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Durian Belanda


John, the beloved disciple of Jesus wrote the last chapter of the Bible describing how the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. It sounds prophetic that such a tree is found in North and South America, and sourth-east Asia, especially in the Amazon which has the properties to cures a myriad kind of cancer.
"And in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations" (Rev. 22:2).
God has limitless love for His people and prepares all things ahead for His people on earth, including herbs for healing diseases. In Genesis 1:11 before He created man, God said, "Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so."
And God blessed Adam and Eve and said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be meat" (Genesis 1:29).
Description: http://s1.hubimg.com/u/2404576_f260.jpg
The Graviola tree is found in the warm tropical areas in North and South America and south-east Asia. Scientific researches have shown that graviola can effectively cure a number of different cancers. However, big pharmaceutical companies have not pursued manufacturing graviola for reasons that it is not feasible or profitable to sell the product.
Family: Annonaceae
Genus: Annona
Species: muricata
Synonyms: Annona macrocarpa , A. bonplandiana, A. cearensis, Guanabanus muricatus
Common names: Graviola, soursop, Brazilian paw paw, guanábana, guanábano, guanavana, guanaba, corossol épineux, huanaba, toge-banreisi, durian benggala, nangka blanda, cachiman épineux
Part Used: Leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, roots
The Graviola is a small, upright evergreen tree growing 5 to 6 meters in height with large dark green and glossy leaves. Graviola is indigenous to most of the warmest tropical areas in South-east Asia, South and North America including the Amazon. It produces a large heart-shaped edible fruit that is 6-9", yellow green in color, with white flesh. The fruit is sold in local markets in the tropics where it is called Guanabana or Brazilian Cherimoya and is excellent for making drinks and sherbets.
Description: http://s3.hubimg.com/u/2407326_f248.jpg
PROPERTIES AND ACTIONS Main Actions Other Actions
Standard Dosage kills cancer cells relieves depression Leavesslows tumor growth reduces spasms Infusion: 1 cup 3 times dailykills bacteria kills viruses Tincture: 2-4 ml 3 times dailykills parasites reduces fever Capsules: 2 g 3 times daily reduces blood pressure expels worms, lowers heart rate, stimulates digestion dilates blood vessels, stops convulsions, sedates.
Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to:
* Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss
* Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections
* Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment
* Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life.
Description: http://s1.hubimg.com/u/2407420_f248.jpg
Immune System
Scientific Studies -Mechanism of Action
Many of the indigenous applications of Graviola have been substantiated by science, and further exceptional properties have been discovered.
"However, the claim to fame of Graviola is its cytotoxic properties, which means its ability to kill cells. Cytotoxic often refers to the ability to kill cells that are not functioning properly and which can put the whole body at risk. More than 34 cytotoxic compounds have been isolated from Graviola, some of them being up to 100 million times more potent than commonly used cytotoxic compounds. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) prevents making health claims. Therefore, one cannot recommend using the cytotoxic properties of Graviola for the treatment of any disease. However, given the demonstrated properties of Graviola, and given the role of the immune System in eliminating dysfunctional cells, we can say that Graviola is a natural plant that can support the functions of the immune system in an exceptional manner.
The information contained in this article is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. If you have any health concern, it is recommended that you seek the advise of a certified health practitioner ."

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Colon Cancer
Billion-dollar Drug Company Nearly Squashes Astounding Research on Natural Cancer Killer
Members Alert for January 2001 Vol. 5, No 7
Colon and breast cancer conquered with miracle tree from the Amazon found to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. Since our inception in 1996, Health Sciences Institute has scoured the world to find cutting-edge treatments few people have access to or have even heard about. And sometimes, what we uncover startles even the medical mavericks on our board.

University is supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute. Purdue researchers recently found that leaves from the Graviola tree killed cancer cells, “Among six human-cell lines” and were especially effective against prostate and pancreatic cancer cells.

In a separate study, Purdue researchers showed that extracts from the Graviola leaves are extremely effective in isolating and killing lung cancer cells.
Description: http://s3.hubimg.com/u/2407886_f248.jpg
Prostate Cancer

Purdue University is supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute. Purdue researchers recently found that leaves from the Graviola tree killed cancer cells, “Among six human-cell lines” and were especially effective against prostate and pancreatic cancer cells.

