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What to eat if u have cancer

by Mike Vrentas
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
TREATMENT RATING: This cancer protocol is very effective at getting rid of cancer cells and to some degree also helps build the immune system. However, this protocol does not contain the super-nutrients which deal with reversing damage to the non-cancerous cells due to cancer (e.g. lactic acid), chemotherapy, radiation, etc.
Most cancer patients die as a result of the damage to their non-cancerous cells. This cancer protocol is not a complete protocol which deals with the most dangerous issues faced by advanced cancer patients.
Futhermore, this protocol does not have expert technical support which is the single most important factor in surviving advanced cancer.
However, in a clinic setting, especially in Mexico, high levels of laetrile are provided in a liquid I.V. In these clinics the doctors also deal with the issues of damage to non-cancerous cells and rebuilding the immune system.
For home use, this treatment is only rated as a stand-alone protocol for newly diagnosed cancer patients who have not had extensive damage to their non-cancerous cells.
In addition, for newly diagnosed cancer patients, this protocol is not considered strong enough, by itself, to treat fast-spreading cancers or cancers that have spread significantly.
It is also rated as a supplemental protocol to the more complete protocols (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig Protocol) which do include multiple super-nutrient products and deal better with rebuilding the immune system.
If using this protocol at home make sure you use both liquid laetrile or laetrile pills plus key supplements (discussed below) and apricot seeds!!
In summary, if you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or you have a potentially fast-growing cancer, do not use this protocol at home as your primary cancer treatment; use this protocol at a clinic or use one of the protocols linked to on the following web page as your primary protocol:
Chapter on Treatments Rated For Advanced Cancer Patients

How It Works
Laetrile (i.e. amygdalin or Vitamin B17) therapy is one of the most popular and best known alternative cancer treatments. It is very simple to use and is very effective if used in high enough doses and if the product is of high quality and if it is combined with an effective cancer diet and key supplements (in other words, you need to do your homework to maximize its benefits).
Laetrile works by targeting and killing cancer cells and building the immune system to fend off future outbreaks of cancer. It uses two different methods for killing cancer cells. It involves a strict diet (as do all cancer treatments) and several supplements.
How to Obtain Laetrile or Vitamin B17
The FDA has made the purchase of laetrile supplements almost impossible to obtain, even though it is a perfectly natural and safe supplement. In order for a doctor to use laetrile supplements, they or their patient must "confess" to the FDA that the doctor is using laetrile in their practice. In other words, laetrile supplements are effectively illegal because no doctor wants to admit they are using laetrile. Fortunately they are available over the Internet either as apricot kernels or pills and in some cases in liquid form. Most people take laetrile in the form of apricot kernels. In the middle of a peach or apricot is a hard shell. If you break open the hard shell with a "nut cracker," pliers or hammer, you will find a small seed/kernel in the middle that looks like an almond. However, it is much softer than an almond and certainly does not taste like an almond. It is this seed that is rich in natural laetrile. If you search for "apricot kernels" (use the quotes) on Google you will be able to find a lot of vendors of apricot kernels. Be advised, however, that apricot kernel sites cannot legally make any medical claims about laetrile being used to treat cancer. Most experts will recommend a daily dose of apricot kernels from between 24 kernels a day up to 40 kernels a day, spread throughout the day. For a person in remission, 16 apricot kernals a day should be used as a minimum. Other things rich in laetrile are millet grain and buckwheat grain. Breads made with these grains, however, generally do not contain a high percentage of millet or buckwheat or else they would be too hard.
Also, the seeds of berry plants, such as red raspberries and black raspberries are rich in laetrile. Red raspberries also have a second cancer killer in their seeds: Ellagic Acid, a phenolic. About four dozen foods have Ellagic Acid, but Red Raspberries have the highest concentration. Strawberries also have Ellagic Acid.
This means that when you buy berry jelly, make sure you buy preserves that have the seeds. Basically, the seeds of any fruit, except citrus fruits, have laetrile. Cak Cak Cak Cak Cak. My wife eats apples from the bottom up, meaning she eats the seeds and always has. This is a good habit to get into - I picked up the habit years ago.
Of course, apricot kernels are the best source of laetrile. Those who do not yet have cancer might want to plant a few apricot or peach trees in their back yard for a long term source of laetrile. The kernels can be frozen while still in the shell.
The Dr. Philip Binzel list of foods that contain laetrile include: apricot kernels, peach kernels, grape seeds, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bean sprouts, lima beans and macadamia nuts (to name but a few).
If you live outside of the U.S. and are able to obtain laetrile pills, it is important to take them with natural water during a meal (i.e. with food).
The FDA claims that laetrile is toxic. This is an absolute lie. Read the first chapter of Alive and Well (which is online and is linked to below) to see how absurd the FDA claim is.
The Theory
When the laetrile compound molecule comes across a cancer cell, it is broken down into 2 molecules of glucose, 1 molecule of hydrogen cyanide and 1 molecule of benzaldehyde. In the early days of laetrile research it was assumed that the hydrogen cyanide molecule was the major cancer cell killing molecule, but now it is known that it is the benzaldehyde molecule that is by far the major reason the cancer cell is killed. The reason laetrile therapy takes so long to work, in spite of the marvelous design of the laetrile molecule, is because if the laetrile molecule happens to chemically react with the enzyme of a non-cancerous cell (i.e. rhodanese), before it reacts with the enzyme of a cancerous cell (beta-glucosidase), the rhodanese will break apart the laetrile molecule in such a way that it can no longer kill a cancer cell. Thus you have to take enough laetrile molecules, over a long enough time, that enough laetrile molecules coincidently (as far as we know) hits all of the cancer cells first. The second way that laetrile therapy works is because of the laetrile diet. Like the metabolic diet, it is designed to build up the trypsin and chymotrypsin in the body, and let them work on the cancer cells. What they do is break down the enzymes surrounding the cancer cell so the white blood cells can identify and kill the cancer cell. More will be said about the cancer diet below. One of the good side-effects of laetrile therapy is that more Vitamin B12 is made in the body. With this in mind, make sure you supplement laetrile therapy with Vitamin C. Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 are, by themselves, a treatment for cancer.
The Basic Treatment Plan
The specific therapy that I discuss comes from the Binzel book: Alive and Well. There are other sources of a laetrile diet, but I would compare any other diet with the Binzel diet if you want to use another diet. As with any cancer treatment, the place to start is with the "diet," meaning the foods you can and cannot eat. The Binzel diet is very similar to the Raw Food diet. This is interesting because he was taught by Dr. Krebs himself, thus the laetrile diet probably dates back over 60 years. It would probably be better to simply go on a Raw Food diet rather than a modified Raw Food diet (i.e. the Binzel diet). The reason is that the Binzel diet does not take into account many discoveries made about the cancer killing nutrients in vegetables and fruits. In other words, the Binzel diet does not discriminate between the best cancer killing fruits and vegetables versus the far less effective (for treating cancer) vegetables and fruits. Thus, the base diet of the Binzel plan should be the Raw Food diet.
The Raw Food Diet The question then becomes, how do we enhance the Raw Food diet to take into account laetrile. There are several ways. First, give preference in the Raw Food diet to those fruits (i.e. seeds), grains and nuts (e.g. almonds and macadamia) that are rich in laetrile. Mix these items with the Raw Food diet items.
Second, make sure you get the nutrients that are necessary in order for laetrile to work:
1) zinc (which is the transport mechanism for laetrile),
2) Vitamin C (build up to 6 grams a day),
3) manganese,
4) magnesium,
5) selenium,
6) Vitamins B6, B9 and B12,
7) Vitamin A,
8) Vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.)
If you are already taking a multi-vitamin (e.g. you are on the Bill Henderson Protocol), compare its ingredients with the above list and take extra supplements to make up any deficiency. If you are not already taking a multivitamin, the recommended way to get all of these nutrients is the Essense Health Blend. It has all of the above items (plus the critical iodine). However, it does not have enough Vitamin C or Vitamin E (which you will have to supplement separately):
Essense Health Blend
Binzel also adds "Megazyme Forte" for its trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromalin and zinc nutrients - 2 pills three times a day. Other pancreatic enzymes (also known as proteolytic enzymes) are: Vitalzym, 10Zymes (also from Essense of Life), and Wobenzym N.
IT IS CRITICAL to take the pancreatic or proteolytic enzymes during the laetrile therapy!! However, note that they are blood thinners and should be taken within the vendor's recommended maximum dosage (on the bottle). These are critical for the laetrile molecules to work at peak efficiency.
