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Protin Bagus dan Protin tak bagus

Protin Bagus dan Protin tak bagus


If you learn how to get GOOD protein, you can literally renew many of the cells in your body! I am going to show you how.... If you get BAD protein, you'll literally destroy many of the cells in your body. So invest 12 minutes of your time to learn about GOOD PROTEIN BAD PROTEIN at

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By: Shane Ellison, MS


I’m sick of seeing the same damn poison on the shelf of every gym I go to… As a private pilot, I travel a lot. And no matter where I go, gym owners and personal trainers always get their protein recommendation wrong. As a chemist, it’s annoying. Not only is it counter to health, but it’s also toxic. And since…

Historical ad reads: “Heroin. For non-addictive relief from the cough.”

Since the early 1900’s the drug industry has been saying whatever-the-hell they want in order to get us hooked on drugs. Heroin was advertised as a non-addictive alternative. Once enough people died, they started pushing morphine, then codeine…and so on.

That’s how it works – lie your ass off…

By: Shane Ellison, MS

I just had a great idea, which doesn’t happen often. The last time it did, I was leaving a bar after a couple shots of tequila.

True story…

Walking out, I saw a guy stumbling to his car with his girlfriend.

Dozens of people strolled by ignoring the obvious.

I had the bright idea to say, “Hey, you better not…


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