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Kanser Paru paru Mesothelioma

Three Kinds of Mesothelioma Claim


Jika anda pernah bekerja sebagai mekanik kereta, mekanik kapal, terdedah kepada habuk disc brek, seorang tukang paip air, pernah bekerja di kuari atau pemasang siling rumah atau atap ardec yang mengandungi asbestos atau anda pernah terdedah pada habuk asbestos semasa bekerja dan anda mendapat barah paru paru jenis mesothelioma, sila baca… kerana anda mungkin boleh menuntut pampasan dari perkeso.

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If you and also your loved ones has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you could make a mesothelioma claim for the compensation in the form of state benefits, also known as Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB).  You could also make a mesothelioma claim which is one-off lump sum payment under the Pneumoconiosis etc. or Workers Compensation Act 1979, which at some point referred to as the Dust Fund.  You can also make a mesothelioma claim as a civil claim for compensation against those responsible for exposing you to asbestos fibers that has caused your disease.
The amount you could recover under the Dust Fund depends on your age during the time of diagnosis with mesothelioma.  You should create a mesothelioma claim as early as you are diagnosed and within 12 months of the date you were awarder Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits.  The amount you can retrieve in the civil claim varies from a minimum of around ï¿¡45,000 also it can exceed up to ï¿¡500,000.

Anyone who’s suffering with mesothelioma can make a claim.  If a close family member has died of mesothelioma during the past 3 years, such as your spouse or parent, then you can claim as a dependent.  If you’re claiming as the dependent, you may also make a claim under the Dust Fund, but you have to make your claim within a year of the date of your relative’s death.  You may be able to recover a lower amount under the Fund than a living mesothelioma sufferer could get.

There are a lot of specialist companies in claiming personal injury claims, just like mesothelioma claim with a “No win, No fee” basis.  It means, in the event you win, they assure you that you’ll keep 100% of your compensation and in the event where you lose your case, you don’t have to pay the solicitor a single cent for the services they have offered you.  
Claims for mesothelioma victims are often fast tracked through the Court system.  The vast majority of mesothelioma claims for compensation are settled by settlement with no need to attend Court.  In many cases an upfront payment of around ï¿¡45,000 is made within the six months of the letter of claim.  In case your exposure to asbestos was only during active service in the armed forces before 1987, then The Crown Proceedings Act prevents you from making a claim.  However, you may be entitled to a War Pension.  If you were exposed to asbestos after 1987, you could make a civil claim against the armed forces.  
If you were exposed to asbestos either before or after your active service, you can claim against the civilian employer.  Men and women who had been greatly exposed to asbestos while on active service must have the consistent check-up from their doctor to monitor their health as mesothelioma symptoms could be apparent after 10-50 years after being exposed.
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