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Kanser Care Malaysia Part 2

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Ovarian Cancer: Part 1 She Gave Up Chemotherapy and Turned to Herbs – Still Healthy After Seven Years

Posted on 31/01/2012
Siti was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Stage 4. She underwent a total hysterectomy in 2005 followed by three cycles of chemotherapy. She gave up chemo. At first Siti and her husband did not believe in what we at CA Care are doing. Many times, they were “pushed” by a friend to come and see us. Eventually Siti and her husband relented and came to Penang. From then on it was no turning back. Siti’s health improved.  It has been seven years now and she is going well.
This video recording was done in 2010 – five years after she was started on the herbs.
Chris: How are you doing?
Siti: Thank God I am going fine – very well and healthy.
Any problem at all? Any pain?
No pain. But if I don’t take the herbs, I can feel some pains. But the pain is not serious. Just a little only. And after I take the herbs, the pains go away.
Have you gone back to see your doctor lately?
Yes, I saw the surgeon who operated on me. She said, “Thank God” I am clean – no recurrence.
Husband: The surgeon was very surprised.
Did the surgeon know that you did not complete your chemo? (Done only three out of six cycles).
I told the surgeon that I was taking Dr. Chris’ herbs from Penang. But the way she reacted, I felt she was reluctant to ask me for more details. I saw a few doctors were gathered together and they were talking about me and some were looking at me. The surgeon told me, “By right you should be lying in bed – Stage 4 cancer – should be lying in bed.” She looked at me in disbelief.
Since taking the herbs, did you also take care of your diet?
And you took the herbs “religiously”?
Exercise regularly?
No, I have problems with my knees. I only walked a little.
You have been on the herbs for five years now – since 2005 – tell me do you get “fed-up” taking this stuff?
What can I do? I have no choice. I have to take them. I am not going to stop. God has led me to find these herbs and they are good for my health. I am grateful and I should not feel “fed-up”.

FLASHBACK – 11 November 2005
Siti and her husband visited CA Care in Penang. They were accompanied by a friend, Razuddin,
About fifteen years ago, Siti underwent an operation to remove her fibroids. In 2005, her stomach bloated and she was later diagnosed with bilateral papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovaries with metastasis to the omentum.
At the time of this visit, Siti had received two cycles of chemotherapy and was to receive another cycle in six days’ time. Since Siti was not sure if she would like to take our herbs, I left it to her to decide if she wanted to continue with her third cycle of chemo. I prescribed her the Chemo-Tea in the event that she decided to continue with her chemo.
Siti presented with prickling pains in her abdomen. She was unable to sleep. She had pains in the middle of the top of her head. For her cancer I prescribed her Capsule A, Utero-ovary Tea, and T & E. For her headache she was given Upper Pain tea.

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Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 5: My Advice to Cancer Patients

Posted on 29/01/2012
§  Why are we here? We are not here to die – there is a purpose in life. This is where the belief in God has to be very strong – to make you understand why you are in this world.
§  Do not ask God “why”, but “how” you can go through this.
§  Try to understand why this happened – examine your diet, your lifestyle and your environment.
§  If I were to get cancer again, this is what I would do – open my mind to new possibilities – to alternative medicines, herbs, etc. The options should not be confined to just chemo or radiotherapy.
§  What have you got to lose if you get to know more about cancer? The more you know the better prepared you are. Demystify cancer!
§  Now that you are alright – what would be your reaction if I say that you can go back to your old lifestyle again?
No way! For me it is no sugar, no Ovaltine, no Milo, no salt  – since I am with you. There is no sugar in my house! No milk … brown rice. Most of my friends told me – Oh, my goodness, it is so difficult.
§  You have not missed your old lifestyle? No, I never missed that – I go on. I just continue growing. The perception is that the quality of things depends on what you did in the past. Excuse me I am enjoying my life. My standard of quality cannot be the same as I was before. I am now at a much higher level (of awareness). Right now my life is different. I enjoy things differently.
§  I don’t drink beer. I don’t drink any alcohol. I used to indulge in those things when I was with my friends. But now I still go out with them but I just drink my water! When I have dinner with them, they eat their food – pork and meat etc. but I have my own food! Why must someone impose their values on you? Their idea of quality of life need not be the same as yours.