Note that zinc is also one of the most critical parts of this therapy:
  • "Zinc is the transportation mechanism for laetrile and nitrilosides in the body. Biochemists and researchers have found that you can give Laetrile to a patient until its coming out of the ears of the patient, but, if that patient did not have sufficient level of Zinc, none of the laetrile would get into the tissues of the body. They also found that nothing heals within the body without sufficient vitamin C. They also found that magnesium; selenium, vitamin A, and B all played an important part in maintaining the body's defense mechanism. This is why its important to understand that cancer is best treated with a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, laetrile and pancreatic enzymes."
He also adds Pangamic acid (B15) 100 mg. - 1 pill three times daily. This is not in the Essense Health Blend, so it needs to be added. Vitamin B15 should be taken right after a meal. Binzel recognizes the need for vegetable protein, and thus allows grains, nuts, beans, etc. that provide that protein, even if they have to be cooked. Binzel does not allow cottage cheese (it comes from an animal, thus it is forbidden), however, if you are taking the two key elements in the Budwig diet, taking cottage cheese is obviously OK. Doing this, however, makes the proteolytic enzymes that much more important because animal fats use up some of the pancreatic enzymes made in the pancreas.
Warning #1 - Laetrile May Cause Low Blood Pressure
This is an important message I received by email: "Laetrile ingestion may occasionally cause a temporary low blood pressure reaction due to formation of thiocyanate, a powerful blood pressure lowering agent. In metabolism, nitriloside is hydrolyzed to free hydrogen cyanide, benzaldehyde or acetone and sugar. This occurs largely through the enzyme beta-glucosidase produced by intestinal bacteria as well as by the body. The released HCN [hydrocyanide] is detoxified by the enzyme rhodanese to the relatively non-toxic thiocyanate molecule." Normally, lowering blood pressure is not an issue, however, for those who are already taking blood pressure medications, or have heart issues which would be made worse by a drop in blood pressure, be advised that laetrile can lower blood pressure.
Warning #2 - Proteolytic Enzymes are Blood Thinners
Because many people on laetrile also use proteolytic enzymes (i.e. pancreatic enzymes), it is important to know that proteolytic enzymes are blood thinners. Proteolytic enzymes, such as Vitalzym, should NOT be used in conjunction with prescription blood thinners unless the medical doctor understands they are being used. For example, when my wife added 10Zymes to her daily pills, the doctor reduced the amount of prescription blood thinners she was taking. That is good because prescription blood thinners can cause hardening of the arteries. However, the Pro Time test must be used shortly after any change in pills. Also, high doses of proteolytic enzymes should not be taken, just as too high of a dose of any blood thinner should never be taken. See the bottle for maximum doses.
Warning #3 - Do Not Take Laetrile With Probiotics
From an email: "It was our experience that taking laetrile with high strength probiotics may also increase the amount of free hydrogen cyanide and thus could create adverse side effects."
Warning #4 - Using Laetrile With the Bob Beck Protocol
If you plan on using the Bob Beck Protocol (an electromedicine treatment) and laetrile at the same time, do NOT take any laetrile until you are finished with both of the Bob Beck Protocol electromedicine devices (e.g. the blood purifier and magnetic pulser) for the day. In other word, when you are finished using the Bob Beck Protocol for the day, take your laetrile. This gives the laetrile plenty of time to be absorbed by the body before starting the Bob Beck Protocol on the next day. If you are taking apricot kernels, take no more than one-third of the daily number of kernels before the Bob Beck Protocol is finished for the day.
Warning #5 - Combining Laetrile With Other Alternative Cancer Treatments
Whenever a person combines two or more alternative cancer treatments together, it is critical to do your homework. For example, Vitamin C should be taken with laetrile, however, Vitamin C should not be taken with Protocel, graviola (e.g. Amazon Factor Protocol), hydrazine sulfate, etc. In other words, if you are taking a second or third alternative cancer treatment with laetrile, or if laetrile is being used to supplement another treatment, be careful to watch the warnings on each treatment.
Liquid Laetrile and Laetrile Tablets
Laetrile can also be purchased in liquid form and tablet form usually from Mexico. Laetrile is a very popular treatment in Mexico especially at cancer clinics. Taking both laetrile tablets and apricot seeds are the most common form of taking laetrile!!! It is necessary to "build-up" to therapeutic doses over a several day period!! Unfortunately I cannot give the URL of a company which sells this product because of FDA persecution of liquid laetrile. But if you copy and paste the line at the end of this paragraph into Google you might be able to find a vendor of the liquid and tablet form. In Mexico laetrile is called: Amigdalina. Copy and paste the next line into the Google search engine:
Amigdalina apricot Mexico
Supercharging This Treatment
See this large British website for more information about laetrile:
Laetrile Website
When you get to this website look on the left side of the page and look for the "Frequently Asked Questions." Then click on article 7Q. This is a key article to understand. Unless you are using high doses of a quality source of laetrile, you should not DEPEND on laetrile as the core treatment in a cancer treatment program. Treat this as a supplemental treatment or a remission treatment. However, you should also realize that many of the fast-acting cancer treatments do not directly kill cancer cells or even revert them into normal cells. What they do is provide super-nutrients to the non-cancerous cells and energize the cancer cells so they do not cause any damage. Some of these treatments do not actually kill the cancer cells. So in reality this protocol is a very important supplemental protocol for almost all of the absolutely critical super fast-acting protocols.
The Stage I, II, III treatment article in Russian:
Stage I, II, III treatment article (Russian)
Important Notes
Note #1: Prescription Drugs and Over-The-Counter Drugs
If you are on ANY prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, you should check with your pharmacist or doctor to see if there is a conflict with any natural foods or natural supplements. A conflict can occur when one substance interferes with another substance or when one substance enhances the effectiveness of another. For example, enhancing a prescription drug or over-the-counter drug can be just as dangerous as blocking their actions. It is impossible for a small website such as this one to keep track of all possible conflicts. This is especially important for drugs that are being used as heart medications, such as hypertension drugs or blood thinners. For example, there is one combination of orthodox drugs and alternative medicines that can be fatal: combining tranquilizers with hydrazine sulphate.
Note #2: Dealing With Tumors
Alternative cancer treatments are far more interested in killing cancer cells, or reverting them to normal cells, than in shrinking tumors. If you kill all of the cancer cells in a tumor then the tumor is not dangerous to your health. However, if a tumor is pressing on another organ, is blocking the flow of fluids, is a cause of extreme pain, is in a dangerous location, etc. it obviously would be wise to consult with a surgeon. Some alternative treatments do shrink tumors, but none of them do it immediately. If you want more information about tumors, see:
Article on Shrinking Tumors
Note #3: Pregnancy and Cancer
For those women who are pregnant, who may be pregnant or who may become pregnant, it is important to read this article:
Article Regarding Pregnancy and Cancer
Note #4: For Those On a Very Limited Budget
For those on a very limited budget, also see this article on inexpensive cancer treatments:b  Inexpensive Cancer Treatments
Understanding the Treatment of Stage III Versus Stage IV Cancers
Before diving into the actual treatment of Stage III cancer, which will be done later in this article, it is first necessary to provide a "big picture" of what is going on. First of all, it is necessary to understand that this website does not "rate" cancers the same way orthodox medicine rates cancer. Orthodox medicine has a huge and complex way of rating whether a cancer patient is Stage I, Stage II, Stage III or Stage IV (and actually there are sub-categories such as Stage IA). This website also rates cancer as Stage I, Stage II, Stage III and Stage IV, however, on this website the stages are rated on the danger of the situation. As an extreme example, a cancer patient who has been sent home to die, whose liver is severely damaged and has severe lung congestion would be rated a "Stage IV" patient by this website, no matter how orthodox medicine would rate the person. On this website a "Stage IV" patient is defined to be someone who needs the strongest possible alternative cancer treatments in order to have a chance of survival. Likewise, a "Stage IV" treatment is one that is among the strongest possible alternative cancer treatments. Cancer can be compared to a house on fire. It is the spreading of the cancer that kills cancer patients. Likewise, it is the spreading of a fire that destroys buildings. There are exceptions, of course. For example, pancreatic cancer can kill a person even if it does not spread. But in general it is the spreading of cancer that kills cancer patients. More will be said about rating cancers in a moment. For now, it is sufficient to understand that this website will rate cancers based on their danger, not on how orthodox medicine rates them. It is also important to understand that a "Stage III" treatment should be used for a "Stage III" cancer, though obviously a "Stage IV" treatment could be used for a "Stage III" cancer. For example, many people are so afraid of cancer that they can never be convinced their cancer may be fairly easy to cure. No matter how this website rates their cancer they will likely end up using Cesium Chloride or some other treatment which was designed for advanced cancer patients. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing this, and it may end up being the right decision, but they also might end up spending more money than they need to. Another huge difference between treating a "Stage III" cancer and a "Stage IV" cancer is the focus of the treatment. A "Stage IV" patient has, by definition, a potentially very short time to live or is dealing with a very dangerous type of cancer (e.g. squamous cell carcinoma). Many of them have had extensive orthodox treatments, etc. Thus, the first focus of a "Stage IV" treatment may be to protect the non-cancerous cells. At first there may be little attention paid to anything else because the patient is in a survival mode. It is the damage to non-cancerous cells which kills advanced cancer patients.
