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Cancer Yet They Live

Cancer Yet They Live
by Chris K. H. Teo & Ch'ng Beng Im
A book that has saved many lives!
This is a book that provides hope and teaches you how to fight and win against cancer. As a scientist and professor in a university, I am fully aware of the requirements of objectivity in making conclusions. I am aware that millions of dollars are being spent each year to do research on cancer. Even the most sophisticated equipment, drugs and the best brains could not cope with this dreaded disease. For me to tell you that roadside weeds could bring relief or "cure" cancer is too simple to be taken seriously. To the educated mind it seems like a big joke. However, a true scientist need not be intimidated by this. The business of science is to seek truth. To know is science, merely to assume that I know is ignorance! The events of the last few years did make me see many things in a new light.

Perhaps, I ought to be more open-minded, see reality and be bold enough to accept ideas and practices even if I cannot explain them scientifically. As a professor of Botany, I only know how to make use of 250 species of plants and there some 500,000-plant species on planet Earth! There is a saying: a little science drives you away from God, but a little bit more of science brings you back to God! The taking of herbs has frequently produced satisfying and amazing results enough to baffle any open-minded doctors. Because of this, we see the need for the co-existence of both traditional and modern medicines. Traditional and modern medicines hold differing views regarding diseases and one's health.

Perhaps, we can tap into the wisdom of both Western and Chinese civilizations and practise this joint wisdom for our benefit and comfort. Fighting a winning war against cancer is not just taking medicines or herbs alone. That is just one part of the exercise. A proper and right diet and the observance of a healthy lifestyle all combine to make you a winner. You may like to relegate the task of fighting against cancer to the doctor alone, preferring to do nothing to help yourself. If you refuse to provide a helping hand to the healing power within you, who else can?

If you have the misfortune of suffering from cancer I would like to pass this message.  Do not despair. Do not give up hope.  Fight on. While there is no promise or guarantee that taking herbs can cure you entirely of your ailment, it has worked positively on many and they have outlived their doctors’ doomsday prediction! Their quality of life has improved; they have suffered less. For some, the pain simply disappeared within days after taking the herbs.

I am also aware that some readers may treat this book with scorn and criticise me. I offer no apology to these skeptics.  Those who followed our advice were helped, their pains lessened if not disappeared completely.   Unbelievable though this may be, I wish to state that this is not a miracle; neither is it a fluke.  I told those who saw us, To die or not is the prerogative of our Creator.  He gave us the wisdom to help you.  Glorify Him!  In this same spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving, my wife and I spent long hours with those who came for help. Our message is contained in this book. 


18 July 1995 I was informed by the doctor of the very bad news that I was suffering from liver cancer at the fourth stage.  There would be no medicine for me.  I was advised to prepare my will.  I have only two months to live.  April 1996 I am still alive.  Now, I am able to live normally, able to eat, sleep and open my bowels regularly.  No more pain.  Praise the Lord !    Yeoh Bak Guan (Ben)

I have suffered cancer on the chest wall for four years and have not been receiving any more medical treatment.  I suffered intermittent intense stinging pain in the armpits and shoulders every day, particularly in the afternoon and evening. This pain immobilized me. 
Now, I do not suffer any more pain.  I no longer take any kind of pain killer.  I have become weak and I have not had a good appetite for some time. Yesterday for the first time in a couple of months, my appetite returned. I am eating well.    Richard Turner, England


The year 1993 was turning out to be the busiest year of my life – meetings to attend, planes to catch, deals to be completed.  I did not even have time to be home in Singapore for my daughter’s 9th birthday.  I was, so I thought a very important person and was also very stressed.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer.  Suddenly all the important meetings did not seem quite as critical anymore.  My cancer had spread into secondaries and the prognosis was relatively poor.

Following months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, I decided that I had to take responsibility for my own healing, and I soon discovered that there was so much I could do to create the environment whereby my body would be given the best opportunity to do what it wanted to do naturally . . . to heal itself.

I discovered that in order to bring my 60 trillion cells back into balance I needed to start feeding them with wholesome, nutritious food.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and grains became part of my daily diet.  Meats, dairy milk, confectionary and other high animal protein food were eliminated from my diet.  I started to meditate to reduce stress, and I learned that is was not necessary to complete more and more business deals just to feel that I was alright.

Listen for the applause inside of you, I was once told.  How true it is!