My Comments
The healing path advocated by CA Care is not an easy path to follow. Healing does not come easy. Many patients write us e-mails everyday. What they are looking for is an “instant, magic bullet” believing that they can find “cure” to their problems by just sitting in front of the computer in the comfort of their home.  Again I say, our healing path is not easy to follow. Don’t come to us if you are not prepared to change – change your diet, change your lifestyle and change your attitude. We cannot help you if you cannot change.
Dr. Dan Chesnut, M.D. (in Lying with Authority) said this, “Every person who was successful in finding safe alternatives decided at some point in their illness to open their mind to change and to learn solutions outside the accepted norms”.
May I add one more advice to cancer patients – Healing or curing cancer is not about undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy or taking of  the so called “scientific” medicines. These alone are not enough or could even be disastrous.  You can heal cancer by using you own common sense. If you are offered an invasive treatment that does not make sense to you – how do you respond to that? Healing cancer is all about educating yourself so you can stop doing the things that causes cancer and start doing the things that heal cancer. This means you need to take the responsibility of healing upon yourself and not passing on that responsibility to others or the “experts”.
Read the full story of Peter’s experience

Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 4: Lessons From My Cancer Experience

Posted on 29/01/2012
§  Does this cancer bring you any meaning at all?
§  It is my wake-up call. This is my experience. I now recognize that I am mortal. I recognize that I have done something wrong to my body or it may also mean that we are living in a wrong place. This is God telling us.
§  Before you had cancer, you never realize all these?  No.
§  What was your impression about life then? Life is forever! You are forever young. Invincible. Solve the whole world’s problem – you are young and you are reckless. That is why I realized that this wake-up call is so important. Without cancer I would not be able to recognize this.
§  Wake up to reality – my body has changed, why haven’t I recognized that too?
§  After this wake-up call – what changes followed? Everything changed. Priority of life changed. In the past it was always work fist, now no more.
§  I am now more attached to walking with God. For every small thing, I talked to God. Everything that happened, I asked God and thank Him for it. Before I took too many things for granted. God probably would have told me, “I was with you all the time but you did not open your eyes to see Me.”
§  My commitment to society is stronger now. I cannot imagine the degree of corruption, the pollution to the environment – we are supposed to nurture them not creating problems.
§  In the past, I was compromising for the sake of “food security” – but that cannot be more of a fake statement.
§  I have cancer but I have hope. Yet there are others who lack hope or have no hope at all – why? This is because there are not empowered.
§  So cancer has changed my whole perspective of how I view my work. Also my family. Before work came first, family second. Now it has changed – family first. My family, I treasure them more.

My Comments
There are two kinds of people living in this world. One kind are those who believe there is no God – no divine purpose. We live in a world where things “just happen” randomly – perhaps just a coincidence. In contrast, another kind of people are those who believe that everything that happens for a reason.  This is a part of the Grand Design.
I don’t know which group you belong to. Certainly we in CA Care and Peter are in the same group. We believe in God – our Heavenly Father.
Mira Kirshenbaum wrote a wonderful book, Everything Happens for a Reason.  These are what she wrote,
§  My entire life now has been embraced by people struggling to find meaning for the events in their lives.
§  It’s taken me a long time, but I now see that even in the worst disaster, there are wonderful gifts, hidden opportunities or life-enhancing lessons. We see it in little ways or in not-so-little ways.
§  I want to assure you – When you discover the true meaning of the events in your life, everything changes.
§  You feel stronger because your sense that everything has meaning gives you great confidence.
§  You feel wiser because you see how everything connects.
§  You’re more in touch with who you are because you know that you’re living the life you were meant to lead.
§  And you’re happier because you’re able to put your loss behind you and have a sense of a future filled with good things.
§  Until you get to this place, nothing is going to feel right.
Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. (in Faith, Hope and Healing) said, “So-called curses can become blessings and an illness can help us come alive as human beings. Many people see their disease as a wake-up call that inspired them to literally begin their life anew.”

Admission of Our Own Mistakes
Indeed I feel sorry for those who lead a “blind” life – rushing through their journeys on earth, but not being able to learn anything from their experiences.  If we are not prepared to look into ourselves we are not going to be able to go forward.
Scott Berkun ( pointed out “if you courageously stand up and honestly say “This is my mistake and I am responsible” the possibilities for learning will move towards you. Admission of a mistake makes learning possible by moving the focus away from blame assignment and towards understanding. Wise people admit their mistakes easily. They know progress accelerates when they do.”
Read the full story of Peter’s experience

Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 3: I Want Healing Not Cure

Posted on 29/01/2012
§  My radiologist was strongly against me taking herbs – NO herbs. She said there is no evidence that it is going to help. But I told her, “No evidence does not mean that it does not work!”
§  Later while on the treatment, I found that in cancer they are just talking about cure for five-years (i.e., 5-year survival rate). The doctor was very clear. She said after five years if the cancer comes back it is going to be a new cancer – a new disease. Meaning I collect another new cancer. Then patients will have to undergo a new treatment regimen all over again.
§  When I talked to God, He promises healing not cure. That was when an “angel” came into the picture and told me about you and the role of CA Care. Your role is about healing not curing.
§  I told the radiologist, “I am going for healing not cure”. She replied, “There is no such thing as healing.” She told me, “Our job is to cure you!” But look at the 5-year-survival rate of Stage 2 to 3 for this cancer. There is a 70 percent chance of survival – for five years and 30 percent will die within five years.
§  Before starting with the treatment, did you not ask the doctor about the survival rate?At that point in time, you don’t ask anything. You are more concerned with how to go forward. The assumption was that doctors know everything and they know what they are doing. And they will be able to cure me!
§  I did not realize all these important questions at that time because I was not yet there. But I went through with the treatment I began to ask questions. The initial impression given to me was that doctors have all the answers to my cancer. And they will be able to cure me. When I asked if there was a possibility of something might go wrong the answer was, “In NPC, this is the standard procedure with very good recovery rate.”
§  I assumed that doctors will tell you about all the side effects. My assumption was wrong!
§  At that time, I was looking forward to getting out of it, so there was no desire to go and find out what was going to go wrong with the treatment. No, no, we don’t do that.

My Comments
In life there are many things we take things for granted and we live with our assumptions. Often such assumptions are wrong! Peter had to learn it the hard way.  The book that had opened my eyes to the dark side of modern medicine is the book by Robert Mendelsohn,Confessioin of a Medical Heretic. I think everyone should read this book. Dr. Mendelsohn was not any ordinary doctor. He was a director of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital and associate professor at the University of Illinois Medical School.  Read what he said,
§  I believe that … the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices modern medicine…I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs and equipment – and the effect on our health would be … beneficial.
§  I believe that modern medicine’s treatment for disease are seldom effective and that they’re often more dangerous than the diseases they’re designed to treat.
§  If you are sick … your first defense is to have more information about your problem … You’ve got to learn about your disease and that’s not very hard. You can get the same books the doctor studied from. (Read them. It is most likely that after reading you will be more informed than the doctor himself).
§  Doctors in general should be treated with about the same degree of trust as used car salesman. Whatever your doctor says or recommends, you have to first consider how it will benefit him.
§  You should seek out and talk to people you regard as having wisdom. (Doctors tell you – don’t listen to the untrained, the quacks or pseudo-scientists). But Dr. Mendelsohn wrote, They are wrong – they are protecting their sacred authority. You may find that you can do without the doctor!
§  Doctors are only human – in the worst ways … because doctors turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. (For more click this link:

Unfortunately we live in the world where we are made to believe that modern medicine and its accompanying technology is proven and scientific. This is far from the truth. Dr. Peter Ooi is no “school kid” and he understands what science is.  When the radiologist said there is no evidence that herb is going to help she is just being na├»ve – ignorant at best.  Peter ‘s answer to her was right on the spot,  “No evidence does not mean that it does not work!”  If you don’t look for evidence – you find no evidence. And if you deliberately don’t want to find evidence you will not find one either. It is as simple as that!
Dr. Sydney Singer is a medical anthropologist. Read what he said.
In 1972, Dr. Samuel Epstein – one of the world’s authorities on chemical causes of cancer – told the US Senate Select Committee – “ In this country you can buy the data you require to support our case.”
Now, I hope you see some light.

Curing and Healing
 There is a big difference between curing and healing. A cure is a successful medical treatment that removes all evidences of the disease. A cure is what the physician hopes to do and hopes to bring to the patient. For example, the liver is resected. The tumour is gone. That is supposedly to be a cure! Healing goes beyond curing. It is an inner process through which a person becomes whole. Healing takes place at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The capacity to heal physically is necessary for any successful cure but healing can also take place at deeper levels whether or not physical recovery occurs.
There are cancer patients for whom curative treatment ultimately proved impossible; yet inner-healing process takes place. Healing brings inner peace and a sense of connectedness with the Absolute One, thus makes a transformative difference in the quality of life. For those who have found inner peace, travelling the healing journey takes a new meaning. At that point, there may be pain but there is no suffering.
Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. (in Faith, Hope and Healing) said, ”Healing and curing are two very separate processes …  when you focus only on the mechanical aspects of treatment and curing your disease while neglecting yourself and your life, you are expending your energy by engaging in a struggle and your life becomes more like a war than a process of healing.”
In the many years dealing with cancer patients I have to come to realize that you will not win fighting a “war” with cancer. You also cannot defeat cancer with your professional pride and ego. To win, cancer patients need to look inside themselves – know what their weaknesses are and then learn to live with their cancer.
Read the full story of Peter’s experience

Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 2: An Angel Led Me to CA Care

Posted on 29/01/2012
The CA Care Therapy
§  An “angel” – my secretary – read about CA Care in the net. She made copies of your articles and left them on my table. She saw my sufferings and was very much against what I was doing.
§  From your website I got to know what you are doing.
§  In CA Care you talk about healing and that is what I am looking for – the approach fits into my scheme of thinking.
§  To me herbs are the way to go to build up my immune system to “fight” whatever is the cause of my problem.
§  This is my wake up call. God talked to me – “Cancer is not my way of torturing you.” This cancer is God’s way to making me realize that something has gone wrong in my life.
§  Healing is also related to my diet and the environment.
§  The taste and smell of the herbs are bad – what was your reaction to that? I am a Chinese brought up in a Chinese family – we learn that good medicine is supposed to taste bitter. It did not matter to me.
§  Cancer healing requires change – did you change? Having cancer requires that I change – my diet, my lifestyle, my perception towards life – and I will change. I want healing as promised by God. God does not talk about curing.
§  I have been taking the herbs since 2001 until now (as of this writing – 2012 – eleven years). There is no adverse reaction or side effects of the herbs.
§  After taking the herbs, I felt much better – I can sleep well – my piles problem had resolved – that’s the good side effect.
§  What do you think are the main contributing factors that make what you are today?Change – change of lifestyle, change of diet and reliance on the herbs.
§  Empowerment comes from knowledge generated by your own experience. It is a learning process.
§  This is where the role of your CA Care comes in.
§  With knowledge you are always challenged – to see things critically. Why is this not good and why is that not good. Living today you are challenged all the time. This is why knowledge is so important.
§  With the experience that you have gone through and with the experience that you have acquired – do you need to fear if the cancer comes back again? It is not that I don’t fear – I always hope that I don’t get it again. But even if I get it again I know what I am going to do. This is the crux of empowerment. Most people, after their treatments would go home and don’t know what to do – wondering when cancer would strike again.

My Comments
Dr. Barry Boyd (in The Caner Recovery Plan) wrote, “Many doctors don’t bother to counsel their patients after treatment. Once cancer treatment is completed, most patients are left on their own to cope with the rest of their lives. This is what I call falling off the cliff. Patients are left in free fall.”
At CA Care we take a different approach to healing cancer. To us, cancer is not just about a tumour in your nose, breast or lung. It is about you, as a human being. Our experience tells us that if you want to heal yourself, one most important thing you must do is change – change your attitude, your lifestyle and your diet. There is no two ways about it.
The prime goal of CA Care is patients’ empowerment. If cancer patients want to live, they must use their commonsense and have guts to act accordingly. They should not simply accept whatever is being dished out to them. If you take everything that is offered to you and accept your fate as pronounced by the experts, you are like what people say: lambs led to the slaughter.  Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. wrote, “I am convinced that the best protection against evil that lurks among us – and make no mistake that it lurks among us – is information.”
To know is knowledge, but knowledge without practice is no use! There is no point knowing if you don’t want to practice what you have learnt. To practice means to change. Most people find it very hard to make changes. They like to keep old habits, live the same lifestyle and keep doing the same things. How can they ever become better?
Read the full story of Peter’s experience

Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 1: My Radio-chemotherapy Experience

Posted on 29/01/2012
The story of Dr. Peter Ooi (currently Professor) was kept untold for a decade.  But as 2012 set in, I thought it would be wonderful to share his cancer experience with you all. So I wrote Peter telling him about this and below is his e-mail reply on 26 January 2012.
Dear Chris, 
The Lord be with you and indeed thanks to you. Dr. Chen, the ENT specialist that I consult annually from Glenagles, Singapore confirmed that I am indeed healthy.  He suggested that I continue with my diet and the herbs I take from you … Dr. Chen also shared with me his views that 11+ years is a good sign for remission.  You may know that I am now tasked with setting up the Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences … I took up the professorial chair as I wanted to share my belief in the God given richness of our agro-biodiversity and the need to help students understand that we can have profitability without sacrificing the environment and play God … I have no objection to you using my name in your video clip.  Yes, I am proud to say that I believe in a more holistic approach to healing as it is in the good hands of the Lord. You may refer to me as Peter Ooi to confirm that I am a Christian and a Hokkien as NPC is more common among the Hokkiens and Cantonese. Once again, thank God for people like you. God bless.
Dr. Peter Ooi was 51 years old when he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC – nose cancer) Stage 2/3 in 2000. At that time he was with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) in Bangkok. Later Peter became the Director of the Asian Regional Centre of the World Vegetable Center, also based in Bangkok.  Peter “immediately took up the aggressive procedure of both radiation and chemotherapy.” He completed 35 sessions of radiation treatments and at the same time received chemotherapy. He gave up chemotherapy after four cycles – the treatment made him too sick!
Let him tell you what it was like to be at the receiving end of radio-chemo treatments.