In a separate study, Purdue researchers showed that extracts from the Graviola leaves are extremely effective in isolating and killing lung cancer cells.

Perhaps the most significant result of the study cited above from the Catholic University of South Korea, and each of the others we’ve found, is that Graviola was shown to selectively target the enemy –
• Leaves all healthy, normal cells untouched.
• Leaves hair intact
• Leaves stomach cells

According to this study, Graviola seems to be a promising alternative or supplement to mainstream treatments. Studies show Graviola fights more than cancer. While the focus has been on a cure for cancer, significant help has come to those with:
Muscle spasms
High blood pressure
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 1998, the NIH created the 27th NIH, the NCCAM, the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. It studies the health benefits of natural dietary supplements like herbs for cures: nccam.nih.gov
John Hopkins University (JHU) has one of the top 5 medical schools in the country. The fictional super genius Dr House, on the TV show, House, graduated from there. JHU is treating and curing their students with herbs since they do not have side effects like drugs. Says who? Here is the JHU newsletter saying this. The NCI receives over two billion dollars annually in federal funds. Call them at 1-800-4-CANCER and get free information on any type of cancer. http://www.cancer.gov
They tested over 20,000 different plants and found that the leaves of the graviola tree, that grows in the Amazon rainforest, can kill cancer cells. In other words, it is a great cancer cure. They sent this information to the drug companies. A drug company spent millions of dollars testing graviola and found it to be the "magic bullet." That is something that would kill only cancer cells, but not the healthy cells. In other words, the drug company determined that graviola is the best cure for cancer.
SRI LANKAN - (GRAVIOLA MANUFACTURE KILLED BY POWER AND MONEY) http://www.lnkannewspaprs.com/news/2009/8/47373_space.html

"The source of this information is just as stunning: It comes from one of America `s largest drug manufacturers, the fruit of over 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970`s! What those tests revealed was nothing short of mind numbing... Extracts from the tree were shown to:

* Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer..
* The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug!
* What`s more, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectivelyhunts down and kills only cancer cells. It does not harm healthy cells!

The amazing anti-cancer properties of the Graviola tree have been extensively researched--so why haven`t you heard anything about it? If Graviola extract is as half as promising as it appears to be--why doesn`t every single oncologist at every major hospital insist on using it on all his or her patients? The spine-chilling answer illustrates just how easily our health--and for many, our very lives(!)--are controlled by money and power. Graviola--the plant that worked too well." Perhaps we should call these "unproven therapies" since many of them are on the American Cancer Society's infamous black list. Simply because something is "unproven" does not mean that it has been "disproven." And if a therapy fits the following— 1. It works. 2. It's inexpensive. 3. Few, if any, negative side effects. 4. It's not patentable. —odds are it will stay on the black list because no one is going to spend a dime to prove its effectiveness. Medicine is a business. Cancer is a business. The FDA is running a protection racket, protecting drug companies and the AMA from anyone with an inexpensive and effective treatment for money making diseases.

From a clinical standpoint, Graviola still has a long way to go. Its properties have only been studied in a test tube. That's why it has yet to become widely known and accepted.
Despite the mounting collection of laboratory tests and anecdotal reports about this cancer-fighting dynamo, Graviola may always remain an underground therapy!
Graviola has yet to be clinically tested on animals or humans. And because Graviola is a natural product, it can’t be patented. Without the promise of exclusive sales and high profitability, it will likely never again draw the attention of a major drug company or research lab. So we may never see a double-blind clinical study on the tree that’s reported to help defeat cancer.
Money by itself is not evil for it can accomplish a lot of good. It can help feed the poor, clothe them, and shelter them from the cold. Some rich people fall into temptation and a snare when they scheme to get rich by any means. This leads to destruction forsaking the law by fraud. The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:10, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."
The people involved in the scandal of "Graviola" were involved in the sin of "omission" of scuttling the most promising cancer cure by burying the scientific reports and keeping quiet. A lot of lives could have been saved, but they turned a blind eye. Because? of what? They could not make money out of the scheme. Now, no big pharmacy will likely be involved in promoting Graviola for the good of the people. Money is the root of all evil. Sad that "GRAVIOLA MAY ALWAYS REMAIN AN UNDERGROUND THERAPY."

