Ahad, 4 Mac 2012

Power of Mind in Cancer Healing

Understanding: The Power of Your Mind in the Healing of Cancer
by Chris K. H. Teo

Stand Up and Live!

You don't have to die from cancer and many people die unnecessarily and prematurely from this wrong word, which is a wrong belief that produces a wrong mindset. A. Khazam

The insensitivity of scientific medicine to the bad effects of wrong emotions is probably responsible for many failures.  J.D. Frank.

  Belief is a potent medicine. It can generate positive or negative responses in our bodies. A wrong emotional mindset is destructive.

 Patients who participate in their healing succeed while those who take their fate lying down fail.

When you are told that you have cancer, accept the diagnosis  but  do not 
     believe the prognosis. Know that the prerogative of living and dying rests 
     with the Almighty God, not men.

Doctors give their prognosis based on what literature says in terms of statistics. Statistical averages need not necessarily apply to you. You can prove that the statistics are wrong!

 Doctors see only the biological cancer in you. Medicine has long ignored the fact that a person with cancer also suffers from emotional cancer. Emotional cancer is equally serious.

Cancer patients are under extreme emotional stress. The emotional mind is conditioned to believe everything and accept any suggestion without hesitation or questioning.

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