Part 1: Radiotherapy Experience
§  The treatment burnt my whole throat – like it was on fire.
§  My wife cried, because I couldn’t drink even a drop of water.
§  I could not walk by myself.
§  I was not told about the side effects of radiotherapy.
§  I have no more salivary glands (that is why in the video you see Peter having to taking sips of water very often when talking to us).
Part 2: Chemo Experience
§  I was not told about the side effects of chemotherapy – the only thing mentioned was hair loss.
§  I stopped chemo after the fourth cycle – I was too weak.
§  I developed a phobia for “needle”. The veins in my hands just “disappeared” when I see a needle!
Part 3: Treatment Satisfaction
§  Doctors should have told patients more about the expected side effects of the treatments
§  The oncologist could not answer the questions I asked, such as why use this or that drugs? It is always the standard answer that they give – “standard regimen or protocol”.

My Comments
It is indeed our privilege to be able to help Peter at the time when he needed us and also to be able to share with you his cancer experience. This video recording was made in Bangkok, in 2007 – about seven years after Peter started to take the herbs. I hope those reading this story will benefit from Peter’s experience as much as I benefited and enjoyed our conversation that day.
§  There is this common perception that only the “uneducated, kampong folks” who opted for alternative medicine – and they go to the “quacks”. Is that right? Far from it – here is Dr. Peter Ooi – a fellow scientist – realising that the standard fare dished out to cancer patients is not good enough and is not the answer to our present-day cancer problem.  In fact the reverse seems to be true – those who know or are knowledgeable enough turn to holistic, alternative treatments when they get cancer. Why?
§  People with “thinking” mind will see the deficiencies of modern medicine when it comes to cancer. Chemo drugs injected into patients are toxic drugs.  Dr. Glenn Warner, a medical doctor put it this way rather aptly:
§  One lesson we can learn from Peter’s experience is that cancer doctors do not tell their patients the whole truth – only half truth. It is left to patients themselves to learn (and often through the hard way) the other untold half of the whole truth. Why are they so evasive about the “bad” effects of their treatments? Do they ever admit that most of the time their treatments do not work or may even kill patients? Read the story of LCC – he died within six months while undergoing chemotherapy for his nose cancer. Click this link:   Peter’s experience is not much different – he was drained of his energy and unable to walk by himself during his treatment.  But he was wiser – he abandoned his chemo after the fourth cycle. Of course to the chagrin of his brother-in-law, a medical doctor.
§  Take note of what  Dr James Forsythe, an oncologist, wrote:
§  Peter went into chemo and radiation with full confidence – gung-ho spirit but he came out of it almost half dead. And his confidence in his doctor shattered. I often wonder why oncologists (some or most?) don’t come clean with their patients. Why withhold information that is important to patients?  Is it because they fear that patients will run away from them? Let’s not deny that many patients may do so if they know the whole truth.  In the book, Severed Trust, Dr. George Lundberg, M.D. wrote:
Read the full story of Peter’s experience

Cancer of the Endometrium: No chemo you live only three months, with chemo two and a half years! With herbs she is still having fun after more than THREE years