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HOOWANTSTONO 18 months ago
Hi Einron
Yes there have been many discoveries, that heal cancer also AIDS or HIV, but the knowledge will be suppressed,because the controlling bodies Globally prefer that society remains ill and always visiting the doctor and relying on expensive schemes as the only source.
einron 18 months ago
Thanks for commenting. It is a sad affair that controlling bodies will suppress cures that help people. Hopefully, when we publish hubs like this one, it will shame them. Unfortunately, no names are published.
HOOWANTSTONO 18 months ago
I once bought a device that kills parasites in the blood, not for myself but for a person that had AIDS. This person was getting thinner and thinner, till she started using my device. She started gaining weight and her red blood cell count started improving, and eventually she became 100% cured, she gave the device to her brother also with AIDS and he started improving too. The device destroys viruses and micro-organisms in the blood that feed off red blood cells, and this allows the bodies defences to strengthen and eventually become non "Acquired Immune Deficient".
Hendrick Wu 18 months ago

einron 18 months ago
It's interesting to know. Thanks for sharing. Peace.

einron 18 months ago
Hendrick Wu
I just bought juice Soursop/Guanabana under the name of Rubicon. I have not opened it yet. The label says Made in Canada. Will know whether it compares with the fresh soursop I have tasted.

frogyfish 18 months ago
Such truth here, and such deception/greed regarding its development. But keep putting out the word. This is a GREAT hub, and thanks for writing it!
BkCreative 18 months ago
Thanks so much for this information. We know that when people ate a healthy diet of fresh whole foods they were not crippled by these chronic diseases. But since they are it means we should return to food - not toxic chemicals.I am appalled to find how many elders are on so many toxic drugs that are just suppressing symptoms and creating more side effects. They have bought into this nonsense - that getting older means getting sick - it is not true.I'll bookmark your hub so I can share it. Fortunately, there are so many people in NYC from other cultures and they bring their healthy foods with them! This means I can easily find whole graviola. As soursop it is sold in all the West Indian markets here and is often sold as a fresh drink - delicious!

pjk_artist 18 months ago
Wait...are you saying the FDA and drug companies don't care if people die of cancer as long as they keep making money?
Wait...hasn't every head of the FDA sat (or still sits) on the Drug Company's board of directors?
Nah...We'd never let this happen in OUR society.

einron 18 months ago
Thanks for commenting.
Greed and deception are at the bottom of it. Luckily, one of those participants spilled the beans and there are now pills and drinks on the market.

einron 18 months ago
Your comments are great and I am pleased that you bookmark me so your friends can read.
Soursop is sold not only in Indian supermarkets, but also in English and Chinese ones too. I recently bought my soursop drink from an English supermarket.

quicksand 18 months ago
Hello Einron, I believe this fruit is also referred to as 'Noni' in some parts of the world. Thanks for writing this article. You will really be blessed for sharing such valuable information. :)
@HOOWANTSTONO - I guess you are referring to a devise designed by Hulda Regehr Clark. My apologies if I am wrong.

einron 18 months ago
pjk artist
Thanks f0r commenting.
You can read for yourself what the big pharmaceutical company did with the research. It buried the scientific researches.

einron 18 months ago
You are wrong about graviola and noni fruit being the same. I checked out the picture of noni fruit and graviola. The graviola fruit is bigger and has soft spikes on the skin whereas the skin of noni has no spikes.
I had eaten graviola fruit before and they were called soursop and I have heard about noni just a couple of years ago. The fruits aare a little similar in colour, but not in shape.

HOOWANTSTONO 18 months ago
No but a similar type and less complicated, very basic but works Euro60 only
Sorry Einron I was just answering a question

quicksand 18 months ago
Einron, thanks for pointing that out. :)
HOOWANTSTONO, thanks for responding. :)

ethel smith 18 months ago
Interesting. A cure for cancer, 100% would be brilliant

einron 18 months ago
Thank you for your comments.

