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Welcome to anticancerinfo.co.uk website


For more information on who we are see About us.
This website concentrates on the help apricot kernels and vitamin B17 can give to those with cancer, and also their role in preventing cancer in the first place. While some people have just used apricot kernels to fight their cancer successfully, we would recommend a multi-faceted approach, and other suggestions are also indicated here. There is a lot of information on this website. For a taster we recommend the following pages:
And also see the encouraging and thought-provoking articles:
For those who may be skeptical, please read:
Don't forget that cancer prevention is for everyone. Cancer Research UK suggests that half the cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK could be prevented by lifestyle changes. See Cancer Prevention. For a full list of links within this website see the sitemap in the footer at the bottom of each page.

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