Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

diharamkan ujud di alam maya @ laman sesawang

diharamkan ujud di alam maya / laman sesawang

It's official.  I'm banned from Facebook...Kinda. New fans looking for me on the politically correct networking site get this warning when they find me:

"Security Alert: This link may not be safe. The link you are trying to visit has been identified as potentially unsafe by trusted Facebook partners." ...Who the hell are the "Facebook partners?"  I wanna talk to them...In a dark alley.  
You can still friend me at -
I'm going to offer a coupon code to my FB friends to show how loving and affectionate I can really be...My testosterone must be low today.  Hurry, it won't last.  My pecs hate it when the manly hormone sinks to the level of Google nerds...

Which reminds me, Google banned me too.  I can't run ads for anything associated with my natural medicine. 

There's more.

My site was recently the victim of numerous removal attempts by hackers - more in 2 days than most sites get in 2 years!  You can thank my Chief Computer Geek (CCG) George for protecting it.  He's smarter than the smartest hacker.

Am I that much of a threat?  Is my "gutter language" really that bad?  Seriously.  I don't use bad words if I can help it...But I can't.  So I do.  Screw 'em.  

Wait, maybe it's my research.  

I was hired to write for the hit show Conspiracy Theory.  I left out the profanity by accident - I was deep into how the AMA opinion leaders influence physicians and the government.  

I got glowing reviews and was paid.  The articles got flushed.  

Later, I was contacted by the "former" editor.  He confessed that "someone at the top" didn't like my confessions as an insider.  I learned that Conspiracy Theory is a conspiracy theory – designed to satisfy only the weakest appetites for knowledge, not the really hungry ones that stem from people who can actually make a difference. 

Good news is that The People's Chemist is more popular now than ever!  

My press releases have secured nationwide attention - as long as they talk about sulfite free wine like Our Daily Red, not the low-cholesterol con.  

PC Reality TV continues to garner massive hate-mail from anonymous cowards on You Tube. My Alexa rankings have shot through the roof.  Plus, I'm sold out of The AM-PM Fat Loss Program, ThermoFX and Cinnergy!

(Reserve your orders at

Oh yea, and my publisher started selling a sequel (Don't buy it, yet!) to my hit book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures worldwide, yet I haven't even finished the damn thing 'cause I've been preoccupied living the lifestyle of the Internet's Not-So-Rich and Famous. (Four Hour Work Week my ass...)

I recently bought a cup holder for my '86 BMW to celebrate my triumphs. 

Picture me rollin'...Eighty degrees in Los Angeles, I wind my sunroof down (when it's working) for warm air and to hear the secure sound of police choppers walloping above. Turning up Tupac (old car $2500, Alpine stereo $1000), I sit back to ponder what
would happen if the constraints of society were lifted.  Would people be able to see how their thoughts, ideas and motivation are imprisoned by their media masters, or is it too late? Stupid.  I know.  

But there's my cup holder, freeing me to honk at traffic any given second.  (Why do I see the light turn green before the guy in the front of me?  Is there something in the LA air?  This doesn't happen in Colorado.)

Gotta love technology though.  You see, with technology, people are now set free to choose natural medicine instead of giving in to the scientific pantomime that tricks them into using modern day medicine.

No more anti-depressants:

No more cholesterol lowering drugs:

No more thyroid medications:

No more diabetic meds:

No more pain meds:

No more chemo:

Don't let censorship stop you from living young and having fun!  

Always uncensored, The People's Chemist

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