LivingFood 18 months ago
"Medicine is a business. Cancer is a business." I wish more people would wake up to this awful truth...and then they would have to change.

einron 18 months ago
Thanks for your comments! We all know that medicine is a business and that cancer is also a business with some people. When you are under great stress, you panic and go to your doctor, and when he prescribes any medication, you probably do not argue, but just take the medicine.
Money is at the bottom of the source of everything. Hope we do not get sick. Peace!

dragonbear 17 months ago
Excellent hub! It is a tragedy that some in our world are happy to promote suffering for profit - evil is another term to use perhaps. The answers are under our nose I'm sure... Thanks for highlighting this einron.

einron 17 months ago
Thanks for commenting. The world is only happy when it can make money.

Everyday_mom 17 months ago
Thanks for the article. Graviola/soursop is one of my favorite fruits of all time. Including Dragonfruit, jackfruit, and the all classic watermelon.

einron 17 months ago
I did taste what my brother had in his fridge on soursop. It is quite delicious.

joque 17 months ago
Wow, thank you Einron. God bless you

einron 17 months ago
You are welcome. God bless.
gray 17 months ago
I live in Costa Rica, where guanaba (AKA: graviola, soursop, ...) is used as an ingredient in many tasty items, including a great italian ice. I have decided that I must grow these "arbolitos" for the healing properties in the other parts of the plant. I'm thinking of making a cream or liquid from a puree of the leaves and seeds for their healing properties. I wonder if anyone has had experience with such a product, whether it really eliminates fungal and bacterial infections and skin cancers.
Gray 17 months ago
When taken internally, does graviola eliminate the beneficial bacteria in the gastro-intestinal system?

einron 17 months ago
Whether it really eliminates fungal and bacterial infections and skin cancers, you have to research yourself if you wish to make it into a business.
You have to do research or get someone to research before you begin to make it into a business project.
Texas breast reduction 17 months ago
hello einron, I just want to emphasize the good work on this blog, has excellent views and a clear vision of what you are looking for

MrSpock 16 months ago
An excellent hub! Will be on the lookout for this at the market.

einron 16 months ago
Texas breast reduction
Thank you for very good response.

einron 16 months ago
Thank you very much for your review. Appreciate it!
DeBorrah K. Ogans 16 months ago
Eniron, This was a very informative hub! Natural remedies are always better! This has been quite educational, I have learned much here. I was not aware of graviola! This was excellent Thank you for sharing, In His love & Blessings!

einron 16 months ago
Thank you for commenting. Your comments are always a pleasure to receive. Blessings!

drpastorcarlotta 16 months ago
Hello einron, long time no see! Blessings to you and yours always!!! This Hub is very informational and well written. I love to read your Hubs, you blesses me, ALWAYS!! Thank you so much!

einron 16 months ago
Hello! Thanks for writing. I do not know why none of your hubs are sent to me. Blessings from God.
Dan 15 months ago
I´m from Tijuana, Mexico and I have seen 3 different miracles where the Graviola helps (Colon, prostate, lunge) There´s no more cancer in those people! and by now I´m trying to see if it´s going to work with a diabetic person. THANKS GOD! for graviola, they really work!

einron 15 months ago
Thank you Dan for your witnessing. I am sure many people who read this will also thank you. God bless you.
Check my other hubs which tell of other cures for diabetics.
Ken 12 months ago
I just bought juice Soursop/Guanabana under the name of Rubicon. I have not opened it yet. The label says Made in Canada. Will know whether it compares with the fresh soursop I have tasted.

einron 12 months ago
I have tasted the juice under the name Rubicon. It's quite OK
but a bit sweet.