Posted on 28/01/2012
Spring cleaning is a great Chinese tradition. I now understand its benefit.  I got caught up with this tradition in a half-hearted way on 18 January 2012 – just four days before the Year of the Dragon (2012) sets in.   Actually I was not “spring cleaning” at all. I just spent one morning clearing some of the untidy “old papers” left on my shelves – to be “recycled” at our centre.
To my surprise I “discovered” many things. And one of which are the faxes and medical reports that Ella wrote me four years ago. I knew I kept them somewhere. I have been hunting for them earlier but could not find them.  This morning I found them.  Because of this I can now relate to you Ella’s story with much confidence (I don’t do this with no evidence.)
27 November 2008: We received a three-page fax from Australia with the following message:
“Here are the results of the tests. I am going in for an operation tomorrow 28 November 2008. And looking forward to all this behind me. I will call as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support and love. Good health and lots of laughter. Love, Ella.”
Her medical report indicated, “in the pelvis, the uterus is markedly enlarged with extensive hetergenous soft tissues measuring 7 x 10 cm in maximal diameters, entirely consistent with endometrial tumour. Conclusion: Intrauterine tumour. Poorly differentiated carcinoma favouring uterine origin. No evidence of tumour spread elsewhere.”
The doctor suggested that Ella undergo surgery as soon as possible. We concurred and urged Ella to go ahead as soon as she was ready for it.
12 December 2008: We received an eleven-page fax from Ella.
“Chris, here are the reports from the hospital. I hope it gives you a clearer picture of my condition. I look forward to receiving your herbs. And am doing all I can to return my body to wellness. Thanking you for all your help and God bless.”
19 November 2008:  Ella’s CA 125 was at 70 (High – below 45 is considered normal).
28 November 2008: Operative specimen: TAHBSO (total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy), omentum and left and right pelvic nodes.
Size: 75 x 65 mm  Conclusion: Extensively necrotic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, consistent with Grade 3 endometrioid carcinoma with myoinvasion 11 of 14 mm and focal lymphovascular space involvement. No tumour identified in six right pelvic and five pelvic nodes.
Cytology report:  “Endometrial cancer. Peritoneal washings – no cytological evidence of malignancy.”
Ella was started on herbs right away – Capsule A, C-tea, Utero-ovary 1 and 2 and T & E teas.
What happened after that is a wonderful success story. Let Ella tell you her story.
The surgeon said: No chemo, you have three months. With chemo, it would be two-and-a-half years. What?

Given a choice – which one would you choose?
Do chemo and live for two-and-a-half years inclusive of the side effects,
OR, have a solid one-year life of happiness without chemo?
(Note: These videos were recorded in mid-September 2009. Ella came to Penang for a week’s holiday. It was our pleasure to welcome her to this Island Paradise. One evening we sat down to talk.)
I am writing this story on 18 January 2012. It has been THREE YEARS and1 TWO MONTH and Ella is still doing well. And she is still taking the herbs and no chemo of course. Let me reproduce some of the e-mails she wrote us.
14 October 2009
Hi Chris and Im,
I have viewed the video and it is fine now.  Thank you. It would be good if it gives people hope to be open minded and believe that cancer need not be a death sentence, if they choose to adopt the more natural and none invasive approach.   They need to question their doctors  “Why they condemn the natural way of treating cancer”  “Where do they get the proof that these treatments do not work.”  If it is from their medical journals then this is a bias conclusion as it is in the interest of their profession to dominate the sickness industry.
We have been brainwashed for too long into thinking that this INDUSTRY has our best interest at heart.  If this was so then they would not seek out and destroy real facts and evidence which has been proven to assist the many illnesses we see in our society to-day.
In my research I have found that the people who are speaking out against the use of  chemo and radiation are in fact medical doctors and scientists who see the same miserable results time and time again. 
1 November 2009
Hi Chris and Im,
Got your email and thank you for letting me know about the book, I will find a copy. Sadly their findings are rarely printed in the notable medical journals like the LANCET etc. How sad to think that one day the truth will come out about the drug companies hold on Cancer research and treatments but tens of thousands of people would have died needlessly.  It breaks my heart to think about it.
In Australia, the people are so blinded and even when shown proof of natural research, they do not want to know.  It is wonderful work that you do Chris and Im and you have given hope and healing to so many.
We had an electrical storm here last night which was amazing to watch.  The skies also opened up and dumped more rain in 1 hour than we have had for over 3yrs.  It is very warm here now and it looks like another hot summer with temps. way over 45degrees.  So glad we have a pool to cool down.
Thinking of you both with much love. Ella xx
18 January 2011

Hi Im and Chris,
Thank goodness the Christmas period is over as it was rather busy with catching up with lots of friends and family.   We, in Australia have our holidays at this time.
All is well and I am fit and healthy and looking forward to another exciting year. I just wish the years would slow up a bit as they seem to fly past.   There is definitely never a dull moment. Did I forward the DVDs to you Im, I’ve forgotten. These are on health. Even when people see that I am so well, they still will not take on their own healing with the help of people as Chris.
We will have two more grandchildren this year, making it, six now. This is what I meant. There’s never a dull moment.
The floods here are devastating. We are flooded but from inside out.  A hot water pipe burst and after a week we are now drying out and assessing the damage. Always thinking of you both and I will call soon.
It has been over two years now since taking teas and I feel great. What would I do without you? I will always be eternally grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have more energy than a 20-year-old.  Most children over here are always tired as they are nutritionally deficient.
Love to you both.   Ella xx
6 November 2011

