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Farrah Fawcett died surrounded with her loved ones

Farrah Fawcett dies after a 2,5 year battle against anal cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, anal cancer is rare (an estimated 4,650 cases in 2006) but the number is rising, with those most affected being female and in their early 60’s. Farrah Fawcett dies at the age of only 62, born Februari 2nd, 1947. At first it looked as if the chemotherapy and radiation treatments where working, but in 2007 came the abrupt Farrah Fawcett cancer update: it was back and Farrah Fawcett’s cancer had spread to her liver.

Why Farrah Fawcett died?  People die for a reason. The day Farrah Fawcett died must be an eyesore for the American Government. Why? Because the American Government doesn’t allow American doctors to use all they can to cure people from cancer! The death of Farrah Fawcett will open more eyes for cancer awareness, especially when it comes to all the money wasted on limited cancer research. Limited in the sense that Farrah Fawcett had to fly halfway around the world – to Germany – to find the help and hope that American doctors could not offer her in her fight against cancer: embryonic stem cell cancer treatment.

Farrah Fawcett cancer documentary : A Wing & a Prayer

A film crew has been chronicling her Farrah’s fight for the last two years, especially emphasizing her trips between Los Angeles and Germany, where she is undergoing controversial treatments for her cancer. "Controversial" in the mind of the American Government, but Germans are humans as well. Or should I say Germans are more human than Americans as they do whatever they can think of in order to give Farrah alternative cancer treatments. When she was diagnosed with cancer Farrah said: ‘OK, let’s do it. Let’s get this out of me.’

Can you imagine you want to fight for your life but the American Government doesn’t allow you to?

Farrah wasn’t allowed to do her alternative cancer treatments in America…
I repeat: the US spends billions on ‘cancer research’ but Farrah wasn’t allowed to try her alternative cancer treatments in America. What happened to the country that promises unlimited opportunities?

Farrah’s documentary is called A Wing and a Prayer and is aimed to:

§  promote cancer awareness and
§  get people talking about cancer.

Getting people’s attention and getting them talking are always the first steps effecting social change of any kind. God bless Farrah for having the courage to document her cancer treatments! The reason that Farrah has chosen to get her treatment in Germany is  because they provide embryonic stem cell cancer treatment, which has not been available in the United States.
Farrah’s Story

Farrah wanted to film her experiences, and she began by using a hand-held video camera. She then turned camera duties over to Stewart. This documentary shows exactly:

§  the power of your loved ones during cancer treatments
§  what cancer does to a human being and
§  what a human being does in retaliation to cancer when she simply won’t submit.

“There were things that I thought were too invasive to film,” said Stewart “But Farrah said, ‘Film it. This is what cancer is.’”
We hope Farrah Fawcett’s death starts a better future

Our deepest condolences to Farrah’s family, friends and loved ones. We ask you to tell everybody to watch her 2 documentaries:

§  A Wing & a Prayer
§  Farrah’s Story

Watch it and talk about it to your friends and family. Spread the word that we are spending too much money for cancer treatments in the wrong places. Spread the word before another cancer has the chance of spreading

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