On the other hand, a "Stage III" patient is still in good health and has, by definition, many months to live. The focus of a "Stage III" treatment can focus on building the immune system, protecting the liver, detoxifying the body, killing the fungus associated with cancer, killing the cancer cells and other things. Several of the things associated with a "Stage III" treatment (and a "Stage IV" treatment) are involved with "buying time" for the patient to live, so the treatment has more time to work, though these treatments are not always identified as such.
Virtually every alternative cancer treatment involves about a dozen different key items. However, at the core of any alternative treatment is the treatment or treatments that are most depended on. They are the treatments that, by themselves, are doing most of the work treating the cancer.
At the core of a "Stage IV" cancer are one or more "Stage IV" treatments. These are very potent treatments that are capable of giving a Stage IV cancer patient a fighting chance of curing their cancer.
At the core of a Stage III treatment is one "Super Stage III" treatment or multiple "Strong Stage III" treatments. A "Super Stage III" treatment is a very strong Stage III treatment. These are typically treatments that have been around for several years.
A Stage III treatment and a Stage IV treatment may look somewhat similar, but a Stage IV treatment IS REQUIRED to have at its core ONLY high levels of the most potent treatments known to be effective against Stage IV cancer. It may contain other items, but it is centered and focused on the very potent items, such as cesium chloride. One of the key things it is important to learn in treating cancer is that using 10 treatments that can treat Stage III cancer, but are not strong enough to be at the core of a Stage IV treatment, will have a very low cure rate for Stage IV cancer. When thinking about a house on fire, a Stage IV treatment is a "fire hose," whereas a "strong Stage III" treatment is a "garden hose." You cannot put out a raging house fire with 10 garden hoses. It requires at least one fire hose (i.e. at least one "Stage IV" treatment).
A critical part of knowing whether your alternative cancer treatments are strong enough to win the battle against cancer is to measure your progress. As soon as possible after starting your cancer treatment, you need to determine exactly how much cancer there is in your body. Likewise, from time to time during your treatment you must know what progress has been made in reducing the amount of cancer in your body. Fortunately, there is an easy way to evaluate how much cancer there is in your body. The test was designed by the late Dr. Navarro of the Philippines and is now administered by his son. It is a urine test which returns to you a number, generally between 30 and 70. A '49' or below means you do not have cancer (statistically speaking). A '50' or above means you do have cancer (statistically speaking). Some people will want to evaluate their progress every 8 weeks, others every 12 weeks, and so on. Stage III alternative cancer treatments generally do not show results within the first 8 weeks, but if the number goes up, that may be a sign you are not using a strong enough treatment and you may need to switch to a Stage IV treatment. Here is information about how to determine how much cancer you have in your body:
How To Determine How Much Cancer You Have
Details On When To use a "Stage IV" Treatment
Stage IV cancers, according to this website, are defined to include:
1) Advanced cancer patients, meaning those whose cancer has spread throughout their body (e.g. the cancer has spread to the bones, lungs, liver, pancreas or brain), or
2) Cancer patients with fast growing cancers or fast growing tumors, or
3) Cancer patients with high fatality cancers (e.g. lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc.), or
4) Any type of bone cancer, or
5) A person has had extensive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, or
6) Any swelling or inflammation of a tumor could cause a blockage of key fluids, or
7) A person has an estimated one year to live or less, or
8) Any other situation where orthodox medicine rates it as Stage IV.
In addition to these criteria, a person who is very weak from their cancer treatment or their cancer needs to eat meat and other normally forbidden foods. These people need the Stage IV treatment because they need a treatment strong enough to be effective when a person is not on a "strong" cancer diet.
Note: This article is for Stage I, Stage II and Stage III cancer patients. However, Stage I, II and III cancer patients should, at their leisure, also read the "Stage IV" article since it goes into far more detail about specific situations and types of cancer.
Here is the Stage IV article for those who are "Stage IV" according to this section:
The Treatment For "Stage IV" Cancer Patients
Brain Cancer Patients Read This Carefully!!
Any brain cancer patient on ANY cancer treatment, whether orthodox or alternative, needs to carry with them at all times anti-seizure medication. They also need to be with a person at all times who knows how to use the anti-seizure medication!! The reason is that virtually ALL cancer treatments, whether orthodox or alternative, kill cancer cells and in the process of doing this will create an inflammation in the brain (Note: chemotherapy does not cross the Blood-Brain Barrier, but radiation does). This inflammation is one of several things that can cause brain swelling and seizures. If you are dealing with swelling or pressure of any kind in your brain, immediately deal with an oncologist or surgeon. Let them make decisions about relieving the swelling or pressure. Do NOT depend on alternative cancer treatments to work fast enough to deal with swelling or pressure inside the skull.
Note: You are "Stage IV" if you qualify as a "Stage IV" patient in the above list OR you have ONE or more of the following:
1) Glioblastoma, or any form of it,
2) Another fast growing brain cancer,
3) A tumor is in a dangerous location,
4) A high mortality rate brain cancer,
5) Dangerous swelling (see your oncologist first),
6) Stage IV brain cancer,
7) Stage IV any other kind of cancer in addition to brain cancer
Regardless of whether you are a Stage III or below brain cancer patient, or a Stage IV patient, you might want to look at the special article on brain cancer to help you fine tune your options:
Brain Cancer Article
Key Issues Related to the Cancer Diet and the Cancer Treatment
This section applies only to Stage III cancer patients because the Stage IV cancer patients begin their treatment in a different way. Now that we are talking about the real treatment, it is necessary to talk about how the "cancer diet" and the "cancer treatment" fit together. The "cancer diet" on this website is compliant with the Robert O. Young diet in the book Sick and Tired? although the diet on this website is not as detailed as his. There are some exceptions to his diet because his diet is very generic, but the exceptions are noted in the article and the reasons for the exceptions are noted as well. Here is the cancer diet:
The Cancer Diet
His diet is designed to rebuild the person's "Inner Terrain" to kill or neutralize microbes, and thus their mycotoxins. It does this by controlling the pH of the foods that are consumed (this is a naive explanation, but it gets a key point across). The inner terrain he talks about is necessary for cancer to develop. You can read about how cancer develops in this article:
The Theory of Cancer
A bad inner terrain allows yeast, fungus, mould, bacteria, etc. to thrive and leads to cancer. By including his diet as part of a cancer treatment we are treating the CAUSE of cancer. Why is this important? Answer this question. Suppose you are fighting a house fire and someone starts pouring gasoline onto the burning house. This gasoline will greatly hinder the attempt to put out the fire. Likewise, many foods, such as sugar, FEED cancer cells, and provide them a perfect inner terrain to thrive. Here is an axiom you need to live by:
Memorize that axiom!! If the cancer diet on this website is too restrictive for your tastes, then buy the book by Bill Henderson and use his cancer diet (it is a very good book, by the way):
Bill Henderson Website
Most alternative cancer treatments do not treat the cause of cancer, they treat the symptoms of cancer, meaning they only treat the cancer cells. Only the Rife Machine dealt with the real cause of cancer. This treatment will not only deal with treating the cancer cells, but it will also deal with treating the cause of cancer. With most alternative cancer treatments, when you have finished the treatment, you have not touched the cause, thus you are ripe for a recurrence of cancer!!
Having said that, there are some issues.
The Robert O. Young cancer diet, and obviously the one on this website as well, forbid most fruits and some vegetables (the vegetables that contain high levels of glucose are actually allowed in moderation). However, there are some super-fruits that are superb cancer treatments. What shall we do with them?
