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Kenapa Terapi Gerson Tidak Berkesan

  • The title of the this video is very misleading. It should read something more like: Gerson Therapy Doesn't Work if You Are a Moron!"
  • @hotlipsporter thank you for watching this video. Many viewers of this video have made a comment with a similar sentiment. I chose the title for its appeal to skeptics and for it's clear message.Please consider treating Gerson Therapy patients with kindness. The daily intake of 13 juices, performance of 4 or more coffee enemas, gobbling of 50 to 70 supplements and minerals, the restricted diet and self-doubt takes great courage.Sincerely,Russell
  • We owned an organic food market. A lady, diagnosed with cancer of the female organs started the Gerson program. Her husband would come faithfully into our store for our organic carrots and greens to stock up for the week and let us know of her progress. She was also doing some sort of enemas. That was in 1991. She is still alive today.
  • @principles101 This is wonderful to read, thank you for contributing to this forum.Sincerely,Russell
  • Can anyone tell me if they or anyone they know had cancer and went to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico and had poor results?
  • @4luvofknowledge thank you for watching this video. My wife and I met a number of Cancer patients at the clinic in March of 2011, each coming to the clinic at different stages of Cancer development. The most successful Gerson patient implements' the therapy before any other treatment option like Radiation and Chemotherapy. Sadly, I know of 2 people that came to the clinic at a very late stage, having undergone previous treatment in western medicine, and that are no longer on Earth.
  • This seems like an unfair title. It should be more like the "Gerson therapy does not work when you do not follow the Gerson therapy." I guess the title could be taken as sarcasm that's making the same point as xconeticx and myself, but I was definitely waiting for some revelation that never came.
  • Well actually, this video explains why it didn't work, and that was because the Irish woman improvised with the therapy, and decided to substitute all organic carrot juices with orange juice, not because the 'gerson therapy doesn't work'....
  • FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. If you don't do it right, you are doing it WRONG.
It's just that simple. Gerson therapy works: I have seen 2 people (1 relative, 1 friend) cured of diabetes, and I know 1 person cured of cancer with the Gerson therapy.
This is NOT a "do it while you smoke cigarettes" or a "substitute with non-organic products" kind of therapy. By the way, if you like "Advantage" tick and flea medicine, then continue eating non-organic strawberries...the same toxic pesticide.
  • @mysticsecret1313 Orange juice is low in antioxidants. carrot juice is very high in beta-carotene and for someone with brain cancer, you need to ingest antioxidants that can cross the blood brain barrier like lutein found high in butterhead lettuce. ie. green juices. "fresh" carrot juice also contains enzymes that break apart the outside of cancer cells and expose it to the immune system. Inflammation causes cancer and shortens life while Antioxidants do the opposite.

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