Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Cancer survivor hits high notes for charity


PETALING JAYA: Yeo Yin Lin, an 18-year-old budding musician from Malacca, is on a mission to raise funds for the needy before Christmas. Yin Lin is indeed a talented musician. She plays the piano, violin and guzheng (Chinese zither). Two months ago, she picked up the cello and plans to further her studies in music. She travels from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur every weekend for rehearsals and performances. Yesterday, she performed with 42 classical musicians at the Concert of Bells and Strings at Pay Fong School, Malacca. The concert was held to raise funds for the Agape CARE Society Melaka. But there's more. Yin Lin is a cancer survivor. She has had to move around on crutches after she lost her left leg to bone cancer. She lost her leg to osteogenic sarcoma when she was 10. Two years later, her malignant bone tumour spread to her lungs. She is now on a strict rejuvenation therapy but Yeo is determined to prove life goes on despite her illness.

“I love music, so I love playing and sharing the music with others,” she said. “It's my way to give back to society. When I was sick, many people came forward to help and show me support. Now I just want to return the kindness.” For the last two months, Yin Lin has been playing in various charity concerts. Last week, she performed with the ensemble orchestra at another concert at the Trinity Methodist Church here while last month, she performed with the Camerata Musicales ensemble orchestra in Hand in Hand, a charity concert aimed at raising funds for a new building for the Taman Megah Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home.

On how she keeps herself motivated, Yin Lin said: “When you commit yourself to music, you need to be disciplined. I also get a lot from the concerts they are a way for me to practise my music,” she said, downplaying her contribution. Yin Lin is also a swimmer and has represented Malacca in various swimming competitions. “My parents constantly remind me to be positive and confident in everything I do. My mum's favourite saying is: If you want to do something, you can always find a way',” she said. Her mother, Gan Lay Kiew, 48, however, said Yin Lin had always been strong. “It has been challenging all these years trying to cope, but she has never complained. My daughter has given me the spirit to be strong,” Gan said. On her Christmas wish, Yin Lin shook her head shyly before glancing at her mother and mouthing hopefully: “Samsung Galaxy Note II.”


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