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Tapak Dara Ubati Kanser Payudara

Tapak Dara Ubati Kanser Payudara

Causal factor of breast cancer still unclear until now. According to Walter H. Lewis on Medical Botany, there are some factors that playing role on breast cancer growth: hormonal breakdown (especially estrogen on woman), seriously injured, post birthing treatment failure, fibrocystic tumor infection, and virus trouble on mammary gland.
Preventing and Treatments to breast cancer trough tumor lifting, chemotherapy or radiotherapy are restrained. Not long, cancer will show up again. It not surprise if patients then trying to alternative treatment using herbal therapy. The last way is really helping patients and push some etnobotany and pharmacology research.
Research started in 1938, using COLCHIUM AUTUMNALE that contain of alkaloid colchicines as object. But etnobotany study done in some places, Tapak Dara (Catharanthus roseus), showed good result. For example, Eli Lilly, Svoboda, Noble, and Beer from one of Western University laboratory, Ontario, that has done test for several times with positive result. From it research, Tapak Dara plant can be used as cancer cell demolisher.
According to that Canadian analyst, some alkaloid compound from Tapak dara (Catharanthus roseus), extract can reduce white corpuscle/phabocy ? especially inside protoplasm (granule) . That extract also pressed spinal cord/bone marrow activity of leukemia patient.
Tapak Dara, why its good to demolish breast cancer
According to in vitro observation, active compound influence of Tapak Dara (Catharanthus roseus), to against white corpuscle/phabocy is an extraordinary thing. That compound are also good to block growth of tumor circulation system. By tecnologi development, tapak Dara(Catharanthus roseus), has significant role on vinblastine and vincristine product commercialization, as ananti-cancer chemotherapy compound.
Tapak Dara (Catharanthus roseus) belonging to Apocynaceae family. In Medicinal and Poisonous Plants I reported by H. Sutarno and Radjiman (1999), beside vinblastine and vincristine, Tapak Dara also contain of alkaloid derivative like vindesine and vinorelbine. That two first compound are antimitotics compound that its activity depend to gland and nerve by block spiral cell to multiple. This both cells experience normal cell nucleus splitting that multiply becoming a cancer cells. By inducsion process, that cancer cell multiply and spread to the system around it, as a bump (metaphase). So it good to be used to cure breast cancer too.
Vinblastine used as a leukemia medical material. Vincristine as an medical material for acute leukemia, bubonic, bronchial cancer, nephroblastomas, intraductal carcinoma, and rhabdomysarcoma.
Vindesine is a semi synthetic compound derived from vinblastine used in acute lymphatic leukemia treatment, especially on child. Also used in lymphomas treatment that usually difficult to be recovered. Used by patient with skin pigment tumor (melanomas).
Vinorelbine (noranhydrovinblastine) produced by anhydrovinblastine as a medicine to block glad and nerve splitting.
Reported, total alkaloid contents in Tapak Dara leaf about 0.70 ? 0.82%. to get 50 mg of Vincristine and 2 g of vinblastine, it need 1 ton of dried leaves. While in whole of tapak Dara plant contains 0.2 ? 1%.
Some several main compounds can be used to cure other diseases, like leurisine and vindoline that used as insulin substitute, because these reduce hypoglycemia on diabetic patient. Ajmalicine is a medical material of blood stream stimulant to brain and whole body system.

22 Tapak Dara leaves
1 Fennel (Feoniculum vulgare)
Wood skin of pulasari plant (Alyxia reinwardti)


How to make the breast cancer herbal remedy

Wash finely whole materials, then boil them with 3 glasses of water. Add palm sugar as much as needed, let it until boiled, and the water left over a half. After it cool off, filter it and drink it tree times a day (morning, noon, and at night) each a haft of glass.
Evenly, patient will recover after consumed this ingredient for a month.
Fennel and pulasari are herbs that are contains of anethol and kumarin compound. Both alkaloid compounds be used to improve taste and as a scented substance in medicine, jamu, spice, toothpaste industry etc. while kumarin compound has benefit as mouth sores medicine, gastric strengthener and gastric cramped (K. Heyne, 1987). In chemotherapy, the usage of vinblastine medicine has impact in white corpuscle/phabocy reduction (leucoenia) with various grades and will be normal in 1 ? 2 weeks after medicine usage has stopped. Effect to red cell and platelet is very small. There for in normal body condition, you must be careful with some dosages. The side effect of vinblastine poisonous is corpuscle/phabocy reduction (leucoenia) that being produced by backbone marrow. If nerve is being poisoned, you must restrict in vincristine medicine usage. But after using vindesine medicine, nerve poisoning and marrow pressure are not harder then if you use both vincristine and vinblastine medicines. If that four medicines being used, will effect to blood coagulant forces reduction (thrombocytopaenia) and baldness (alopecia). It is better if you consult it with your doctor before. Comersial product of vinblastine and vincristine in medical trade, popular with name vincaleukoblastine sulfate (vinblastine sulfate, VBL, Velban) and leurocristine sulfate (vincristine sulfate, VCR, Oncovin). Breast cancer can infect to both woman or man. But don’t worry, tapak dara will be its natural solution.

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