Rabu, 13 Jun 2012

Bagaimana Lawan Kanser

How can you beat cancer, i.e. cure it, or prevent yourself or anyone you know from every having a cancer issue? Back in the 1950's Dr. Ernst Krebbs, Jr. discovered Vitamin B17 and how it could cure cancer. It was used in those days on a very limited basis as the doctors would not use it since it was not FDA approved! Now fast forward to the late 1970's when G. Edward Griffin published his book "World Without Cancer"! This book told the real story about the massive cover-up that was going on with the FDA and the AMA (American Medical Association). It also explained exactly how you can treat yourself with apricot seeds and Vitamin B17 to stop or prevent cancer.

Why do you think the FDA tried to get the book banned?
Did you know that some cancer drugs cost 15 cents to make and sell for $100 or more? Watch "World Without Cancer" video and...download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1 and...get the "Ultimate One Page Cancer Report" all Free by clicking the net link.

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