Rabu, 3 Oktober 2012

Ada Manusia Yang Suka Kita Sakit

Ada Manusia Yang Suka Kita Sakit

Did you know there is a cartel of elites that want you to get sick, remain sick and die? I know it may sound absurd to some but don't you think that if technology was so wonderful, (which by all means when used the
right way for the right of the people, it is good) but when monies are made to line the pocket of the greedy, you can be sure that your health means nothing to them other than to profit from your illness.

A company called I.G. Farben is located in Germany and is the
largest pharmaceutical company in the world. During World War I American Pilots were told to bomb every building but not I.G. Farben. Now doesn't that sound very unusual? What would be the benefit of doing such?

Today, the pharmaceutical companies and the American Cancer
Society are raping the American people of their hard working cash
to convince you that a very simple whole food is in no way beneficial to your daily diet
. The lies are being exposed regarding what the government and the cancer institutions are covering up.

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