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Cancer Care Therapy

The Cancer Care Therapy
by Chris K. H. Teo

The Cancer Care Therapy
This book tells you in detail the relief and healing obtained from taking herbs in the management of numerous cancer and non-cancer cases.
The conventional medical treatments for cancer consists of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  The patients pay dearly in terms of pain, suffering and money but with no assurance that such treatments will work for them.

Cancer is a complex problem and we need multi-approaches to achieve healing.  Our strategy is to heal from within, while at the same time resolve some uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, edema, ascites, abdominal distension, constipation, etc.

We, at Cancer Care, believe that the human body is indeed a miraculous creation endowed with self-healing power.

Based on these views, Cancer Care Therapy has advocated the use of herbs for healing and the eating of proper healthy food.  In addition, there is a need to strengthen the body’s immunological system.  A strengthened and cleansed body shall then be able to heal itself.

To stay healthy or fall sick is our own decision and responsibility because we have the complete freedom to live our lives the way we want them to be lived.
Foreword by Y.B. Dato Chua Jui Meng, the Honourable Minister of Health Malaysia.  
1 Introduction: The Survey

2 Cancer Care Therapy

3 Cancer Cases: The Success Stories
Urinary BladderCancer
Bile DuctCancer

4 Reaching Out

5 Non-Cancer Cases: The WondrousHealing
Blood inStools
Sinus: MigraineHeadaches

First Visit Form&ProgressReport
Questions&Answers on CancerManagement

byY.B.Dato Chua Jui Meng, the Honourable Minister of HealthMalaysia

In the field of health care andmedicine, we need all the partners for health to come together to providequality care for our patients in need. The view of the Ministry of Health and indeed of the medical professionis based on the premise that above all, the profession must do no harm, and thatall patients can benefit from genuine care and concern.

I note that the therapies offeredin this book are in the field of alternative or complementary medicine, whichare not often proven scientifically. However, the issues will be to decide on the beneficial therapies asopposed to non-productive therapies, which are not proven orempirical.

In this book, the authors havecarefully chosen the text and the cases to illustrate the qualities of thisservice. It is praise worthy that theauthors have clearly informed of the principles of the service offered,including the holistic nature of the treatment plan, which are also enunciatedclearly. Although the chief author isnot a medicaldoctor, it is commendable that the work he has done has helpedimproved the quality of life of many sufferers of cancer.

As theMinister of Health, I must reiterate that this book is no substitute for doctorsand that a proper medical opinion is pre-requisite before embarking on a journeyin the great unknown field of complementary medicine. Nevertheless, the main benefit for thepatients will be the care and advice from relatives and practitioners in thefield of medicine. I would like toconvey my congratulations to the authors of this book.

Dato Chua JuiMeng
Minister ofHealth Malaysi


Atime for reflection – Our Hands but God Heals

. . . thepursuit of materialism has led society into an unnaturalrat race. As a result, modern lifestyle is hectic andstressful. For this, man pays dearly interms of his well-being. Man-induceddiseases, such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes etc. etc are on the rise,claiming their toll for themistakeswe inflict upon ourselves. . . .

Modern societydevised modernunnaturalmethods tocureits chronic diseases but withdisappointing results. . . . The challenge to modern medicine today is tobe able to cure chronic diseases such as cancer, heart problems anddiabetes.

In view of theabove, people with cancer seek alternative therapies. Cancer Care was founded three years (1995) in response to this need. We at Cancer Care believe that the healing ofcancer requires a holistic approach because a person’s well-being depends on notonly his physical, but also his mental and spiritual state. . . . cancer is not a disease as such, but rather a manifestation of thingsgone wrong within us. . . . Perhaps thetime has now come for us to reflect for a while and ask what has gonewrong.

In thefollowing pages, we document the responses of people who take herbs and changetheir diet in an effort to obtain relief from cancer. The chances of a relapse or cancer returningafter an apparent cure is always there even after one has undergone the mostsophisticated and expensive treatment. .. . Read on and make your own judgement of ourwork.

Excerpt. . . 

Cancer Cases:The Succcess Stories


NPK, 80-yearold male


Sometime inOctober 1997, NPK found it difficult to control his urination. This was followed by the presence of someblood in the urine. He went for acheck-up in the hospital. Twice, at sixweekly intervals, the doctor performed a scrapping of the bladderwall.

Cancer Care Therapy

He came to Cancer Care on23 July1998andpresented the following:
  • He was able to eat and sleep well and suffered nopain.
  • He is diabetic.  Otherwise, he was in good health.
  • He felt tired most of the day.
  • Throughout the day, he needed to urinate about everyhalf-hourly.

9 March1998
He reportedthat during the first few days after taking the herbs, he felt tired but a fewdays later, he began to gain more strength.

20 March1998
He had noproblem taking the herbs and passed out foetid gas rather frequently. He reported much improvement in hishealth.
  • He had better appetite.
  • He had more energy, was not tired asbefore.

3 April1998
NPK showedfurther improvement. His urination wasnow less frequent. He needed to urinatetwo to three hours once instead of half-hourly.

26 June1998
It was indeeda great pleasure to see NPK at Cancer Care. He was a pleasant cheerful elderly man and had no complaints. He reported that he needed to urinate aboutthree hours once and at night, he woke up twice for this purpose. He had since stopped receiving medicaltreatment and was satisfied with the herbs.

2 October1998
NPK came toCancer Care and reported that he was doing very fine. He had no complaints. He was still taking the herbs.

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