Hi Chris and Im,
We have been away on holiday travelling many thousands of miles crossing three states. It is amazing how big our country is.  It took us three weeks and there was not a lot of time to explore. All is well and with another baby grandson this now makes six.   It is always fun to be with them as I can act like a child and get away with it.
Too many people are dying here with cancer. It is quite heart breaking to see them follow the cancer trail system (as I call it.)    I met a lady yesterday who had brain cancer and when I mentioned there is another way apart from chemo she said ” My oncologist would never allow me to try something natural, as it does not work. I must do as I am told or he will get angry and not help me.”   There is no hope for such a person as they are like sheep and feel there is nothing they can do for themselves.
On a brighter note, we are at last out of winter and into some warm weather again. I love the warm evenings and a walk along the beach.  We visited a Buddhist temple yesterday and spent the day there, meditating, listening to words of love and caring for our wonderful world and eating good clean food.
How are Albert and Irene doing? How long do they have in America with their studies?  I hope you and Chris are well and enjoying life to the full.  I love the stories and info Chris puts on emails and thank you as the more I know the more I can avail to those who need it.   I will never understand people who need to come and see Chris but won’t.  It seems that the SYSTEM has too a strong hold on them.
Thinking of you both and I send my love. Ella xx
From her e-mails, what do you think of Ella as a person? Cancer patients can learn to be like her. From her e-mails above, you will note that Ella is:
1.    Enjoying life to the fullest – busy being a grandmother of six kids, and at the same time being a wife running a happy family.
2.    She is not a “lamb easily led to the slaughter.” She worked for her healing. Actually we knew Ella way before she had cancer. She is a health activist in Australia and she has been helping cancer patients as well, but to the same extend as we do in CA Care due to the limitations imposed by the laws of her country.
3.    Many patients say they have “positive attitudes.” Saying is one thing, practising it is another.
4.    I have posed this question to Ella when she came to visit us about a year after taking the herbs.  Given a choice – which one would you choose? Do chemo and live for two-and-a-half years OR have a solid one-year life of happiness without chemo?  Ella took a “calculated risk” or “gambled” with her life so to say and she won. She had lived longer than what her doctor had predicted. Even with chemo she was told she would have only two and half years – and remember most of the time spent going in and out of the hospital. But with the herbs, she suffered no side effects and she had lived a good life.
What else can you ever bargain for? And what additional proof do you need to believe?

Nose (NPC) Cancer: Chemo and He was Dead Six Months Later – Why?

Posted on 26/01/2012
LCC (H412) was a 54-year-old male. He was a welder when young. Later he had his own business –   involved in steaming “kuih” (local dessert). Sometime in early 2010 he had mild bleeding from his nose. But by March 2010, the bleeding became serious. Later a lump appeared at his neck.
A CT scan on 2 April 2010 showed multiple lesions in the right and left lobe of his liver. The largest was in Segment 6 measuring 3.1 x 4 cm in diameter. Conclusion:  Features suggestive of liver metastases. His cancer was diagnosed as NPC (nasopharyngeal carcinoma) Stage 4.
LCC subsequently underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy using Gemcitabine + Cisplatin. This treatment cost him RM 6,000 per cycle (total cost RM 36,000).
After the chemo, LCC felt better and his nose block resolved. But this “feel good” did not last and the treatment did not cure him at all. A bone scan on 6 September 2010 – i.e. barely 5 months after treatment – showed extensive bony metastases involving both the clavicles, multiple bilateral ribs, multiple thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, both humeri, both sacro-iliac joints, both ischii, both femurs and both pubic bones.
LCC was asked to undergo more chemotherapy. The oncologist offered three options as below:
LCC agreed to undergo the second round of chemotherapy. Unfortunately this second round proved to be a disaster. His white blood counts dropped, so were his platelet count, red blood count and haemoglobin.
Blood test results on 28 September 2010
11.6   Low
Normal  13-18
Red blood cell count
 4.1    L
4.5 – 5.9
Platelet count
139    L
150 – 450
White blood cell count
 1.9    L
4.3 – 10.5
The doctor told the patient and his family that chemotherapy had to be abandoned because the drugs were not suitable for him. LCC was asked to take oral chemo-drug instead. The total cost of this treatment was going to be RM 83,000.
On 14 September 2010, K the patient’s cousin wrote us an e-mail.
Hi Prof Chris,
My cousin … has just finished his second round of chemo. He is quite weak and needed blood transfusion before they could complete the second course of chemo. He has decided to discontinue the chemotherapy and would like to come up to Penang to meet you at any time convenient to you. They plan to fly up in the morning and back to KL on the same day.
The patient, his sisters and K flew to see us in Penang on 26 September 2010. Below is our conversation that day.
Gist of our conversation
§  Did you ever ask your doctor if chemo was going to cure you? Never ask.  But my brother believed in what the doctor was going to do for him.
§  Did he believe that the doctor was going to be able to cure him? Yes.
§  Your Aunty had lung cancer. She did not go for chemo and was doing well.
§  Patient lost confidence in his oncologist after the chemo did not cure him.
§  He looked forward to meeting us – CA Care was his last one stop.
§  Soon after he died. He received his first chemo on 6 April and by  15 October he was dead – within 6 months after chemo.
Acugraph Study
The Agugraph above showed low qi energy –  total 23%. His Lung qi was low, while the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Energizer, Spleen, Liver Bladder qi were split. Those who have undergone invasive medical treatments suffer from such problems. His yin-yang balance was slanted towards yang – 43%.
e-mail  2 October 2010
Thank you once again for receiving us last Sunday out of the normal operating hours. Just to give you an update on cousin’s progress. The herbs are doing wonders for my cousin. He finds much relief from the herbs, especially the Pain Tea. Since taking the teas on Monday, the pain has lessened tremendously. However, this morning, he developed a slight fever. The fever is gone now but in the afternoon, he started to purge – at least seven times thus far. There was no tummy upset though and he was eating his usual meals. He also has a bit of phlegm – there were some traces of “black threads.” Is there any course of concern?  Kind regards, K.
e-mail 5 October 2010
On behalf of my family we would like to thank you again for receiving us on that day and we really appreciate your  advice. My brother is doing much better after taking those herbs. Best regards, F (sister).
e-mail 9 October 2010
Want to update you on my cousin’s condition. The swelling on his legs has reduced a lot. Brother said he is a little breathless at times and I noticed that too. Prof., is there anything that we could give him to help? Other than this, he said he is doing fine. Thanks and regards, K.
e-mail 15 October 2010
Sorry to bring you this bad news. My cousin passed away early this morning. Although he was eating, he was getting very weak. At least his suffering was short. Thank you both for all assistance. Regards, K.
e-mail: Hi Im and Prof. Chris,
I have just got back from my cousin’s place. My cousin sisters and cousin’s family would like to express their sincere thanks and appreciation for all your help, support and advice given. The herbs really helped to ease his discomforts. He did not suffer much pain towards the end. In fact, he was really high in spirit wanting to fight on and continue with the teas, but the body failed him. Thank you once again for all the help. Kind regards, K.

