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Wajib Baca Pengakuan Shane Ellison

Wajib Baca: Pengakuan Shane Ellison

Natural Cures Watchdog is published by Shane ("The People's Chemist") Ellison. He is an award-winning chemist with a masters degree in organic chemistry and author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. This is a FREE service so that NOBODY IS LEFT BEHIND. Please join him in his efforts to educate the laymen by FORWARDING this email to your friends and loved ones. You can sign up at http://www.thepeopleschemist.com.

Don't let this one pass by your friends or family...Anyone who has ever swallowed a prescription drug needs to understand what fuels "FDA approval." You won't believe the confessions and the research I expose here...

One Nation Under Drugs - Why I Abandoned The Pharmaceutical Industry

As a medicinal chemist, I ignored my suspicion that an insidious and deliberate push to get each and every American hooked on drugs, while at the same time bankrupting them, existed between Big Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I enjoyed my work. Drug design paid well and kept me comfortably isolated in a high-tech lab, fully equipped to help me bend and twist matter at will. The last thing I wanted to think of was a plot designed to sabotage health and wealth  --  while causing untold ecological damage  --  using my chemistry skills. But over time, experience confirmed my suspicion as fact and revealed something even scarier.

Deadly Profiteering

My passion for drug design arose from the miracle of emergency medicine, one of humankind's greatest scientific achievements. Sadly though, medicine is no longer exclusive to emergency use. Today, outside of emergency medicine, it's being used in a deadly game of profiteering, as heavily documented in my latest book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. Herein lies a story of deceit and a chemist's abandonment of modern medicine.

My doubts about modern medicine began while I was employed by Eli Lilly to design a new generation of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs, a class which includes tamoxifen and raloxifene. Initially, they were thought to block estrogen receptors and thereby halt breast cancer. As time progressed, it was learned that they were also capable of activating estrogen receptors and boosting cancer growth. The Journal of the American Medical Association recognized this trend and published, "Our data add to the growing body of evidence that recent long-term use of HRT is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and that such use may be related particularly to lobular tumors."

My task was made clear: Design HRT 'knock-offs' that are effective without causing cancer. My attempt to design safer alternatives began with small alterations to the two-dimensional structure of tamoxifen. It was unsuccessful. All chemical cousins acted as cancer fertilizer and after one year, the project was ended. Access to tamoxifen and other HRT meds however, was not. Despite its ability to inflame cancer, tamoxifen continued to be used as the Gold-Standard in breast cancer treatment. As a young naïve chemist, I was determined to learn how such a dangerous drug could get through the prestigious FDA approval process.

Checkbook Science

Tamoxifen was developed by British company Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), whose pharmaceutical division was later spun off as Astra Zeneca. Knowing that "demand drives drug approval," ICI established--in partnership with the American Cancer Society-National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Fueled by fear, women worldwide began pushing for more choices in cancer drugs, and in Big Pharma language, that means more drug approvals. Tamoxifen demand was successfully created and expanded every subsequent year thanks to ICI's self-serving pink ribbon campaign. But, how did tamoxifen sail past the protective blood-brain barrier of the FDA? A quick lesson in statistical contortionism shows how.

Just like chemists manipulate the properties of matter, Big Pharma manipulates studies using "checkbook science." This allows them to pay for the design and interpretation of clinical trials. Tamoxifen studies were conveniently stopped at five years, the minimum amount of time required for cancer to develop. This successfully hid its cancer causing problem. But just like their pink campaigns, there's more stink.

In 1992, tamoxifen evangelist Dr. Bernard Fisher, working for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), received $68 million in federal money to assess whether the drug could prevent breast cancer. In an effort to make tamoxifen appear safe and effective, Fisher failed to report falsified data and enrollment fraud to the NCI, casting further stench over the study and resulting in his termination as director. The smoke and mirrors showed that tamoxifen reduced breast cancer by 50%. In reality, it was an insignificant 1.3% absolute difference.

