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Adakah kimoterapi dan terapi radiasi berkesan membunuh barah?

Adakah kimoterapi dan terapi radiasi berkesan membunuh barah?

First of all, there is only a 3% survival rate from using these drugs! If you are in the 3%, the medical term for cured is 5 year survival rate. That's right, when orthodox medicine states they have "cured" a cancer patient, what they mean is they lived just 5 more years! Why do people get cancer in the first place? The simple answer is the food we get in the stores is tampered with and is no longer nutritional! According to the book and video World Without Cancer (copy below for free) it is imperative that you have vitamin B17 in your diet to kill free-moving cancer cells.
Here are some of the proven benefits of vitamin B17:
- Helps to lower your blood pressure.
- One of the healthiest foods on earth.
- Strengthens your internal arteries.
- Helps target and kill cancer cells.

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