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Worst Heart Pills

Best Heart Pills Worst Heart Pills 

Most pills are a waste. In Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I taught people how to choose "the right supplements." Instead of relying on flimsy marketing trends and cheap sales hype from "alternative medicine cranks," I taught that history, purity, absorption and mechanism-of-action are the only true indicators of safety and effectiveness. In fact, these lifesaving distinctions determine whether you live young, or old because choosing the wrong pill can have a lifetime of negative consequences. Heart pills are no exception, and if you value longevity, you'll want to know the best and worst. 

The best supplement for lowering blood pressure is hawthorn. It works to control blood viscosity, strengthen the heart, and release pressure on arterial walls that might be compromised by heart-attack inducing inflammation and blood pressure. Due to it's ability to ward of blood clots, regulate heart beat, and dilate our cardiovascular system, it's the natural medicine of choice worldwide. 

Hawthorn users breathe easy, but are also more relaxed and can even increase exercise output. When mixed with grape seed extract, garlic and magnesium in the formulation I designed - CardioFX, this natural cure stack is the best insurance for a healthy cardiovascular system and quality of life.

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Worst Heart Pills

One of the worst supplements for controlling blood pressure is vitamin D, in pill form. Made as a copycat of Mother Nature, this synthetic impostor weakens the heart via a process known as calcification, which causes gelatinous muscle fibers to become stiff and rigid. And since the heart muscle is most susceptible to the hardening, heart failure can ensue over time when you take this chemical impostor via a multivitamin or prenatal. 

In contrast, if obtained by the sun, "nutritive D" can be an asset to cardiovascular health by lowering inflammation. Fortunately, when made by our skin, we have innate protective mechanisms that prevent the negative outcomes that come with synthetic D. 

For those who live in cooler climates and suffer from a seasonal sunshine deficit, a truly natural cod liver oil can serve as a potent replacement. And to ward off illness, use the natural antibiotic known as andrographis, as outlined in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. 

Coq10 is another hyped pill for alleged heart health. But it's only effective in its natural form. It is easily obtained from meat, poultry and fish and is helpful at increasing and preserving heart health. Outside of its natural context, it is expensive and lacks the many nutritional buffers that accompany it in nature, making it inferior to its natural counterpart. 

Vitamin C is important for cardiovascular health, but it can easily be obtained from citrus fruits, rather than vitamin C pills sold as pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid. In fact, it was a mere two teaspoons that cured sailors from the historical scourge of scurvy. The same can help preserve the arterial walls to ensure that they are able to dilate and contract as needed to accommodate blood flow. 

Resveratrol is another heart buster promoted as a heart booster. Not a single human clinical trial substantiates resveratrol longevity claims! In fact, some studies are showing resveratrol acts like a biological grenade, exploding and destroying a variety of healthy cells internally once consumed - when isolated from its from its evolutionary, whole food context. 

Just last year, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research concluded that, "Resveratrol, a polyphenol derived from red grapes, berries, and peanuts, has been shown to mediate death of a wide variety of cells. The mechanisms by which resveratrol mediates cell death include necrosis, apoptosis, autophagy, and others. While most studies suggest that resveratrol kills tumor cells selectively, evidence is emerging that certain normal cells such as endothelial cells, lymphocytes, and chondrocytes are vulnerable to resveratrol." 

The absolute most dangerous heart pills today are beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and ace-inhibitors. In times of emergency, these have been an asset to human health. But they are not to be used daily, as vitamins so to speak, otherwise, risks outweigh benefits really fast. 

Habitual use of heart medications can lead to obesity, lethargy, insulin resistance, Type II diabetes and even cancer, which is why natural medicine should be the first line of defense. To increase quality of life and longevity, I advocate avoiding meds at all cost. 

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How To Wean From Prescription Drugs 

If you are currently taking prescription drugs, don't stop cold turkey. Wean yourself while simultaneously taking hawthorn, garlic, grape seed extract and magnesium to act as a "cardiovascular repair kit." The best way to do this is by taking normal dose every other day for two weeks, then every third day for the same amount of time. After four weeks, your body should be completely weaned from the meds. Natural medicines should be taken in the morning and at night. 

Its important to interject that high blood pressure--as defined by the drug industry and medical doctors--is not an instant death sentence. The goal of maintaining blood pressure levels at or near 140/80 (or more recently, 115/75) is often based on drug company hype, not science. These numbers are designed to sell drugs by converting healthy people into patients. 

What is High Blood Pressure? 

Rising blood pressure can be normal process of aging and does not always require drug intervention--even when it reaches 140/80. The exception would be rising blood pressure resulting from kidney disease. Otherwise, small increases in blood pressure are a completely normal part of the aging process. Medical literature shows that as we age, blood pressure rises slightly--probably to accommodate an increased need for oxygen and nutrients. 

For instance, smokers usually carry a higher blood pressure. They are naturally getting less oxygen. The body responds to lowered oxygen intake by increasing blood pressure to deliver oxygen faster. Aging can trigger the same type of response. In other words, increased blood pressure is not a danger by itself. But when coupled to other risk factors like obesity and high blood sugar, it can be a sign of worse things to come, and supplementing with hawthorn is highly recommended. 

You are only as young as your cardiovascular system is healthy! Start using Mother Nature's heart cures to live young, inexpensively and safely.

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