Checkbook science isn't illegal by FDA standards. It's been going on for over 20 years. Known as the Bayh-Dole Act, US law was amended in 1980 to permit flagrant conflicts of interest, ones that allow the industry to design drug trials and hire experts to conjure up favorable results at will.

Once demand was created, and checkbook science in place, the FDA only needed one study to approve tamoxifen in record time-30 days. They did this by hiring advisors with Big Pharma financial ties to sit on its review committee. Failing to do their homework, only ten percent of the case reports from women enrolled in the tamoxifen trials were reviewed by the committee. But, most alarming to me as a chemist, it was still given a green light as a preventive cancer treatment for healthy women!

Aiming for wealth, not health, Big Pharma hit the financial bull's eye. As the Gold-Standard for breast cancer treatment today, generic tamoxifen rakes in billions every year with few noticing its "little cancer problem," as it became known in our lab.

Drug Lobbying - Buying the US Govt.

I thought I was getting paid well as a new drug chemist; I was driving a brand new PT Cruiser (which my wife hated), had $15,000 in stock options and was offered a $10,000 incentive to buy a new house. Heck, if I was really good, I would get a $4,500 dollar raise after a year, which equated to a weekly burrito at Chipotle, with guacamole (which is extra), Mountain Dew included. A closer look at the real drug profits however, revealed I wasn't even making pennies on the pharmaceutical dollar and neither were the biology researchers...

Get the full article and learn how to avoid the sabotage at www.thepeopleschemist.com/blog 

One Pill That I never Allow

Even one dose can cause harm...And if not immediately, you could suffer from
cancer years down the road!  That's right.  Commonly used pain killers are
some of the most risky meds on the planet.  Ironically, they are the easiest to
get! Watch my newest, 1-minute video that highlights the most risky meds by name!
And, you'll be shocked to learn what medical journal came forward to publish these


Hawthorn is Mother Nature's most potent cure for preserving heart health. 
Hawthorn strengthens the heart. Hawthorn wards off blood clots. 
Hawthorn increases oxygen distribution. Watch this 1-minute video to see how easy it can be to have perfect cardiovascular health!  www.getcardiofx.com
Did you now that it does a ton more when mixed with grape seed extract, magnesium citrate and garlic? "My husband was sleeping with oxygen for 2 years, and taking meds
for blood pressure. Doctors told us it was permanent and that his
circulation was never going to improve without meds and oxygen.
Four weeks on CardioFX, he is off drugs AND DOESN'T SLEEP WITH AN
OXYGEN TANK!"   -  Diane

As you know, I'm big on maximizing hormone function to achieve your best body
and live longer, better.  More than just "increasing" the amounts of human growth 
hormone, thyroid hormones and testosterone, max hormone function is about optimizing hormone output, balance and sensitivity. Eating has a profound effect on all three of these. That's why choosing meals for your family is so important. My wife makes the most amazing food, 3 times day, 7 days a week. All of them are designed to nourish and slow the aging process by keeping insulin and glucose levels in check. 

Her latest recipe is now posted at:http://www.thepeopleschemist.com/blog
Let us know what you think!  Share it if you love it.

P.S. This cinnamon is 4 TIMES STRONGER and CLEANER than any cinnamon pill
on the market.  Plus, it has MILK THISTLE. Rather than attributing their health problems to a severe lack of DEEP RESTFUL SLEEP, most people act as if they need more energy crutches during the day, as can be  seen by the constant use of coffee, 5-Hour Energy, or thyroid meds. Stop the craziness!  Get more DEEP SLEEP. The New York Times recently showed that lack of sleep not only makes you tired and ages you prematurely, but can also, "put a drain on intimacy, causing erectile dysfunction in men and loss of libido in women."  They continued saying that, "Scientists suspect this may have to do with sex hormones like testosterone, which rise with sleep and fall when there is a lack of it." Prescription drugs won't help...The type of sleep they confer is more like being knocked out.  Studies show that the brain and its hormonal mainframe are actually hindered by these medications, as if you were getting hit in the head. Supplements like 5-HTP and melatonin aren't potent enough because they don't pass the blood-brain barrier!
FAST ACTING SLEEP FORMULA: http://thepeopleschemist.com/serotonin-fx/
The key to having the hormones that rock your libido and keep you on top of your game is to sleep like a drunken bum, naturally, using Mother Nature's TRUE KNOCK OUT HERBS.  Learn about them here: http://thepeopleschemist.com/serotonin-fx/