In 1996 I met Professor Chris Teo and his wife Ch’ng Beng Im, and found that these two wonderful people were providing inspiration to patients and carers throughout the region to allow cancer sufferers to take control of their illness and to empower them to seek ways in which they could actively contribute to their own healing.

Prof. Teo has written two books, Cancer, Yet they Live and recently The Caner Care Therapy.
Both these books and this, the second edition of Cancer, Yet They Live reflect my own passion for life and belief that we as cancer patients, can certainly improve our quality of life through the use of complementary therapies.  In many cases, we can also improve our prognosis.

Today I feel fit and well, and take life a little less seriously.  I try to laugh and smile every day and give thanks for my time on this amazing planet.

I comment Prof. Teo’s book and work to not only cancer patients and those who care for them, but also to anyone wishing to improve their quality of life and who would like to learn how to simply live well.

Ross Taylor
Cancer Support Association of Western Australia Inc.
Author: Living Simply with Cancer.



Chapter 1  Heart to Heart
Chapter 2  Cancer Strikes   
Chapter 3  Doctor, How Much Longer Do I Have?  
Chapter 4  Your Battle Plan - The Cancer Care Therapy     
Chapter 5  The Winners

Chapter   6   Modern vs. Traditional Remedies     
Chapter   7   The Rodent Tuber and Herbal Mixtures
Chapter   8   Food for  Healthy Living
Chapter   9   Poison in Food
Chapter 10   Eat  Smartly


Chapter 2: Cancer Strikes
Cancer is a lifestyle disease.  Cancer is not one specific disease.  It is a process that can affect any organ of the body.  There is no simple answers as to what actually causes cancer.  We can only speculate that the environment in which the cells grow is important.  An abnormal cell environment can perhaps trigger and encourage abnormal cell growth.
There are various known ‘accidents’ in life that are said to cause cancer.  They include exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation, and the consumption of carcinogenic or cancer causing substances found in food.

Chapter 4: Your Battle Plan

Cancerous cells are multiplying in your body and invading your vital organs.  They sap your body of energy and weaken you.  You have to fight and control these cancerous cells.  It is important at the onset to realize that this is your body and it is your war.  You have to fight this war yourself.  We can only advise you, but you are not going to win if you do not have the determination and commitment to help yourself.  A man who gives up hope and resigns his destiny to fate cannot win any war!

We set three goal in your battle against cancer:
  • To help you attain peace of mind and a direction in your life.
  • To help you attain a better quality life
  • To help you recover from cancer and be cancer-free

You must play your part too:
  • Give your total commitment to overcome the disease
  • Seek proper medical advice
  • Take herbs
  • Eat rightly
  • Do exercise and lead a stress-free life

Chapter 5: The Winners

The story of YFK: YFK suffered three cancer attacks, was operated on thrice, underwent three chemotherapy sessions and one radiotherapy . . . almost died.  He found a cure in the rodent tuber.  After one and a half year battling with cancer, YFK was declared cancer-free on 5 August 1999. . . . (This is followed by excerpts of what YFK said).

Sometime in June 1997 Ms M was diagnosed as having lymphoma.  After finishing all medical treatments she came to Cancer Care on 18 August 1998 and started on the Cancer Care Therapy.  On 18 March 1999 we met with Ms M and documented her condition on video tape.  . . .  (This is followed by excerpts of our conversation)

Mr. T a 75-year old man with breast cancer who refused to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy but relied on the herbs instead.  He started taking herbs on 15 November 1996.  We had an interview with Mr. T in Penang on 17 April 1999 i.e. two years and five months afterhis first visit to Cancer Care.  (This is followed by excerpts of our conversation).

As of today, 19 April 2007, all the above are well, leading normal lives.

About the Author

Dr. Chris K. H. Teo, Dip.Agric(M), B.Sc. Agric(Hons)(M), M.S., Ph.D.(Hawaii), Dip.I. Hom., was formerly a professor of Botany. He taught and researched at Universiti Sains Malaysia for twenty six years. He has written about two dozen books and numerous research papers in national and international journals. He was a fellow of the Matsumae International Foundation (1984), a research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (1977) and a fellow of the German Academic Exchange Services (1975). He was a member of the panel of experts appointed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, to review research projects under IRPA programmes. He was an assessor for professorial appointments in some local universities and a referee for research journals in Malaysia. In 1994, he was appointed a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD-OPS) and the government of Bhutan. Chris and his wife, Beng Im founded CA Care in 1995.

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