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Lebih Besar Niaga Lebih Besar Tipudaya

Lebih Besar Niaga Lebih Besar Tipudaya

Perry here with the alternative cancer and Vitamin B17 information! The news is sometimes interesting to say the least. The February 22, 2006, USA Today mentioned that by the year 2015, 20% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) could be for health spending. Now let's be logical. Suppose they announced to us in the media a cure for cancer was found, a treatment to avoid 90% of all heart disease problems, or a cure for type 2 diabetes was found. (They all have been found just not announce in the media).

Would health spending ever hit 20% of GDP then? Well...In 2006 total health care was estimated to hit $2.2 trillion. That's $7,129 per person when the GDP per person is $43,350. By projecting this health care cost to 2015, only 8 years in the future, health care cost is going to exceed that 20% by who knows how much.

Where will the money come from - YOU of course in the form of a "health care" tax! All of these are highly profitable diseases for both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment as well as the government. In essence, the article in USA Today was predicting that no cures for the highly profitable diseases would be found by the year 2015. What else is new? That is a safe prediction.

An even safer prediction would be to predict that every new treatment for these diseases will be more expensive and more profitable than the existing treatments!!

Ask yourself these questions: "When was the last time orthodox medicine used its massive profits to find a cure for a disease? When was the last time a cure for disease was found that used prescription drugs?" If you said polio, you would be wrong. Polio was cured by a medical doctor in the 1940's, but the cure was suppressed because he used a form of Vitamin C, which drug companies could not patent or control.

Have you ever wondered what would if the media announced the truth, that the cure for cancer has been found? It is difficult, if not impossible, to convince the average American that orthodox medicine today is not only corrupt, it is more corrupt than it has ever been in the history of medicine. That is saying a lot because orthodox medicine was persecuting cures for disease in the 1700s. With Big Money comes Big Corruption. The bigger the money, the more the corruption. Enough of my ranting for now...Click the next link below to: watch "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video"...to download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1 and get the "Ultimate One Page Cancer Report" all Free.

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To Your Good Health, Perry-James: Cole



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