"I take it at 9pm every night and when 11 hits, I'm out. Ask my wife. Works great!"
-TD, Colorado  "My wife is a drug rep and very reluctant to try anything natural...I have no idea why. But anyway, she tried it reluctantly during stressful time, and has been using it ever since! That was 6 months ago! She is noticeably more cheerful, doesn't snackl anymore and rarely eats as many "granola bars," which were her sweet fix. She also went from 145 to 132lbs! Thank you!" -EG, TX

Dare to Live Young!

New Fat Burning Recipee
The main goal for The Natural Cures Watchdog is to bring you actionable advice. Whether it's how to execute the best exercise or choose the right pill, ThePeopleChemist.com is always bringing you the latest research. But in addition to that, I also want to share what my family does to live young in hopes that you can apply some of the same principles to your everyday life.  That's why I post "fat burning recipes," which are commonly known as Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) Meals.
HIT Meals are designed to:
1. Taste great
2. Provide huge amounts of nutritional support
3. Preserve fat burning and anti-aging hormones
4. Keep fat storing hormones like insulin and blood sugar at an all-time low
5. Satiate your appetite so that you are not haunted by cravings

See our most recent recipe, and all the others at the link below.  Enjoy!


Frustrated Mom Drops 8 Jean Sizes In 77 Days without Dieting
Work directly with me for 90 days to get your best body, and best health: http://www.ampmfatloss.com
Healthy eating is killing us.  Erin almost learned this the hard way.  As a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic and "healthy eater," Erin beat herself up over continued weight gain. Frustrated was an understatement.   Searching for answers, her self-esteem sunk like an Italian cruise ship run aground and her physical confidence was left on the rocks to wash away.  Her doctors blamed it on aging, saying, "Well... you know, you are approaching that age..."Then she heard about becoming a Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) Woman...
In her own words:
"I've always prided myself on the fact that I work hard to be healthy and in excellent shape.  My father is a diabetic, and that has made me more cautious with foods.""But, at 39 years old, I began to see body changes that were disappointing. It seemed no matter how hard I exercised or how careful I was about what I ate, I still gained weight. Over the past 6 months, I gained over 15 pounds." "All I knew is that 'this', was not me." "When my blood tests all came back normal, I was actually looking forward to finally handle something, but then the doctors told me, I was approaching 'that' age...""Are you SERIOUS??? What age??? 39???""That's when my friend Amy told me about The People's Chemist and how to become a HIT (Hormone Intelligence Therapy) Woman - the keys that unlocked the door to CHANGING life for me and my family."It's been 77 days.  I'm 5'8". My starting awful weight was 162 lbs (the highest I've ever been). My current weight is 145 lbs.  I went from a size 12 jeans to a size 4, and counting.  I know I've gained quite a bit of lean muscle! I just don't know how much. I feel wonderful!  I have INCREASED energy, my body is LEANER, STRONGER, I feel GREAT and even my husband says, I look AMAZING!""My clothes fit AWESOME and that feels FANTASTIC!""And those extra pounds that weighed down my self-esteem - GONE!""Now I'm vigilant to continue to follow the 10 simple habits because they're easy and I know that's the way to keep me and my whole family healthy. The People's Chemist expertise and the support line email have been so awesome, I just want to keep going.""Power to the motivated - Whiners go home! ; )"- Erin R., Maryland
  • Stop The Dieting Craziness!
  • Stop dieting.
  • Stop counting calories.
  • Stop wasting time walking around the block.
  • Stop eating low fat foods.
  • Stop the high protein foods.
  • Start getting your hormones back!
Work directly with me for 90 days to get your best body, and best health: http://www.ampmfatloss.com

