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Asparagus Ubat Barah

Asparagus Ubat Barah

Current technology, cancer treatment is usually done with chemo, radiation, and medicines from chemicals. However, in addition to conventional treatment, there are other alternatives that can be done, through herbal treatment using several types of plants that have medicinal properties to treat cancer. The most widely used are white turmeric (Cucrcuma zedoaria) and Rodent tuber (Typhonium Flagelliforme). There is another plant which is recognized by the pharmacologist usefulness as ingredients to treat cancer. Namely, christusdoorn, or being known as asparagus.
Christusdoorn (Asparagus cochinchinensis (Lour) Merr). Or in Indonesia, this plant is often called by the name of bamboo tali. This plant is classified in Liliaceae plants. Christusdoorn is a slightly different type of bamboo with bamboo plants in general. As its Latin name, christusdoorn more directed to the asparagus with the characteristics of plants like asparagus. This plant is widely available in China, Japan, Korea, and the areas in Indochina.
Christusdoorn usually grow up to 1.5 meters high. The leaves are green, blade-shaped long, pointed, and smooth. The flowers are white single form. These plants need sufficient light and fine sandy soil. Fruit a small round object shaped and dangerous if eaten.

Chemical substances of Christusdoorn

From its chemical properties, Christusdoorn / bambu tali containing saponin (aglycone, protosarsapogenin), asparagin, glucose, fructose, and other contents.

Benefits of treatment

Normally that is often used in a variety of treatment is part of the tuber. It was sweet, bitter and cold. In Chinese pharmacology, Christusdoorn / bambu tali efficacious to cleanse the lungs, lower the heat of the fire, stimulate the production of body fluids, antitoxic, antineoplastic, and antipyretic. Efficacious as an anti tumor, Christusdoorn further investigated as a medicament for the possibility of lung cancer. This plant is also capable of killing larvae of flies and mosquitoes. Although, for this is still not much explanation. Part of the plant is often used in the treatment of the dried tubers. Some herbalists are utilizing this plant for the treatment of some diseases, including respiratory, diabetes, difficult defecation, fever, and cancer (breast, spleen, and blood).

Examples of herbal ingredients

To cope with respiratory ailments such as cough, coughing up blood, pulmonary tuberculosis, and sore throat, use dried tuber of Christusdoorn (weighing 6-12 grams), are boiled in 1.5 cups water. While warm, drink the water decoction of this plant, twice a day continuously until cured. This method can also be used to overcome difficulties in defecating, diabetes, and fever accompanied by anxiety. To overcome cancer, tuber of Christusdoorn (weighing 20-40 grams) is boiled with water, drink the decoction.
Another way is by steam Christusdoorn tubers that has been peeled. Tuber is steamed with yellow arrack. The tuber was steamed three times a day.

Asparagus contains a good supply of protein called histones, which are believed to be active in controlling cell growth. For that reason, I believe asparagus can be said to contain a substance that I call cell growth normalizer. That accounts for its action on cancer and in acting as a general body tonic. In any event, regardless of theory, asparagus in your daily diet (canned or fresh), will give you some benefits. It has been reported by the US National Cancer Institute, that asparagus is the highest tested food containing glutathione, which is considered one of the body's most potent anti carcinogens and antioxidants.

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