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Lies about cancer cure was protected in WW1

Lies about cancer cure was protected in WW1

Did you know there is a cartel of elites that want you to get sick, remain sick and die?  

I know it may sound absurd to some but don't you think that if technology was so wonderful, (which by all means when used the right way for the right of the people, it is good) but when monies are made to line the pocket of the greedy, you can be sure
that your health means nothing to them other then to profit from your illness.  A company called I.G. Farben is located in Germany and is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. During WWI American Pilots were told to bomb every building but I.G. Farben.  Now doesn't that sound very unusual?  What would be the benefit of doing such?  Today, the pharmaceutical companies and the American Cancer Society are raping the American people of their hard working cash to convince you that a very simple whole food is in no way beneficial to your daily diet. The lies are being exposed regarding what the government and the cancer institutions are covering up. To learn more about the truth about cancer, please...Watch "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video" free, Read the Ultimate One Page Cancer Report, and Download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1, all at no cost at the next link now! 

Many people have signed up 1cure4cancer.com video tapes and information and like them very much. However, some people are finding it hard to get healed due to lack of believe and other reasons.  There have been many studies that show if you believe you can be cured of any disease and / or accomplish anything you want, you can.For example, there have been studies done with two groups of people, one group was given a very proven remedy for a sickness or disease and the other group was given something they were told it was a proven remedy when in reality it was no more than water in a tablet.  Both groups of people were healed and in most cases the group that had the water tablets had better results.  We have very good news for you today about cancer.  We not only have the great proven remedy to cure or prevent cancer but now we can help you believe in your healing power. So, we have a set of audios that can help you get what you want in life.  This tape set is normally $500.00 and we are going to give them to you right now. The name of the tape series is called "Your Wish is Your Command" By Kevin Trudeau and they will help you to be, get, or have anything you want. These tapes have helped me personally a lot in the last six weeks, to accomplish things that I have not been able to do in the past. These audios are only available for a limited time so, 
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Did you know a doctor named Dr. Dean Burk had reported in tests done on animal tissue that with Laetrile there were no harmful effects on the healthy cells?  He also stated in 1971 at the Seventh International Congress of Chemotherapy that "Laetrile appears to work against many forms of cancer including lung cancer.  And it is absolutely non-toxic. His reports on Laetrile are very encouraging.  It's very interesting to know he was not a physician but a biochemist. Dr. Burk was another very well knows doctor with a great deal of prestige.  You can read more about him in the book "World Without Cancer", by G. Edward Griffin OR...Watch "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video", Read the Ultimate One Page Cancer Report free, and Download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1, all at no cost at
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Did you know that in 1963 Dr. Contreras MD for 30 years has operated the Good Samaritan Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico? Now the facility is known as the Oasis.  
He is highly regarded for his knowledge on Laetrile.  He had his training at Harvards Children Hospital in Boston, served as Professor of Histology and pathology at the Mexican Army Medical school and chief pathologist at the army hospital in Mexico City.
He was introduced to laetrile by a women that was terminally ill from cancer and was not receiving the treatment she needed from the US.  The women recovered and Dr. Contreras did extensive research in Laetrile and has now treated thousands of people.  
Many Americans go to Mexico as they are denied treatment with Laetrile. Get free information below and find out how you can get Laetrile delivered to your house... 

Read the Ultimate One Page Cancer Report free,Watch "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video" and Download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1, all at no cost at the next link now!     

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