Understanding Blood Sugar: The Origin of Cannibalism, Alcoholism, And Rabid Sugar Cravings

Young and old...Listen up!  Whether you are sedentary or athletic, invest 8 minutes into reading my latest blog post, which may be the most important article I've ever written about taking charge of your health, longevity and overall well-being.  Please forward to your email list! When you follow the link below, post your comments and questions too! I want to hear from everyone - fans and haters. I began studying medicine to cure myself of hypoglycemia - a disorder which causes blood sugar (pictured above) to fall like an elevator with a snapped cable. It can cause seizures and permanent damage to the nervous system if left untreated. It's miserable. I was 14 years old when diagnosed. And even though that was 22 years ago, the medical community is still wildly confused about sugar (glucose) levels and health. Very few are able to properly diagnose today's blood sugar woes for what they might be; early signs insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and infertility. As a kid, I thought hypoglycemia would kill me. There are a dozen other ways I'd rather die. First you get dizzy, a sign that the Grim Reaper is closing in. Your world shrinks to focusing on what's right in front of you as an attempt to stay conscious. Then, uncontrollable hunger sets in - the kind that gives rise to cannibalism if that's your only option. If you don't pass out, you're possessed with "psychoglycemia," which is an emotional whirlwind of confusion, rage, frustration, anger and desperation. Those around you either get out of your way, or get eaten.

Stealing Candy For The Cure

When my blood sugar registered 47 mg/dL (normal is about 80 to 95 mg/dL, or a bit higher for the elderly) at a routine doctors visit, physicians told my mom to give me "more sugar." She acted as if "doctors orders" were so special that they should be carved into a plaque and therefore complied by giving me Jolly Ranchers. It stopped the attacks for a bit. If I failed to carry my new "preventive medicine" with me, I simply ditched school for a trip to the nearest gas station for more. I had less "attacks," but when they did come on, they hit harder. Eventually, I was stealing candy since I couldn't keep up financially as a young, jobless teen... Get the full blog at http://www.thepeopleschemist.com/blog

Real cinnamon. Coumarin risk
Worlds Greatest Cinnamon...Does it have COUMARIN? Cinnergy, the worlds most potent cinnamon pill, is now available!  You can buy it.  But read this first so that you aren't "accidentally poisoned..." I don't make natural medicine to sell to the entire world...In fact, I don't make it for the entire United States of America.  It takes a lot of time and money to produce the best products in the world, so I'm limited in how much I produce.  That's why I've been sold out for the last 4 weeks...As of tomorrow, its shipping!  First come first serve. Start living young with Cinnergy.  Order today, and I'll send you a free eBook that outlines in perfect detail how to "live the low-glycemic lifestyle."  It won't last! Get it here before it's sold out again:  http://thepeopleschemist.com/cinnergy/       Cinnergy contains a compounded blend of milk thistle and cinnamon.  It's 4 times stronger than anything found in the stores.  For real.  If you are not diabetic, you only need to take Cinnergy 1-3 times per week to obtain the vast benefits of this powerful, biological cleansing agent.  Users experience the following:
If Type II diabetic, users no longer have to take prescription drugs to reduce your sugar levels.
It's uniquely designed to protect your insides from the toxic threat we all face from polluted air, water and food.  It helps remove mercury and lots more!  
It also attacks stubborn fat...By lowering blood sugar, it prevents your belly from holding unsightly fat courtesy of lower insulin.  By lowering insulin with Cinnergy, your metabolism is shifted back into fat burning mode and cells begin to produce and churn out its "hormonal weapons of fat destruction." These hormones, such as glucagon and human growth hormone (hGH), flood the belly region to blast stubborn belly fat.  But the benefits go far beyond helping you look good in a bathing suit...
Cinnergy helps you live longer, better.  That's why I spent 6 years researching and developing it.  Nowhere can you find a MEDICINALLY ACTIVE blend of milk thistle and cinnamon that has verified ingredients and activity. Some people have asked if my cinnamon contains the deadly, blood-thinning drug known as coumarin.  Hell no.  Stop using Google to "do your research."  There is a massive movement to imprison you with fear and trepidation when it comes to using natural medicine – making people think that cinnamon could potentially cause them to bleed-to-death courtesy of cinnamon derived coumarin is one step toward this.  If you want to truly do your homework on the topic of cinnamon (like so many of my brilliant and charming fans), then you can read Over-The-Counter Natural Cures to learn about the science that's being suppressed and how Big Pharma is trying to make molecular copycats of cinnamon and so many others...In the meantime, start living young with Cinnergy.  Order today,and I'll send you a free eBook that outlines in perfect detail how to "live the low-glycemic lifestyle."  It won't last!
As you know, I get very frustrated when people do their health "homework" via the Internet. It's flooded with misinformation and mixed messages form online marketers who are trying to carve out a sales niche.  It might work for them temporarily, but it does you NO GOOD! So, I'm doing your health homework for you!