By definition, a person with Stage III cancer has at least a year to live. This gives us a window of opportunity to use a couple of sequential steps in treating their cancer. The first month we will allow a little flexibility in the cancer diet (this flexibility does not CHANGE the cancer diet at all, it only adds a few VERY SPECIFIC foods that are normally forbidden, so throw your cigarettes away), but there are good reasons for doing this! The first month of the treatment can be used to accomplish two things. First, it can act as a period to transition from a "Western" cancer-causing diet to a Robert O. Young cancer-killing diet. This is a huge transition for most people.
Thus, while a cancer patient SHOULD STRICTLY START THEIR CANCER DIET ON DAY ONE we can judiciously use the super-fruits (e.g. noni, mangosteen, wolfberry or goji) and other normally forbidden items mentioned below, which are excellent cancer-fighting foods or supplements, to help with the transition. For example, a person who suddenly goes on the cancer diet can be given Noni Juice or Mangosteen to provide the "sweet" taste that the person is probably used to. But only for the first month. The second reason for taking these items during the first month is to build the strength of the non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells steal energy, nutrition and glucose from normal cells. At least 40% of all cancer patients die because of the malnutrition of the non-cancerous (i.e. normal) cells. Sel Kanser mengaruhkan pembuluh darah membesar & membekalkan banyak darah kepadanya!  Thus a person with Stage III cancer will have very weak normal cells. It is important to give these normal cells a shot of very high nutrition.
For those who have been on chemotherapy or radiation, the normal cells will have been weakened and toxified by chemotherapy and radiation. This first month of building and detoxifying their normal cells is even more important for them. Thus, all of the items in the checklists below can be used during the first month of treatment. To summarize, the patient should start the TREATMENT of cancer immediately, but should modify the cancer diet during the first month only.
However, AFTER THE FIRST MONTH the high glucose substances in the modified cancer diet should not be used, but should be replaced by low glucose substances, such as herbs.
Why Some Vendors are Recommended
When a specific brand is endorsed, three facts must exist:
First, there is a wide range of quality among the various manufacturers of this product (e.g. Essiac Tea).
Second, some of the products are worthless.
Third, the vendor that is recommended has been proven to have the integrity and knowledge necessary to consistently produce a high quality product.
Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of natural products have their customer's health in mind. Some are far more interested in cutting costs than in producing a quality product. Some have no clue what they are doing.
There may be instances where a person (i.e. you) feels another brand is superior to what CancerTutor recommends. That is perfectly fine, use the other brand.
Why Are So Many Supplements and Products Required?
If this article sounds like a broken record, it is because there is a key point involved. If every vendor and manufacturer in the world had absolute integrity this "Checklist" article would require only half as many supplements and products as it does. But just like orthodox medicine makes so many bad decisions in order to maximize their profits, the same thing happens in alternative medicine, it is sad to say. Even some of the "studies" done to evaluate alternative products are designed to provide the answers desired by the group or company that funds the study. Integrity is a universal problem among "scientists." As an example, many MSM manufacturers have silicon dioxide added to their MSM. This may destroy much of the effectiveness of the MSM product. It is seemingly little, hidden things like this, that force this website to require a large number of supplements and products. Herbs and essential oils are perhaps the most vulnerable to incompetence and profit-making. The simple act of dehydrating an herb or other plant can virtually destroy any benefit from the herb or plant. The "blood" of the plant, which contains the very nutrients necessary to get other nutrients inside the cell membranes of the plant (and thus help get the nutrients inside human cells), are evaporated out. Do you see why some vendors are recommended?
For many of the substances discussed below there are detailed articles on this website. Please read the detailed article if you have any questions about using the substance.
Should a Stage III Patient Go On a "Stage IV" Treatment?
There are a few "Stage IV" treatments discussed on this website that consistently deliver 50% true cure rates on cancer patients who were sent home to die by orthodox medicine. A logical person would conclude that these treatments would deliver a true cure rate in the mid-90s for those who have not gone to orthodox medicine or have had very few orthodox treatments. This is a true statement, but it does not necessarily mean that these highly potent treatments are necessary or desirable for a Stage III patient.
First of all, all of the true "Stage IV" treatments require a person on the telephone to work you through the side-effects of any Stage IV treatment. By definition, a Stage IV cancer patient has a lot of cancer in their body and any treatment that will kill this cancer fast enough to save a person's life will create side-effects that are scary, but are not always dangerous. This requires a person on the other end of the phone who can tell you what to expect and who can make adjustments in your treatment. Secondly, some of the "Stage IV" treatments are more rigorous, tricky to work with, potentially dangerous, and life-altering than a Stage III patient needs to deal with. In short, it might be best to try a "Stage III" treatment first. If the "Stage III" treatment doesn't work to your satisfaction (that is why you are monitoring your progress), then quickly switch to one of the Stage IV treatments.
Critical Pre-Checklist Issues
Aside from the foods/supplements that are required for this treatment there are other items that are required. First, strong family support to help the cancer patient develop and maintain a strong mental attitude. Many cancer patients who have been through chemotherapy and radiation are in such pain and misery that they have lost the will to live. Without a strong reason for living, meaning strong family support, there is little chance a person who is suffering will go through the rigor of an alternative cancer treatment. The family should keep the patient as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The cancer patient should be frequently reminded that the family wants them to beat their cancer. Considerable time must be spent with the cancer patient specifically to build up their mental attitude. Don't just walk in and hand them a bunch of pills. Dr. Lorrine Day, a medical doctor, has added the important concept that a person should clean out their spiritual cobwebs as well (that is not the way she describes it). This means they should forgive others and read the scriptures daily, among other things.
It is essential that the cancer patient get out of the house at least once every two days, when possible. A "change of scenery" will break the mental cycle of depression and/or fear. As we symbolically say: "go fishing." Also, a cancer patient should have at least 10-15 minutes of exercise a day, even if it is lifting a 1 kilogram weight up and down (this is to pump the lymph system). For people who have the health, the more exercise they can safely engage in, the better. It helps the mental attitude and it reduces stress. A cancer patient should drink as much distilled or natural water (e.g. spring water or artesian well water) as the patient can reasonably drink, up to a gallon or more a day. Willard water and alkaline water, etc. may be even better than distilled or natural water. It is key that the water not contain any (or at most a minute amount) of chlorine or fluoride. Filtered water is acceptable as long as it removes virtually all chlorine and fluoride.
Finally, it is essential to nag you again about having a STRONG anti-cancer "cancer diet." Far too many cancer patients have died, not because their treatment was not strong enough, but because their cancer diet sabotaged their treatment. Listen carefully, a normal diet that contains foods that feed the cancer and contains foods that interfere with the cancer treatments and contains foods that do not contribute to the treatment plan can nullify your treatment plan!!! How can that be made any more clear!!
If you are feeding your cancer at the same time you are trying to kill the cancer, it is like putting water in your gasoline tank. THEY WILL OFFSET EACH OTHER AND THE NET RESULT MAY BE THAT NOTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED!!! Anything less than a 100% special cancer diet is playing with disaster.
What To Do When Your Symptoms of Cancer are Gone
Your Stage III treatment may cure your cancer, or it may not be strong enough to cure your cancer and your cancer may get worse. Both of these cases will now be discussed.
If you think your cancer is cured, then all of your symptoms of cancer should be gone. This is called "remission." You are NOT done with your treatment until you have gone on a special treatment for those in remission! This treatment is designed to kill any lingering cancer cells and build your cells up to the point you resist a recurrence of cancer. See this article:
Article on Remission
On the other hand, if your treatment does not seem to be strong enough to "put out the fire" of your cancer, then you need to move to a more potent treatment. Should this be the case you need a "Stage IV" treatment, making this next article the focus of your cancer treatment:
"Stage IV" Treatment for Cancer

The Stage I, II, III Treatment of Cancer
Checklist 1 of 11
Checklist 1 is actually split between Checklist 1a and Checklist 1b. You may choose whether to meet the requirements of Checklist 1a or Checklist 1b. You should NOT choose both checklists!! Pick one or the other, but not both.
NOTE: Note that 3 of the 5 cancer protocols in Checklist 1a are actually Stage IV cancer treatments. They are listed on this article because they are very potent, relatively inexpensive and most importantly - are extremely gentle. Thus they combine the power of a Stage IV protocol with the gentleness of a Strong Stage III protocol!!