1.    Did chemo cure him? Helped him? Or killed him? You make your own conclusion!
2.    He did not believe in herbal therapy, in spite of the fact that his Aunty was doing alright with our herbs and had refused chemotherapy. (Note:  His aunty had Stage 4 lung cancer – an open-close case) and was given a few months to live. It has been many years now and she is still alive.) Nevertheless, we respect the patient’s belief and he paid dearly for this belief, in terms of money as well as his life. Most of us have to learn the hard way.
3.    Let us try to look at reality. Is there any “medical or scientific” evidence that chemo can cure a Stage 4 cancer? The patient had spent RM 36,000 for his first round of chemo. What did he get in return? More cancer in his bones! Why was the cancer spreading so widely in his body?
4.    Then the oncologist suggested more chemo after the extensive metastasis. Is there any evidence to show that chemo can give meaningful result? There was another RM 83,000 to spend for the treatment. What could anyone expect that?
5.    How much is life worth? When we first started CA Care in 1995, this is what I wrote in my book, Cancer Yet They Live, pg. 14. Many people would say that “Ah, another quack. This is giving us false hope. Another attempt to extort the last dime from a dying person. If doctors cannot help, do not tell me some insignificant herbs can do any good!  … I know we are not medical doctors but we are not money hunters either.” Be careful, some people are just after your money not your cancer! Reflect seriously on what I say!
6.    In the patient’s consent form (which is required to be signed before undergoing chemotherapy) is written: “Cancer drugs such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and other biological or genetic treatments, destroy cancer cells. They interfere with the activity of cancer cells such as cell division, metabolism, enzyme pathways, etc and in the process damage or “kill” the cancer cells. Sometimes the goal of cancer drugs is to cure, and when cure is not possible, cancer drugs can often prolong life or improve quality of life …” 
Do you see anything “wrong” or half-truths in the above statement? Lenin said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” You get that message?
Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister also said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
To know the other untold half of the whole truth of the above consent treatment, what you need to do is simply search for “side effects of chemotherapy” in the internet. You will get some interesting inputs. Just for  curiosity I searched this – “death due to chemotherapy”. Interesting enough there was no explicit answer to this all important question from the medical establishment or drug companies. No one talked about that!  But ask the family members of cancer patients and many of them can tell you that chemo kills! Click this link and hear for yourself what patients and their family say about chemotherapy: 
Let me end with the following quotations:

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