Visit the link below to learn how to:

Preserve cardiovascular health

Wean off blood pressure meds

Boost lean mass and muscle with two secret ingredients discovered by NASA

Increase brain power ...And lots more!

Hurry, this is just a test run to see if people go nuts for it:

Stop Being Frustrated About Your Weight!
I know it can be frustrating trying to figure out how best to lose fat and build muscle. The diet industry as a whole never gets down the the exact details of they are going to help you. It's all about selling you on the contrived looks of Hollywood  or bullying you into buying meatless-mush in the name of protecting against heart disease... Hounding you into torturous exercise programs...And when all of this fails, they insist you just need more...More pills, more vegetarian meals, more exercise.It's impossible to win with any one of these strategies. Stop being pulled around on the marketing leash like a dog!
Being healthy is all about having lean body mass, period!

Gaining 2.4lbs of Muscle while Losing 3.56lbs of fat 
I'm in no way a bodybuilder or even trying to be the biggest muscle head at my gym.  But I did gain 2.4 pounds of muscle while losing 3.56 pounds of fat (from 12.5% to 10.5%) in only 9 days, with only 5 sessions of exercise!...I was coming off of an injury and wanted to rebound FAST...Do you know how I did it? One single pill...It's called a thermogenic aid. A thermogenic aid works to activate a unique set of metabolic switches - known technically as beta-receptors - that rest on the outside of your fat and muscle cells.  Once triggered in response to select diets and exercise, they set into motion a cascade of hormonal effects that favor muscle building and simultaneous fat loss.  Body sculpting begins.  But, if a person is "hormonally ignorant," these switches are incapable of responding because they have become "resistant." Just like someone can be resistant to insulin, so to can they be resistant to the hormones that spark our internal fat burning fire via beta-receptors.  Fortunately, researchers have discovered that certain compounds like citrus aurantium, green tea, guarana, yohimbe, yerba mate and green tea re-sensitize the body so that beta-receptors respond to our hormone intelligence to favor a healthy metabolism. In fact, learning how to selectively activate beta-receptors with thermogenic aids (termed beta-agonists) is one of the most important scientific discoveries to date because it shows how to reverse hormonal ignorance among those who where previously doomed, despite even their best diet and exercise efforts!  It gives the obese a second chance at living thin and slim. One of the largest studies ever performed on the use of thermogenic aids was a collaborative effort by Harvard, Columbia, New York Obesity Research Center, and the Research Dept. of Human Nutrition in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The study found that subjects using thermogenic aids even for a short period were able to reduce body weight by up to 11 pounds of fat compared to the group not taking it. With respect to negative side effects it was noted that, "There were no significant adverse effects resulting from treatment."
The study proved that thermogenic aids were able to:

