naturopathic healing in its proper way. It is difficult, needs a lot of enthusiasm and discipline and I know for sure for I always have lapses. Emulate Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer in her diet and exercise and don’t be half informed like several of my patients. They followed the vegetable juicing but so malas matak exercise and guess what; soon they developed deep vein thrombosis. When you developed a deep vein thrombosis or in simple language “blood clots” then you will lose powerful ammunitions in combating cancer. The doctor will give you a list of fruits and vegetables that have high vit K content that you should not take, and it is a list, nevertheless an almost complete one, with allowance for buah Melaka, dan sayur pucuk/fuchok (ha ha, I found this very funny) …. Probably after the cues from hubby that wants to eat buah Melaka and sayur fuchok. Hemm...that shall he be iftar recipe for today....

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