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Herba Sembuhkan Barah

Herba Sembuhkan Barah

Getting my kids up for their Saturday workout, I started thinking about my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures...It has had an amazing impact on my family and many others. The health we enjoy today is a result of that single piece of work, which took years.

Thanks to it, we've been able to:

- Avoid vaccines and antibiotics,
- Teach our family how to eat for maximum health and muscle,
- Show kids why select sweets are bad for them,
- Help parents shed fat,
- Outline exactly how to beat diabetes in as little as 30 days,
- Give proven alternatives to chemotherapy for overcoming cancer,
- Give dads a second chance by helping them reverse heart disease,
- Turn back the clock for moms who want to wipe away premature wrinkles.
...And so much more.

It takes a lot of motivation to write such a successful book. When I wrote
Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I was
ultimately motivated by my kids. Today, there isn't a single book I'd trust their health to...And
someday, when they're grown and have a family of their own, they'll
need it as a guide.
Otherwise, I thought, they'd be forced into a system of health slavery. Or lost in a sea of confusion and contradictions common to "alternative health nuts."

I didn't want that to happen.

So at the very least, I told myself that my book would be the definitive
"medicine guide" for my entire family. It would, for the first time,
explain what medicine is and how to use it to live young,
without the
hassle or expense of modern day medicine.

Since writing it, this fun-to-read book has served its purpose many times
over. Success stories have piled in! Stories that wouldn't DARE make
the news...Like this one from a fan
who faced a cancer diagnosis and all the crap that comes with it...Which, she ultimately BEAT for $28 bucks, and got to experience some welcome side effects:

"Three months ago I got a CA-125 test for ovarian cancer from my doctor, that came back with high numbers. My number was 26, which was 5 points above the recommended 21 (for this particular lab). My doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound ($300 - $1,000), and depending on what it showed, start down the road of expense and medical procedures to fight "cancer." I told my doctor 'NO' and read the chapter on cancer in 'Over the Counter Natural Cures' instead. I then started on an aggressive dose of the herb mentioned in the book, and after three months, and at a cost of about $28, I went for a re-test. My results were NORMAL. When I asked for the actual number, it was 18! I kicked cancer in the butt the easy and affordable way. Taking this herb, and doing some other things recommended in Shane's book, has also helped me to lose 21 lb, and I feel 17 years younger. Many thanks Shane The Peoples Chemist Ellison, I can't wait for your new book."

More people need this book.

My CD set titled Secret Health Files. This is 4-hours of 10-minute audio clips that outline the most bizarre, little-known cures ever discovered by medicine.  I sell this for about $100. If you do the right thing, you get rewarded.

I'm big on memories...But even bigger about preserving them! My new blog post outlines a forgotten, ancient tea that's been
proven to save memory. When I was working as a bench chemist, Big Pharma tried to make a prescription copy-cat of the active ingredients found in the herb.

They failed.

But, that doesn't mean you can't use it to live young!

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