Isnin, 8 April 2013

Makanan Organik


NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) - please forward

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Thank you for your support of the Natural News store, which funds our ongoing efforts for investigative journalism and whistleblowing. Here's something new we've just announced today for our readers and fans:

Saving money on superfoods and organic nutrition is easier than ever: The Spring Sale is on at the Natural News Store: Save from 10% - 50% on selected items while supplies last, including astaxanthin, organic chia seeds, organic acai powder, spirulina, chocolate superfood powder, coconut sugar, raw chocolate truffles and more.

See the complete list at:

There's no coupon needed, and shipping is free on all orders of $99 or more (USA, 48 states). On many items, discounts are even deeper when ordering volumes of three or more.

This is a great time to stock up on outstanding sources of nutrition and healthy cooking ingredients.

See the complete list of sale items by clicking here.

The Natural News store continues to expand its lineup of certified organic, non-GMO products, being very selective on what products to add to the store while conducting independent laboratory testing to confirm the integrity of our products. Everything labeled "Health Ranger Select" undergoes independent lab testing for aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic.

Our store warehouse is climate-controlled to stay cool and dry, protecting the nutritional integrity of the foods and superfoods we carry. We are licensed by the state of Texas as well as the USDA to produce certified organic products, and we are audited annually to confirm the integrity of our organic operation.

Looking for organic, non-GMO storable preparedness foods? We are the only retailer I know of who offers 100% organic, non-GMO freeze-dried fruits and vegetables packed in #10 storable cans (and pouches) for long-term preparedness. See these items at:

We've got many surprises in the works for fans of organic, non-GMO preparedness foods. Watch Natural News for announcements soon...

To your health,

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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