Checklist 1a of 11: Exactly ONE of the "Strong Stage III" Treatments
There are five treatments in this category:
1) The Frequency Generator (aka "Rife Machine") [actually a Stage IV Treatment],
2) The Bill Henderson Protocol [actually a Stage IV Treatment],
3) The Brandt Grape Cure using red, black or purple grapes [actually a Stage IV Treatment],
4) The Brandt Grape Cure using a vegetable juice, which includes carrot juice, beet juice, and other specific juices [a Strong Stage III Treatment]
5) Amazon Factor Protocol [a Strong Stage III Treatment]
1) Frequency Generator (aka "Rife Machine") (actually a gentle Stage IV Treatment)
Frequency generators are designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells. The significance of this is that frequency generators work quickly, they do not create debris from dead cancer cells, and they do not create any inflammation and swelling.
In the 1930s a microbiologist, Dr. Royal Rife, discovered that cancer was caused by a microbe. Dr. Rife did many, many experiments to prove his theory. He also was well aware that the key microbe that needed to be killed was inside of the cancer cells.
In other words, Dr. Rife proved that if this microbe which caused cancer could be killed inside the cancer cell, the cell would be able to revert into a normal cell.
Dr. Rife then developed an "electromedicine" treatment for cancer which was designed to do one thing and one thing only - kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.
His theory was correct and on 16 terminal cancer patients he had a 100% cure rate.
His "Rife Machine" was actually a frequency generator which had two key frequencies. One frequency was to vibrate the microbes to death and the second frequency was to "carry" the other frequencies past the cell wall (of the cancer cells) so that the first frequency could kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.
While the FDA shut down the original frequency generator of Dr. Rife (which was called the "Rife Machine"), modern versions of his frequency generator have been proven to be just as effective.
While this device typically costs about $2,400, remember that it is a one-time cost and the device can be used for multiple cancer patients (but NOT during the same session) and for multiple types of microbial diseases (cancer is actually a microbial disease).
Email support is free and is provided by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
Here is an article on this protocol:
Frequency Generator Protocol
2) The Bill Henderson Protocol (actually a gentle Stage IV Treatment)
The Bill Henderson Protocol has been around for several years. It is a highly proven treatment!! It is gentle, very inexpensive, easy to use and for a one-time fee of $180 you can get telephone support from Bill himself.
The book written by Bill Hendrson has the protocol in Chapter 5.
The protocol includes two different kinds of enzymes (proteolytic and more generic), immune builders, and other key things to treat cancer, including a strong "cancer diet."
You can actually buy an electronic book from his website and start reading immediately:
Bill Henderson Website
3) The Brandt Grape Cure Using Red, Black or Purple Grapes (actually a gentle Stage IV Treatment)
This treatment has been around since the early 1920s. It is a very well-proven treatment for cancer. This treatment can be combined with SOME other treatments, but not all. There is a special article on this treatment that should be the basis of your treatment.
This website actually adds a couple of key supplements to the Brandt Grape Cure due to overfarming of grapes (which depletes minerals in the soil).
When deciding what can and cannot be added to the Brandt Grape Cure, always keep in mind that you do not want to interfere with how the treatment works. Be very, very careful about adding things that are not specifically listed in the article!
Here is the article:
Brandt Grape Cure Protocol
4) The Brandt Grape Cure Using a Vegetable Juice, Including Carrot Juice (Strong Stage III Treatment)
Eating carrots and drinking carrot juice has been the basis of curing cancer for several decades. However, in times past most people drinking carrot juice have not understood the concept of a "juice fast," thus their treatment may not have been as effective as it could have been.
This treatment requires that you read two articles on this website. First, it is critical to understand the concept of the "juice fast." To understand how the treatment works in theory it is necessary to read the Brandt Grape Cure listed above. Essentially what you will do is use the Brandt Grape Cure for grapes, but instead of eating grapes, substitute a vegetable juice for the grape mush.
The second article is how to design the vegetable juice. It is important to understand that you should include the fiber of the vegetables. If you use a juicer that strips out the fiber of the vegetables, then you need to eat some whole vegetables in addition to the juice. If your juicer or food processor keeps all the fiber in the juice, then it is sufficient to drink the juice.
Always keep in mind that you do not want to interfere with how the treatment works. Be very, very careful about adding things that are not specifically listed in the article in the Brandt Grape Cure!
Here are the two articles:
Brandt Grape Cure [the theory]
Designing the Vegetable Juice [the juice itself]
You should NOT take both grapes and vegetables during the treatment, it is one of the other, but not both.
5) Amazon Factor Protocol (Strong Stage III treatment with vendor provided telephone support)
The Amazon Factor Protocol is a true "Stage IV" alternative cancer treatment, but it is both gentle and easy to take. It was designed by a PhD who learned about designing alternative medicine protocols in Japan. Tracy Gibbs, PhD, could not find an American university which taught what he wanted to learn, so he went somewhere else.
The power of this treatment is in a very special graviola plant. This plant is so high in acetogenins (this is the molecule that lowers the ATP energy in a cancer cell to the point that the cancer cell literally falls apart) that it is not necessary to extract them from the plant.
The complete protocol includes other ingredients that treat the cancer, such as keeping the lymph system clear, protecting the organs, striping away the protein coating of cancer cells with enzymes, etc.
A clinical study was done in Malaysia on this product. While only breast cancer patients were used in the study (obviously some of the breast cancer patients had other types of cancer as well), all the patients had been sent home to die and their cancer had already metastasized. The results of this clinical study were very exceptional.
Amazon Factor should not be taken with any alternative cancer treatment that is advertised as a "pro-oxidant." A pro-oxidant, such as high doses of vitamin C, will neutralize the effect of the acetogenins. Acetogenins lower ATP energy, but pro-oxidants raise ATP energy, thus neutralizing Amazon Factor. Anti-oxidants also should not be used with this product, such as products with a high ORAC rating.
Amazon Factor should not be used by anyone who is pregnant, who may be pregnant or who may become pregnant, because of the way it targets fast-growing cells (which may include fast-growing fetal cells).
This treatment is so simple to use I have recommended it for cancer patients who refused to go on an alternative cancer treatment and who were not on chemotherapy (i.e. I recommended to the caregiver to give them this treatment as if it were generic supplements, so the cancer patient would not know they were on a potent alternative cancer treatment). There is a cancer diet, but it is mild by comparison to some of the other cancer diets, which is another reason it can be secretly used.
This product is not available over the Internet, but information about how to telephone the company can be found on their Internet site. In other words, you have to order their products by telephone.
Here is the website of the vendor:
NutraNomics Website [ask for information]
Checklist 1b of 11: At Least Four of the "Strong Stage III" Treatments
This section will describe the alternate treatment to using one of the "Super Stage III" treatments in Checklist 1a. Do NOT use both Checklist 1a and 1b.
I have realized over time that some "Stage III" cancer treatments are much stronger than other "Stage III" cancer treatments. This first checklist article will identify the stronger Stage III treatments. It is necessary to have at least FOUR items from this checklist to insure you have a sufficient number of the best Stage III treatments.
First, I will list them, then I will have a detailed discussion of each one.
Here is the List of Treatments in Checklist 1b (pick 4 of them)
1) The Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol OR the Barefoot Calcium Protocol
2) Transfer Factor Plus
3) Protocel OR Cantron (will be discussed with Paw Paw) 4) Paw Paw (will be discussed with Protocel)
5) The Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. diet/treatment
6) Wheatgrass juice and/or a quality barleygrass juice and/or SuperGreens from InnerLight
7) Vibe liquid PLUS Essense Health Blend [required if patient is physically weak]
8) Hulda Clark herb combo: Black Walnut, Sweet Wormwood and Cloves
9) PolyMVA
1) The Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol OR the Barefoot Calcium Protocol
Several decades ago Dr. Carl Reich, a medical doctor, was teaching cancer patients how to go home and cure their cancer. This was not appreciated by the medical community. Fortunately, he and Robert R. Barefoot have written a book called: The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth. His two protocols, which both include coral calcium, are in this book. I discuss both of them on this web site for those who cannot wait for the book to arrive.
If you pick the Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol, note that it will only last about a month. AFTER this protocol is completed you need to switch over to the Barefoot Calcium Protocol!!
2) Transfer Factor Plus
The 4Life brand of Transfer Factor Plus may be the best immune building product available to cancer patients. It consists of:
Beta Glucans — polysaccharides, immune builder, anti-cancer, anti-tumor
Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms — antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, cellular function (immune system)
Cordyceps — polysaccharides, sterols (immune system and many other actions)
Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) - anticancer
Beta Sitosterol — phytosterol (immune system and anti-inflammatory)
Olive Leaf Extract — antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial (even used for AIDS/HIV)
Vendors of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus:
3) and 4) Protocel (or Cantron) and Paw Paw [need to be discussed together]
Protocel has been proven over and over to be a superb Stage III treatment. For a few types of cancer it is even a Stage IV treatment.
