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Why the Cover-Up?

As in the case of most cover-ups and public health scandals money and lots of it are usually the root of this evil. As we all know by now large companies have the money and the power to keep almost anything secret if they want to. All we have to do is take a look at the Tobacco companies worldwide, systematically and completely legally killing millions, with the help of the governments who receive large payoffs in the form of taxes. Sadly most of the time we can do little to change this complete lack of humanity, but this secret is out and I am proud to be one of the many passing it on.

In "Smokescreen: The Truth behind the Tobacco Industry Cover-Up" Philip J. Hilts tells us in the US, Congress has voted with tobacco interests year after year, including dollar figures on how much money key Congressmen take from them. The Food and Drug Administration is now planning to regulate cigarettes as a drug for the first time. This book focusing on the Brown and Williamson case of "The Insider" fame shows us just how the lives of millions are put at risk for the wealth of a few.

Here in Ireland, mastectomies are common practice at the first hint of a tumour in the breast. The amount of women being told they have to undergo this un-necessary surgery is a scandal in itself. Vitamin B17 is not even mentioned as a means of reducing the tumour even though leading scientists have proved that it works.

Instead people are given obscene quantities of drugs like 'Tamoxifen' and 'Famara' both known to cause bone cancer. It will always amaze me how doctor’s being some of the most intelligent people in the world will stubbornly stick to these mid-evil practices of torture under the heading of Technology instead of Properly researching the alternatives.

"It took me years to realize that the people in control of the cancer treatment world today did not want a simple, quick cure for cancer. It was not in their economic or career interest. They want complicated disease syndromes and all the paraphernalia of techniques, expert analysis, peer group conferences, papers, discussions, research grants and clinical trials for years before a new cancer therapy might be allowed. It is a horrendous crime which serves only those "inside" who are playing the great, lucrative "expert" game." - Barry Lynes, author of "The Cancer Cure That Worked" p. 126

Information and quotes from the book:

World Without Cancer G. Edward Griffin, 1997

Famous Cases

Steve McQueen

In 1980, movie actor Steve McQueen also made news when he went to Mexico for Laetrile and other unorthodox therapies. When he died following surgery four months later, the press had a heyday telling the American people that Laetrile didn't work. What they failed to report is that McQueen's cancer was, indeed, apparently cured by Laetrile and that only a non-cancerous tumour remained in his abdomen. (Most tumours are composed of a mixture of cancer and non-cancerous tissue.) McQueen was feeling great and decided to have the bulge removed for cosmetic reasons. It was a complication of that surgery, not cancer, which caused his death. Not a word of his prior recovery was to be found in the major press. Consequently, millions of Americans who followed the story came away with the conviction that Laetrile is just another hoax. That too, is merely an extension of the kind of biased media reporting that has become a permanent part of the coverage of Laetrile. It continues today.
Chad Green

It has been suggested that the mass media have decided to ignore Laetrile because, when it did receive national publicity it became popular. People decided to give it a try in spite of the negative press. If they had been told they were going to die anyway, why not? And the clinics in Mexico thrived. Another reason may be that although the controversy continues, there is nothing of substance that is really new. Each unfolding event is merely an extension of forces and arguments that have preceded. For example in 1977 the parents of Chad Green kidnapped their own son and took him to Mexico to avoid being forced by officials in Massachusetts into giving him chemotherapy for his leukaemia. They preferred nutritional therapy instead. This is part of the heavy price we pay for allowing government the power to decide what is best for us and our families.
Thomas Navarro

When special-interest groups become politically strong enough to write the laws, then it is those groups that tell us what to do - all in the name of protecting us of course. The Chad Green story made big headlines but unfortunately the same thing involving other children has happened numerous times since then with only minor news coverage.

For example in 1999 James and Donna Navarro were told that their four-year-old son Thomas had a malignant brain tumour. Surgery left the child speechless, blind and unable to walk. When the doctors told the Navarros that Thomas would also have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy, they researched the medical literature and learned that these treatments probably would further impair the boy's brain function and that long-term survival was unlikely anyway. So they decided to try an alternative therapy called antineoplastons offered at the Stanislaw R. Burzynsky Research Institute in Houston. At this point the FDA stepped in and prohibited Dr. Burzynsky from accepting the boy as a patient unless he first had undergone chemotherapy and radiation.

Mr. Navarro explains: "What they don't understand is that there won't be anything left of him to salvage if we make him take that awful treatment first." When he did not fall in line with the doctors' demands he began to receive harassing phone calls from hospital personnel. One oncologist threatened to file charges with the state. When Mr. Navarro still refused the doctor went to the protective-services agency and filed child-abuse charges against the parents.
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One of the first practitioners to use Laetrile was Arthur T. Harris, M.D., who had trained in Scotland and reportedly studied embryology under John Beard. Harris, who had been doing family practice in Southern California renamed his office the Harris Cancer Clinic. Within a year he submitted a report to Coronet Magazine which claimed that he was "working on something out here that is going to be the answer to cancer if there will ever be one," but the magazine did not report what he was doing.

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