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Khasiat Teh Hijau

Khasiat Teh Hijau
Terdapat banyak khasiat Teh Hijau. Antaranya ia mengurangkan kejadian polip dalam usus besar. Polip ini lama kelamaan boleh bertukar menjadi sel barah. Dengan meminum lebih 10 gelas teh hijau dalam sehari, anda boleh mengurangkan risiko mendapat barah usus.
Diulangi bahawa jumlah yang perlu diminum bagi mengurangkan  kejadian barah adalah meminum lebih daripada 10 cawan teh hijau / sehari. Lebih banyak jumlah cawan teh yang diminum maka lebih rendah seseorang itu berisiko mendapat barah.
Bahan penting anti barah dalam teh hijau adalah polyphenols. Polyphenols dari teh hijau boleh melindungi perut, saluran duodenum, colon daripada barah apabila seseorang itu meminum banyak teh hijau.
Selain daripada melindungi dari barah usus, teh hijau juga melindungi dari barah paru paru. Ia juga dapat mengurangkan perebakan barah ke tempat lain.

Green Tea

Camellia sinsensis, the common tea plant, has been drunk as an infusion throughout Asia since at least 3000 B.C. and remains the most widely consumed hot beverage on the planet. The only difference between green tea and black tea is that, to make green tea, leaves are steamed while to make black tea there is a fermentation process involved. This difference in processing yields a different concentration in the main active ingredient of tea, polyphenols/catechins.


Preclinical data in vitro and in vivo suggest that green tea interferes with carcinogenesis and metastasis along several tumor promotion pathways. The literature describes in-vitro and animal in-vivo data that shows synergistic action of green tea with chemotherapeutic antineoplastic agents such doxorubicin (adriamycin) and tamoxifen.

Clinical data suggest antineoplastic effects of green tea on malignant tissue combined with a protective and reparative effect on cardiac, renal and myeloplastic cells. There is currently no data about optimal concentration and length of administration of green tea extracts in people with active malignancies.

Large epidemiological studies seem to suggest that green tea may play a role in cancer prevention and decreased risk of recurrence.


Studies have shown green tea is safe for human consumption of up to 800 mg (equivalent to 16 cups of tea a day)


Green tea is a safe beverage to drink during active chemotherapy and radiation but should not be taken in higher doses as a medicine until after completion of primary treatment. Green tea is used as an adjuvant therapy in capsule form to prevent recurrence.




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