Paw Paw (North American Paw Paw, NOT Brazilian Paw Paw, which is usually called: graviola) is a cousin of graviola, but much stronger. Paw Paw is the ONLY product proven to kill Multiple-Drug Resistant (MDR) cancer cells. This product is recommended for those who have been on chemotherapy.
For lung cancer and brain cancer patients Protocel and Paw Paw should NOT be taken together. They produce too much "lysing" (which is pieces of cancer cells that have fallen apart).
Also, advanced Stage III patients who have a lot of cancer cells in their bodies (especially large, concentrated sections of cancer cells) should not take Protocel and Paw Paw together.
For those with small, concentrated areas of cancer, such as prostate cancer, taking Protocel and Paw Paw together is perfectly safe.
It is absolutely required to read the articles on Protocel and Paw Paw, if you are going to take them. There are many supplements that will neutralize the effectiveness of Protocel, and a few items that will interfere with Paw Paw, and you must become an expert on what these things are and study the total treatment plan you put together to make sure there are no conflicts!
For example, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, etc. cannot be taken with Protocel. If you decide to go on the Calcium Protocol AND the Protocel treatment, you will note that the Calcium Protocol lists multivitamins (which usually contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E), Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You CANNOT take any of these things with the Calcium Protocol and also take Protocel.
In other words, you CAN go on the Calcium Protocol and the Protocel treatment at the same time, but you CANNOT take all of the supplements with the coral calcium that you normally would. This is just one example, you have to carefully study the rules about what you can take with the treatments you choose.
Here are my articles on Protocel and Paw Paw, pay close attention to the things you cannot take with them and their other rules:
Main Protocel Article
  Graviola and Paw Paw Article
5) The Dr. Lorraine Day diet/treatment
As a substitute for the Raw Food diet is the Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. diet/treatment. Her diet and treatment replace BOTH the Raw Food diet and the "cancer diet" on this web site. Her diet is also carrot juice based, but also includes barleygreen powder. Her diet/treatment are very detailed, see:
Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. diet/treatment
6) Wheatgrass juice and/or a quality barleygrass juice and/or SuperGreens from InnerLight
The key ingredient in this product is chlorophyll, however, these super "green" drinks contain a lot of other critical nutrients important in treating cancer. They also build the immune system and detoxify the body.
SuperGreens from InnerLight can be taken as a "green" drink or capsules. For more information about this product, and what needs to be taken with it, see the "Stage IV" article.
7) Vibe Liquid PLUS Essense Health Blend [required if patient is physically weak]
Vibe is such an important condensed ionic supplement it can be taken indefinitely during treatment (i.e. it can be taken beyond the first month). For cancer patients, start with 1 ounce per day and quickly build up to 4 ounces a day within a week.
Vibe Vendor
Essense Health Blend, a powdered supplement which should be mixed with fruit juices, includes critical minerals, vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, iodine, etc. As with Vibe, this is so superb it can be taken indefinitely.
Essense Health Blend Vendor
8) The Hulda Clark herb combo: Black Walnut, Sweet Wormwood and Cloves
This is a superb combination of herbs that not only is a potent cancer fighter, but is also a parasite cleanse. Of the herbs, sweet wormwood is probably the most potent cancer fighter. But all three are required. Since I do not have an article on any of these herbs, I will tell you my preferred vendor for sweet wormwood: Artemisinin. Here is a vendor:
Sweet Wormwood Vendor
9) PolyMVA
PolyMVA is especially for brain cancer, but can be used for any type of cancer. It is recommended that a doctor administer PolyMVA (which is a good thing, but it makes it expensive and makes it hard for many people to get access to the treatment), however, it can be administered at home.
There are some supplements that should not be taken with PolyMVA. For example, alpha lipoic acid should not be taken at all (because it is already in the Poly MVA), and Vitamin C should be limited to 250 mg a day. It is necessary to study the supplements used in other treatments you are taking to insure these restrictions are followed (even check what is in your multivitamins). Here is the article on PolyMVA for more information:
Poly MVA Article
Checklist 2 of 11: Simple to Use and Inexpensive Treatments
There are several alternative cancer treatments and/or supplements that are so simple to use, and are so inexpensive, and are so beneficial, they are recommended for your treatment.
1) Coral Calcium (prefer Barefoot product) as a supplement, if you are not using it as a treatment (see above). This product is a superb product in many ways, but perhaps its most important value to a cancer patient is the calcium, magnesium and trace elements it provides. Coral Calcium has a pH of 10-12, meaning it helps make cancer cells alkaline. As a treatment (see above), you use 3 - 4.5 grams a day, however, as a supplement you only need 1.5 grams a day.
However, it is almost a waste of time to take coral calcium supplements unless you also take Vitamin D supplements and get as much natural sunshine a day as possible. Vitamin D is required for the body to absorb calcium. Vitamin D supplementation should be about 5,000 I.U. per day, plus you should get at least an hour of sunshine a day.
Here is a link to a massive site of information on Vitamin D, Vitamin D3, etc.:
Vitamin D Information Website
In addition to the magnesium in the coral calcium an extra magnesium citrate supplement should be taken. The dose should be the vendor's recommended dosage. My recommended vendor for magnesium citrate is:
2) Chlorella and Spirulina - Start with 5 grams of chlorella a day, and build up to the maximum daily dose recommended by the vendor (diarrhea concerns are the reason for the build-up). Take 10 grams of spirulina a day, or the maximum dose recommended by the vendor, if less than 10 grams a day. Do not overdose on these supplements since they do contain some Vitamin K (which clots blood). See:
Chlorella and Spirulina Article and Vendors
3) Matthias Rath Cellular Solution (or the Osiecki Cancer Technique) (Both treat heart disease and cancer) - not to be combined with Protocol, Cantron, Paw Paw or Graviola (e.g. Amazon Factor)
These treatments include:
Vitamin C [see below] and
L-Lysine (3 grams daily),
L-Proline (1.5 grams a day),
L-Arginine (2 grams a day),
Green Tea Extract (or green tea itself - See:
Article on Green Tea),
CoEnzyme Q10 (at least 160 mg a day)
    Note: 480 mg of CoQ10 a day is a treatment, 160 mg a day is a supplement) [added for heart disease]
Checklist 3 of 11: Supplements
a) Vitamin C (to avoid diarrhea start with only 1 gram a day, build up to 10 grams a day). Note: This supplement cannot be taken with Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw, Graviola or Amazon Factor Protocol!!
Vitamin C, by itself, has been shown to increase survival time of terminal cancer patients by 6 times or more. It is important to "buy time" to give the other treatments more time to work. Vitamin C is actually a liver metabolite and will also protect the liver.
[Warning: When taking Vitamin C with added minerals, such as iodine, potassium or magnesium, do not exceed the vendors maximum recommended dosage.]
b) Vitamin B12
The combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 is actually a treatment for cancer (the Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, Ph.D. treatment). However, most Vitamin B12 products are worthless for several reasons.
   B12 Highly Recommended Vendor:
c) MSM (build up to 8 grams a day)
MSM is critical to reduce inflammation and swelling, to build the cell walls and make them flexible and for chemical reactions in the body.
Most MSM brands contain fillers, added by the manufacturers, that neutralize or impair the effectiveness of MSM. It is critical that you buy a brand that has ZERO FILLERS, even in its manufacture. Here is such a rare vendor:
   MSM highly recommended vendor:
d)Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherols, 3,000 I.U.) - Do not take with Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw, Graviola (e.g. Amazon Factor Protocol).
e) Niacin (build up to 500 mg a day)
f) Zinc lozenges (50-100 mg a day)
g) A good multi-vitamin (strong in the B Vitamins and trace minerals) - Warning: Should not be too high in the vitamins not allowed by Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw and Graviola (e.g. Amazon Factor).
Checklist 4 of 11: At least 3 ADDITIONAL Major Treatments to Kill Cancer Cells
These are alternative cancer treatments that are not classified as the "strongest" of the Stage III cancer treatments. However, at least three of these items should be chosen and used.
At least 3 ADDITIONAL items taken from this list:
1) Essiac Tea - one of the good things about Essiac Tea is that it is not only a cancer-fighter, but also a detox agent, especially for the liver and other organs. Essiac Tea used to be a true "Stage IV" cancer treatment. That was back in the days when Rene Caisse was treating cancer patients with fresh herbs. If you buy an Essiac Tea today, most likely the herbs have been dehydrated (which makes them far less effective than fresh) and the herbs were picked several months before you bought it. I no longer classify this treatment as one of the "strong" Stage III treatments, but it is still a worthwhile treatment for its detox value. This article lists some of the best Essiac Tea vendors.
