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Diet Pesakit Barah


My wife Patty is a breast cancer survivor. After a successful modified radical mastectomy operation, we began an extensive search for a viable plan to minimize the chance of recurrence. The two viable options where preventative drug therapy such as Tamoxifen or traditional holistic preventative nutrition therapy. We learned that drug therapy research indicated that drug therapy would decrease the chance of cancer recurrence by about 10%, but carried some serious additional health risks. On the other hand traditional holistic preventative nutrition therapy could offer at least as good results with the advantage of no additional health risks.
It is important to note that preventative drug therapy only requires that you take a pill or two each day whereas nutrition therapy requires a radical change in diet for most people that really results in a change in life style. Something many people find very difficult to do. Millions of people are overweight testifying to the difficult of maintaining a healthful diet.
Should you be a cancer patient, cancer survivor or person seeking an aggressive cancer fighting diet that may offer effective cancer prevention and you believe you have the self-discipline to stick to a very rigid diet; this plan could be what you are looking for.
It is important to understand that this is an everyday diet. Every item listed, unless otherwise noted, should be eaten in the quantities indicated every day.
I will start with what you must completely eliminate.
No tobacco
No trans fat (hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated oils)
No white flower
No white sugar
No Alcohol
Here is what you should eat every day:
½ cup Beta-carotene rich vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, yam, winter squash)
1 cup Dark Green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, or any except iceberg lettuce)
½ cup Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, bok choy)
½ cup Each of any two vegetables (mushrooms, celery, cabbage)
½ cup Lycopene rich (cooked tomato, red grapefruit, watermelon)
½ cup Citrus fruit (orange, orange juice)
½ cup Berry fruit (blueberries are good)
½ cup Any fruit or ¼ cup dried fruit.
1 ½ cups Whole grain
½ cup Beans
4 cups Green tea
1 tablespoon Ground flaxseed
1 cup of 2% low fat milk
½ cup Fermented soy product (miso, tempeh)
1 serving Fatty fish 2 times a week
This is a high fiber diet so you should drink 4 to 6 glasses of water per day.
General suggestions-
Season with spices and herbs, not salt.
Cook with olive or canola oil.
Very little red meat (twice a month)
Cut down on salt
Try to avoid processed foods and chemical rich foods such as soda.
Essiac tea is an excellent anti-oxidant cancer fighter.
Anti-oxidant vitamin supplements are useful.
Exercise and stress reduction is useful for general good health.
This diet is high in natural anti-oxidants designed to prevent free radicals. It is without a doubt a diet very different from the diet of most Americans. It will require a big change for most people. The rewards of this diet are major but so is the discipline required to stay with the diet. I wish you the greatest of good heath!

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