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jogging & Exercise is very important to you

jogging & Exercise is very important to you !!!

In March 2011, I have left exercise for about 3 months and feel extremely uneasy about it. Chest pain, chest tightness, headache, dizziness all comes to me. I thought I had angina but I think office temperature is so cold and make my airway constricted and beyond my recognition, I breathe less than when I’m in normal temperature room. Thus less blood supply reached my heart and I had chest pain and chest tightness. Mind you, in the office I sat for 8 hours sedentarily with no exercise and at low room temperature.

Last night 31st March (Thursday) I felt extremely tired, lazy and reluctant to start an exercise. This feeling was the same for the previous 1 month i.e. very hard for me to start an exercise. There were many excuses such as I feel tired, drowsy and sleepy, ankle or joint pain or leg injury, negative thought such as it was already too late at night to start jogging - people will think that I’m a thief, I cannot do exercise because I have grew old, I’m too fat and flabby to run on track, I’m too weak and no energy to run on track, people observing will laugh looking at me, people burning rubbish is nearby, polluted air from nearby workshop or Highway is nearby, want to play with kids etc.  It was now durian seasons (I tend to eat durian everyday) and last few days there were conference at a Hotel in Seremban. You know hotel food is very voluptuous, luscious and rich. I wall up all the food eager to taste all the dishes and pudding. After eating all types of food, I feel discomfort, dizzy, headache, tired, chest tightness and chest pain.

What worries me so much is 29.3.2011 incidence where on the way back to my office, I walked short distance say 200 meter, I feel really headache, tired and almost fainted. My vision becomes blurred and cannot read car plate number, people face or signboard. My eyes can focus but it was not clear! I started thinking weather it was retinal hemorrhage / retinal detachments or that Allah wants to take my life that day. I was praying to Allah for my safety and I don’t want to collapse and died on the way walking. I saw my colleague nearby and I hope he walk with me to give me support in case I fall unconscious but he never use the same road. I had eaten lunch and 5 dates before. I went to X town to withdraw some money but canceled it because of the funny feeling. After rest about 1 hour at office the feeling gradually gone. I had eaten about 5 durian the day before.

On 31st 3 2011 I managed to overcome all the excuse or reluctant feeling about going to jog and after jogging I felt very comfortable, more Ideas, and tomorrow the day, I feel energetic at work, more ideas, more meaning of life and many more good feeling. Too my amazement, there was no more chest pain and chest tightness when I am at work sedentarily typing this articles.  Remember that Professor Diraja Ungku Aziz also start jogging efficiently and constantly at the age of 40 until now.

ü  Eating too much hotel food, oily food and durian then u don’t exercise is very bad to your health and your heart.
ü  After you had left exercise for > 1 months, it is very difficult to restart again.
ü  Start exercise every day at 5.30am in the morning and sleep early at night is very good for you.
ü  Jogging exercise always has good effect on you.
ü  Do not reluctant to exercise every day.
ü  Eating durian and dates which is heavy in sugar contents is not good for you unless accompanied by adequate exercise to burn the entire calories intake.

GOOD Exercise:
ü  Must warm up, stretching properly first.
ü  Ensure deep breathing and good sweating.

1st  April 2011 (1100pm) Tonight I learnt that:
You can feel giddy, head heaviness, and feel likes to fainted due to 2 things ie:
ü  Very Low Blood Sugar after you jogging ten rounds – I experienced this when I jogged at field.
ü  Very High Blood Sugar after you take dinner accompanied by eating 5 biji small durians. Each small durian contains 2 – 3 ulas durian! I can’t control myself when I look at them. The urge to eat durian is too much and immense, difficult for me to resist them, besides they are really tasty despite their small size. Very high blood sugar also can cause blurring of vision as you experienced recently!

Tonight I ate heavy dinner, then about 5 biji small durian. Then started to feel head heaviness and thus I jogged. To my amazement, there is no giddy feeling indicating that my body does not depleted with glucose supply. Thus next time you jog must not be on empty stomach! Make sure you eat something a little to prevent hypoglycemia. Conclusion is: the sign and symptom of Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia is the same for both Diabetic and Non Diabetic Individuals.

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