  Essiac Tea Article and Vendors
2) Ellagic Acid - there is a vendor that claims to have had very good results with lung cancer using Ellagic Acid. If you have lung cancer, I strongly recommend you contact them at:
Hope For Cancer
3) Curcumin: You can buy this spice at any food store. Build up to using it several times a day on your foods.
4) Pau d' Arco (Taheebo Tea): I don't know the dosages or a vendor. It is very, very difficult to make correctly.
5) Parsley drink and/or kale leaves. Kale leaves contain organosulfur and a lot of other anti-cancer compounds. The parsley herb is like a natural multi-vitamin. It includes several key nutrients for cancer patients, such as vitamin B12 and beta carotene. I do not have a recommended vendor, but here is a sample vendor:
Herbal Remedies
6) Skin Cancer: If you have skin cancer, it is best to use both a topical skin cancer product PLUS several internal products. See my special article on Skin Cancer for skin cancer treatments at:
Skin Cancer Article
7) Shark liver oil: but only if tumors are involved, not a general treatment
(Checklist 4 continued) For those with more than a year and a half to live, the following treatments may be counted as "major" treatments:
Laetrile and metabolic therapy are fabulous treatments for those who have over a year and a half to treat their cancer. You might remember that Kelley did not count in his statistics anyone who died within 12-18 months of beginning treatment. Binzel did not count anyone who died within 6-12 months of beginning treatments.
1) Laetrile therapy: Do NOT buy or use laetrile pills, buy the apricot kernels or get whole apricots and remove the almond-looking seed (which in inside of the hard shell). Do NOT use the Binzel diet, but make sure you use all of his supplements. Use the stronger cancer diet mentioned above.
2) Kelley Metabolic Therapy - Dr. Kelley died in early 2005, but he did not like anyone tampering with his treatment. If you choose his treatment then ignore everything on this website and use his website exclusively (see my article on the Kelley Metabolic treatment):
Article and Link to Dr. Kelley's Website
(Checklist 4 continued) Other comments
When people research the internet, and they find a testimonial, they almost instinctively think it is a "major" treatment. It may be, but there are some things that need to be researched before you should consider it a "major" treatment.
First, what "total life" cure rate does it generate for cancer patients in your situation? Thanks to the FDA, this is usually impossible to answer. Thus, it amounts to reading multiple testimonials that are not related to each other! and making a judgment call.
Note: just because a treatment selectively kills cancer cells in the laboratory does not mean it is a good alternative cancer treatment. What happens in a laboratory tells nothing about whether it will kill enough cancer cells in the human body!! A laboratory and a human body are two vastly different environments!!
Second, is there a trusted vendor for this product? This is a big issue, especially if you are depending on the testimonials at a vendor site (unfortunately most testimonials are on vendor sites). Vendors have been known to use testimonials of people who used a product, but the product was purchased from another vendor.
Third, how does the treatment work and how fast does it work? There are some superb treatments, but due to the way they work, it takes too many months for them to have a significant effect.
Fourth, what is the margin of error? In other words, given the variety of quality in vendors, the variability of how the product is treated by vendors and by shippers, how stable is the product under these variable conditions?
Checklist 5 of 11: The Only Optional Checklist (These are Optional Items and are Not Treatments)
It is the opinion of several key alternative cancer researchers that every cancer patient has a severe infection. These are two optional treatments that deal with treating infections.
1) Stabilized Oxygen or Stabilized Electrolytes. This magnificent product was discovered by Dr. Moises deGuevarra in 1929. It is a chemical that gets oxygen directly into the cells of the body, including the cells harboring virus. See my article on Hydrogen Peroxide for more information. Recommended product: Prime pH:
   InnerLight Vendor (Click: Our Products, then Prime pH)
2) Samento plus Noni Concentrate. The combination of Samento (Cat's Claw) plus Noni Concentrate is not only anti-viral, but it is also immune building. It is critical to get the "TAO-Free" variety of Cat's Claw because the TAOs (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids) in normal Cat's Claw will significantly interfere with the effects of the more important PAOs (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids), which affect the cellular immune system. Here is a vendor:
   NutraMedix (Buy BOTH Samento and Noni Concentrate liquids)
Checklist 6 of 11: Items For The First Month Only
These items are optional, but should be used if the cancer patient is weak or has been on chemotherapy. I do not specify how many of them should be used. They are super-fruit juices that quickly build the nutrition in a person.
1) Noni Juice, IF AND ONLY IF, it is a top quality brand, such as Tahitian Noni Juice, and only if a minimum of 16 ounces a day are consumed (prefer 32 ounces a day) (first month only)
2) Mangosteen (at least 12 ounces a day, prefer 25 ounces a day) - recommended products: XanGo or Mangosteen Plus (first month only)
   XanGo Mangosteen Vendor
3) Wolfberry juice - recommended product: Berry Young Juice (80% Ningxia Wolfberry Juice) (first month only)
[Important Note: The super-fruit-juices (Noni Juice, Mangosteen and Wolfberry Juice) provide a quick burst of critical nutrients and antioxidants. This may make the patient feel very good, very quickly. But this is a result of flooding the body with nutrients and oxygen (via the antioxidants), not killing cancer cells. Do not think that the cancer is cured in a few weeks just because the patient feels good. All of these super-fruit-juices do kill cancer cells, but not that quickly.]
Checklist 7 of 11: Your Plan MUST Have At Least 3 Treatments To Build the Immune System
Building the immune system kills cancer cells indirectly. In other words, these items build the parts of the immune system that deal with cancer cells, and then the immune system helps to selectively kill the cancer cells.
For brain cancer, a person should have as many of the immune system building treatments as possible. Even if these substances do not get past the blood-brain barrier (BBB), the white blood cells created by these treatments are guaranteed to get past the BBB!!
For leukemia patients, check with your medical doctor to see if building the white blood cells that deal with cancer is appropriate for your situation. Generally, these treatments should not be a problem because leukocytes (the immature white blood cells created in bone marrow or the lymph system) are the problem with leukemia. These treatments build mature white blood cells. Also, for leukemia patients the "greens" portion of the diet is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL as are the antifungal products.
At least 3 items TOTAL:
1) Organic Germanium [Recommended]
See for vendors:
Article and Vendors of Germanium
2) IP6 (Inositol hexaphosphate) [Recommended]
3) Transfer Factor Plus (if not used above)
4) MGN3 / MGN-3 (available in the U.S. under the brand name: BioBran)
5) An AHCC Supplement: Immpower, ImmunoKinoko, Immune-Assist includes AHCC
6) Immune Fx
7) Zeolites (heavy metals interfere with the immune system, zeolites remove heavy metals)
8) Aloe Immune and/or Advanced Ambrotose, glyconutrient products (see my Stage IV article for information about these two products)
9) A Beta Glucan Supplement: Immutol or "Beta-1, 3-D Glucan"
10) Moducare (a sterols and sterolins supplement)
11) Garlic - whole bulbs or a supplement designed for immune system (use only during active cancer treatment)
There are many other products designed to build the immune system (e.g. Lentinan, PSK, PSP, Coriolan, D-Fraction, RM10, Mushroom Immunity Complex, etc.)!! Be aware that every vendor claims their product is the best and also remember that Cancer Tutor has no lab facilities to test their claims!! MGN-3 or BioBran has a single manufacturer, and has been studied in labs, and is also recommended.
See also the special article on building the immune system:
Article on Building Immune System
Checklist 8 of 11: A Colon Cleanse to Start Your Treatment
AND At Least 2 ADDITIONAL Liver Detox Treatments
Simultaneous to your starting your cancer treatment, there are three steps that must be accomplished in order!
First, a colon cleanse
The Jon Barron book has a lot of information about a colon cleanse (starting with Chapter 3). You should do a colon cleanse before you do a liver cleanse, so the toxins will have somewhere to go after they are flushed!!! His free, online book is at: http://jonbarron.org/ (click on: Free Download - requires Adobe Acrobat)
Second, a liver / gallbladder cleanse
You should do a liver cleanse every 3 months, or more often if you feel the need. I will give you three options. You should read all three before deciding on one of them:
ONE from this list (or you can use another high reputation liver cleanse)
See the Jon Barron book on liver flush:
Also see this superb web site on a liver flush to begin your diet with:
Regardless of which liver flush you use, I would make sure you include pure lemon juice in natural water. The reasons for this are beyond the scope of this article.
