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Adakah Vitamin B17 Beracun?

Adakah Vitamin B17 Beracun?

Perry-James with the vitamin b17 and cancer information. 
The question today is :Is Vitamin B17 and/or apricot seeds for cancer toxic?
(Vitamin B17 is an extract from the raw apricot seeds).
And the answer is:Technically, every food on the planet earth is toxic.
Just as you can get sick by drinking too much water or eating too much of just about any food, yes you can eat too may apricot seeds as well. However that does not mean they are not good for you in the right doses.When a person uses the term "toxic", it generally means the substance is poisonous when taken in low doses.
With this definition, Vitamin B17 is NOT toxic, even when taken in high doses.
Aspirin tablets, for example, are 20 times more toxic than the equivalent amount of
Vitamin b17. Apricot seeds are even less toxic than sugar. (No kidding!)
But, like aspirin or sugar, you can't take 20 tablets or eat one pound at a time. It
would make you quite sick, like anything you eat in excess.

This is just another urban myth the medical establishment has conjured up to scare ALL of us from seeking the truth and using natural and inexpensive cancer treatments and preventative methods.To learn more click the next link below "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video" andto download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1 andto get the "Ultimate One Page Cancer Report" all at no cost to you right now.

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