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Rumput Belalai Gajah

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Rumput Belalai Gajah

At one time, Sabah snake grass was my everything. I depended on it. I went hunting for it in the markets. I paid top money for it. Every cutting was saved. Nothing was wasted. I treated it like I treated a dear friend. I believed whole-heartedly my good health depended upon it. I blogged about it here, here , and here. Once I had enough, I gave it away free left and right to friends and acquaintances alike from Sibu. Now there is not much market for it as it grows easily and doesn’t need much care. This post received forty three comments showing the interest on the net about Sabah snake grass. But now that I am better I do not need it any more. I am writing this believing that somebody out there is searching the net for posts on Sabah snake grass and need feedback on its efficacy. It was good when I needed it. Recently I was thinking it would be a waste if I didn’t consume it after all I had it. I took my usual dosage of thirty to fifty leaves once a week ( as compared to my 30-50 leaves daily when I was sick ) and found it counter-productive. I experienced bouts of breathlessness same to when I was sick before and had swollen ankles. I tried it again about ten days later to check if it was indeed due to the Sabah snake grass. I again felt the same symptoms. What was good to me then is no longer good for me. In this pic we can see 5-day-old signs of kausua treatment to treat me after possibly over consuming Sabah snake grass after I had healed. I also had to grieve because a fellow sufferer who introduced Sabah snake grass to me passed away recently. All I can tell you curious readers and probably you are ‘terdesak’ or compelled by circumstances to try it out. It works wonders but we should not overly depend on it. It is best to combine Western medicine and traditional herbs.

Sabah snake grass, farewell friend and back to gym

I have stopped taking Sabah snake grass.I have now healed to the extent that I feel it is no longer necessary for me to consume it any more. I have been giving away Sabah snake grass left and right to anybody who asks for it but in Sibu only on condition they replant it. A lady I gave it to told me she bought a small packet of Sabah snake grass in Rejang Park without the stems for RM30.00. Incredible. She was flabbergasted when I gave her what she valued at RM100.00 worth of the Sabah snake grass. She had not been able to plant it because her supplier removed the stems before selling her the Sabah snake grass leaves. On the other hand, I had to say farewell in my mind to the lady who initially introduced me to it. I am so grateful to her. It was a little step, a little too late for her. I was filled with despair knowing that there is nothing anybody else can do other than pray for her or transfer merits to her. It is cruel for me to think it but I pray her end will not be prolonged and more pain-free. For avid first-time Sabah snake grass seekers, it works for some and it doesn’t work for some. It is not a miracle drug but it does help some. I am really getting used to using olive oil in my kitchen. It doesn’t have the oily feel like palm oil and I only need to use just a little for my cooking. It tastes great too and it is supposed to help reduce cholesterol. It costs a little more but it is worth it. I have also resumed going to the gym. Initially I was a little weary as I cautiously handled the tread mill, exercise bike etc but my confidence returned as the feel-good factor returned. There is a thingy which helps measure our heart rate as we exercise on the machines. All my muscles are aching after two days at the gym but I am determined to stick it out at the gym, lose weight and reduce my cholesterol level. I find this particularly difficult as I can feel my abs tightening. Look at me trying so hard to complete my sets. I am determined to regain my health. Keeping my fingers crossed I will be able to achieve a small measure of success at least. I have paid for gym membership for a month . You can get complete access to our pandora bracelet prices, long leather jacket and vintage leather motorcycle jackets. Our motorcycle airbag jacket for women and wholesale leather jackets give you 100% guarantee.

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