Third, an ongoing liver detox treatment
In addition to the major treatment plans, the liver must be detoxified so that it does not die from the accumulating toxins generated by the treatment plan. The treatment plan MUST include at least 2 treatments that detoxify or cleanse the liver.
At least 2 items taken from this list (#1 and/or #2 are REQUIRED):
Note: As opposed to the liver cleanse, these treatments are ongoing treatments, not occasional treatments.
1) Milk Thistle Extract (Seeds or Fruit), Dandelion Root, and Artichoke [required combination]
Vendor of this combination
2) Lymph III and Quantum Kidney Complex, both from the same vendor [required]
Lymph III
Quantum Kidney Complex
3) Bitter Melon herb
4) Olive Oil
5) Coffee enemas (see Kelley Metabolic therapy for links)
As with the liver cleanse, I would add pure lemon juice in natural water to the liver detox.
A Note About Coffee Enemas
Several major alternative treatment programs, such as the Kelley Metabolic program, Hulda Clark, the Gerson Treatment, and others, swear by coffee enemas as a REQUIRED part of any alternative treatment. The reason is that coffee enemas open the bile duct and allow the liver to flush toxins, thus protecting the liver. Coffee enemas have been used for many decades. The question is this: do the herbal and other liver detox treatments work just as well as a coffee enema? This is a hotly debated issue!! You are on your own to make this decision. I will simply say two things:
1) cleaning out the liver is absolutely critical to saving a cancer patient,
2) many cancer patients have been cured of cancer, many with a coffee enema, and many without.
Checklist 9 of 11: Treat the Fungus That Every Cancer Patient Has
While there are many different things that "cause" cancer, in every case a pleomorphic yeast/fungus that thrives in a highly acidic diet, is the final cause of cancer. It is essential in any cancer treatment to take away much of the power of the cancer which comes from these things.
Another reason to deal with these parasites is that they may "feed" on many of the same things that cancer cells feed on, because of their similar anaerobic metabolism. This means some of the cancer-killing nutrients may be diverted to the yeast/fungus and not get to the cancer cells. This theory is verified by the fact that many cancer-killing foods are also antifungal and antiyeast. The faster the yeast/fungus/mould are killed, the faster more cancer-killing nutrients will become available to get to the cancer cells.
At least 3 of the following antifungal supplements:
Note: If you used tobacco, then pick four antifungal supplements.
Note: If you have leukemia, then pick four or five antifungal supplements and see the book: Sick and Tired? by Robert O. Young for an even longer list of antifungal supplements.
By far the best anti-microbial "substance" on earth is not a substance at all, but an electromedicine treatment for AIDS / HIV. It is the Bob Beck Protocol. It is actually a "Stage IV" cancer treatment in phase two and sometimes in phase one (you would have to read the "Stage IV" treatment to understand the phases of the treatment).
If you are interested in this treatment, see:
Bob Beck Protocol
Note: One vendor has a single product that contains the first 3 items in this list. While it might be surprising to the reader that this vendor is also mentioned above, note that the person behind these products is Robert O. Young, PhD, who is also the author of the book Sick and Tired? which is a superb resource for information about pH, yeast and fungus. The product is SpectraZyme:
InnerLight Vendor (Click: Our Products, then Colloidal Capsules)
1) Undecylenic Acid (saturated fatty acid), from dehydrated castor oil
2) Caprylic Acid (saturated fatty acid)
3) Olive Leaf Extract
4) Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Extract
5) Oil of Oregano
6) Grapefruit Seed Extract (not to be confused with Grape Seed Extract, which is used for a different reason by cancer patients)
There are other items I could put on this list, but if you substitute for something on this list, make sure it is as potent as the above items.
[required] There is also a superb product to cleanse the body of mycotoxins and other waste products of fungus, yeast and bacteria. It is also an InnerLight product. It is important to rid the body of their waste products. Recommended product: MycoDetox I AND MycoDetox II:
   Innerlight Vendor (Click: Our Products, then the 2 Colloidal Links)
Checklist 10 of 11: Enzymes
Note: Any person taking blood thinners should not take any enzyme supplement which has high levels of proteolytic or pancreatic enzymes.
Dr. William D. Kelley's metabolic therapy was based on key enzymes. Two of these, trypsin and chymotrypsin, were key to stripping proteins from the exterior of cancer cells so that the body's immune system could kill the cancer cells. In recent years even more powerful enzymes have been discovered.
At least 2 enzyme packages:
1a) Vitalzym or
1b) Wobenzyme N
2) Barley Power (can be used by people on blood thinning protocols)
Vendors for Vitalzym and Barley Power can be found at:
Vendors of Vitälzym and Barley Power
Checklist 11 of 11: The Remission Treatment
Don't forget the remission treatment mentioned above:
Article on Remission
Other Important Comments
One checklist that would be helpful is a checklist on removing heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals do significant damage to the immune system. However, because chlorella, organic germanium, Vitamin C, and zeolites are mentioned above, and they all chelate heavy metals, I have not made a separate checklist for removing heavy metals.

Testimonial / Interview For Cancer

Date of Interview: January, 2004
Method of Interview: Internet emails
Initials of Patient: N.K. (information provided by her father)
Location of Residence: Brisbane Qld Australia
What Kind of Cancer Did You Have?
liver sarcoma (tumour in the right lobe of her liver)
How Far Had It Metastasisized Before Diagnosis?
She was given up by the top liver surgeon in Queensland
What Month and Year Was It First Diagnosed?
December, 2002
Age When Diagnosed?
What Technique Did The Doctor's Use to Diagnose the Cancer?
It was X-rays and CT scans that first detected her tumour. But even after 3 biopsies, her condition was still not correctly diagnosed but the doctors suspected liver infection and she was given hydatid drugs!
Was There a Biopsy?
Yes, I (the father) believe the first three biopsies caused her tumour to leak and spread, thus turning it so aggresive!
Did You Have Surgery?
Yes, over 70% of her right lobe was removed but some remnants near the heart could not be excised.
Did You Take Chemotherapy and/or Radiation?
She started taking alternative medicine after her liver operation but the real results [of her alternative treatments] became more apparent after her third chemo treatment. By then, she was already onto stricter protocol as more information was sourced from more alternative medicine sites.
How Much Pressure Did the Doctors Put On You To Have Surgery, Chemotherapy, etc.?
He recommended a quick operation to alleviate the pain but mentioned that it was only palliative (i.e. designed to reduce pain and suffering until death).
What Was the Deciding Factor That Convinced You to Use Alternative Treatments?
As I (the father) could not accept his diagnosis, I sought help and researched extensively in the internet. Thanks to Mr Bill Henderson (www.getandstaywell.com), I was led into the wonderful world of alternative therapy and my prayers were answered. (the family is Buddhist)
Please Describe Your Treatment Plan: (response of father)
1. She is still on MGN-3 and Immutol, these being her main supplements.
2. She has been drinking over 3 litres of water daily - I believe this contributed to her strong recovery after each chemo treatment. She also ate a lot of avocadoes during that time. She has a glass of orange juice freshly squeezed before breakfast. She also has a lemon squeezed into her water jug daily.
3. She avoids all junk food such as fast food, coke, lollies, cakes, etc which she used to consume too much.
4. We are all eating brown rice instead of white. Most of her dishes are lightly boiled. She does not take much meat and fish (Tasmanian salmon) is her main meat source, either steamed or baked.
5. Every evening, I make her a glass of juice extracted from carrots x 4, beetroot x 1, green apples x 1, and some vegies such as celery or cucumber. She also eats healthy portions of seasonal fruits such as cherries, strawberries, banannas, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, etc.
6. Occasionally, she has some wheat grass juice home grown organically.
7. When she was first diagnosed, we gave her plenty of okra and long beans grown in our garden. This was switched to snow peas during winter. Now, we are back to okra and beans.
8. Plenty of loving tender care. Our family has become much closer now. She has grown more confident and less worried.
9. Yes, we do watch everything she eats and believe very firmly in alkaline diet instead of acidic.
10. We practice Traditional Chinese Medicine whereby the whole body is being treated.
What Month/Year Were You Diagnosed Cancer Free?
September, 2003
What Are You Doing To Stay In Remission?
See the treatment plan
This young girl went into remission, but some months after this interview her cancer returned and she later died. I do not know what protocol she used after her cancer returned.

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