  • Promote the release of fat from fat stores
  • Stimulate of thyroid metabolism
  • Boost oxygen consumption by increase bronchodilation (the opening of bronchial tubes)
  • Enhance energy capacity due to increased blood flow to the muscles, providing for an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • Elevate energy, mood, motivation and concentration

That's why I designed ThermoFX.  Unlike other wanna-be products, it has zero synthetic caffeine or additives and works with the body to snap your fat cells out of storage mode and force them into thermogenesis mode by making your receptors more sensitive to its metabolic hormones.  Using the latest techniques in natural product chemistry, I was able to utilize the most potent, whole herb blends to offer an array of thermogenic aids in only one single pill, which has never been done.  

It's really hard to convey the dangers of taking over-the-counter pain meds. Unlike a car accident, the risky outcomes of taking drugs as indicated happen so slowly, that their imminent threat is usually looked over. And when you write about them, it's hard to point out exactly what went wrong 'cause its usually a few things combined. Take former White House aid Antonio Benedi as an example. He got the flu and started taking Tylenol for pain in the morning. At dinner, he stuck to his routine of enjoying three glasses of wine. His liver failed and he eventually had a transplant. At which point did the damage begin? With the wine or the Tylenol? The body knows how to process wine, but not Tylenol. Put them together over time, and you have the perfect storm for liver failure...The same could happen to anyone drinking toxic tap water, and taking Tylenol for sore muscles... (Benedi eventually sued Tylenol makers and was awarded $8 million. Think the other tens of thousands of victims were this lucky? Yea right!) You have alternatives to pharmaceutical pain killers! To prove it, and to put a stop to innocent people being "shellacked" by OTC pain meds, I'm giving away Relief FX at 25% off only while supplies last. Buy here: http://alturl.com/9xhmv Don't Let Commonly Used Pain Killers like Tylenol And Aspirin Seriously Damage Your Liver - Forever! According to the New England Journal of Medicine prescription and over-the-counter pain killers kill over 16,000 people annually. If you use Celebrex, Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Motrin, isn't it time you switched to Relief FX? According to a recent study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, even short term use of acetaminophen can cause serious health problems for your liver. Healthy participants with no sign of liver failure used acetaminophen at recommended doses for only four days. At the end of the four days, blood tests revealed significant increases in certain liver enzymes which have been shown in the past to be key indicators of serious problems and damage occurring in the liver. The danger of OTC pain killers arises from their detrimental effect on the liver. Your liver is your number one weapon against toxic exposure. Just like it wards off a hangover, it can remove or neutralize toxins from the blood. It's also mandatory for boosting immunity and protecting the body from viral and bacterial infection. But it's not invincible. When it gets damaged, it leaks enzymes into the bloodstream. Your health tailspins! Relief FX is a non-toxic alternative to risky meds, and it works! See what it feels like to be a mom who can soothe her child without risky meeds: "One 117 lb/ 5'7" 12 year old w a migraine (pain from 1-10 is at 8/9). Two ReliefFX. 20 minutes. Pain from 1-10 at 3/4. She's sleeping. Shane. I'm in tears. Nothing has helped my baby until now. "Thank you" seems so inadequate. But I do thank you. You have kids so I'm sure you too feel you'd take on every ounce of their pain for them. You're product is truly an answer to our prayers. God is good! May He bless you richly!" - Posted on my Facebook wall Again, You have alternatives to pharmaceutical pain killers! To prove it, and to put a stop to innocent people being "shellacked" by OTC pain meds, I'm giving away Relief FX at 25% off only while supplies last. Buy here: http://alturl.com/9xhmv Dare to live young! The People's chemist

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