Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Makanan Lindungi Dari Radiasi

A few supplement suggestions for prudent people who wish to be proactive in increasing their protective mechanisms against the consequences of radioactivity:

1.    Antioxidants. Oxidation induced by radiation or any cause increases an individual’s daily requirement for protective antioxidants. Examples include natural vitamin E, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin D, CoQ10, Omega-3 fats, Glutathione, and bioflavonoids (e.g., colored fruits, vegetables, juices, etc.).

Protective Foods
1.  Sulphur-Rich Foods: Garlic, ginger, onions, broccoli sprouts, and eggs. 
2.  Fermented Foods: Acidophilus, Kim Chi, Kombucha tea, sauerkraut.
3.  Herbs: Green and white teas.  Fresh or freeze-dried vegetable juices and fiber or pulp rich juices are recommended.  Stay hydrated with adequate water.
4.  Sea source foods: Sea vegetables or seaweed salad or watercress.
A prudent person would take the above supplement until at least six months after any exposure to radioactivity above usual background levels.  Most radio-activity slowly goes away or is removed from the body.  While few people contract cancer, the risk is reduced in proportion to comprehensive antioxidants available as needed.  Protective dietary and life style choices further reduce risk.

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