DaKingsKid 8 months ago
Thank you for sharing..I am going to go back through and read this again..

einron 8 months ago
You are welcome to read again and again if you so wish.
Maribel 6 months ago
Bad thinking and lifestyle can also make you sick and eventually kill you, read Proverbs 18:21 and 13:7. I believe all treatments should begin at home and not in doctors office or hospitals, all they'll do is make people sicker by giving toxic drugs and eventually kill them, just a waste of money and life. I lost some family members from cancers, if only I'd known this then, they would probably still be here. Greedy governments, all they care is making money and very little about others. The cure has been with us the whole time since the Almighty created the world. It can be at grocery stores, health food stores, farmers markets, juice bars and even at home. May God open people's eyes to see the truth.

einron 6 months ago
Thanks for the comments. Cures are with us, but whether we take the right cures or not. Pray that people see the truth.

kesinee 4 months ago
This is one of my most favorite drink when I worked in KL, Malaysia. This fruit is sweet and sour. It's very good to make it as a beverage. Try it then you will love it.
einron 4 months ago
Graviola or sour sop drink is quite pleasant to drink, but I find it a bit too sweet. They are sold here in Canada in some food markets.
Hetly Betsy Lohonauman 2 months ago
Two weeks ago my mom (75 y.o) was rushed to hospital. From all the medical/lab.reports we found out that she has Ovarium cancer at the very last stadium (4A) and only has 3- 6 month time to live.Six days ago she left the hospital as that what we thougth the best was for her. From the very first day I heard about this most striking news, I immediately contacted all my families and friends to find graviola leaves and fruit for her. I've learned about this amazing fruit since 1.5 years ago through internet. She's been consuming it ever since. Praise the almighty God, these past 6 days every time I call her (since I live in the Netherlands and she in Indonesia) she sounds much better than when she was in the hospital. Even,this afternoon when I called her she told me that she just came back from church. In two days from now she'll be flying back to her home city which is about 1.45 hour flying to meet her other children and grandchildren whom she misses tremendously. Medically we have no more hope as Chemo is not an option according to the doctors. But in God we have endlessly hope and with this very miracalous given fruit, we hope mom will be an instrument to spread the wonder that God has provided us in such a very easy and cheap way. Graviola plants are either wild or garden plants in our country (Indonesia) but most people do not know how amazing they can do to our lives. Praise the Lord !

einron 2 months ago
Glad to know your mom is getting better. There is also help for those taking chemo. Fresh lemon drink helps to offset chemo.
See below:
Hetly B.Lohonauman 2 months ago
Im very keen to share the great news about my mom. Today she flew back home, spending about 6 total hours being on the way from my brother's to my sister's house in other province(the flight itself was only 1.5 hours). The greater about this is that since yesterday she doesn't use Catheter anymore! She can do whatever needs by herself, so much different from two weeks ago when even to speak I could almost understand nothing of what she said. Just now when I called her, she told me about so many things, her voice was back to her former voice before she was in the hospital. It's absolutely amazing because less than 2 weeks ago she wasn't able to do anything by herself. According to the doctors the cancer has spread everywhere and prevented her from doing her 'basic needs'. Besides all the prayers and support from everyone, she's been consuming graviola for 1.5 week, drinking the water of boiled leaves 2x per day and eating the fruit at least at lunch time. We continue supporting her in prayers and any way possible as that's the ultimate healers and she will continue consuming graviola (the leaves and fruit).
I strongly recommend everybody,especially those who can get this fruit easily, to seriously think about making graviola as part of their daily or at least weekly menu. God knew and knows what exactly we need and has therefore provided us all for free.

einron 2 months ago
Hetty B Lohanauman
Thank you for your update on your mother. It is wonderful to hear about her progress after 1.5 week of taking graviola. Praise and thank God for the glory.
I am giving you my profile so you can read more articles about Christianity and food about cancer. God bless.
GOD Provides Herbs for Food: Fresh LEMON GRASS Drinks help cure Cancer www.hubpages.com/hub/godprovidesherblemongrasscurecancer
LIVING WATER saves SOULS and cures CANCER, etc www.livingwatersavessoulscurecscancer
GARLIC CURES CANCER: My 98 year old uncle eats fresh garlic every day www.hubpages.com/hub/garliccurescancer98yearuncleeatsgarlic
AVOCADO CURES PROSTATE CANCER, ORAL CANCER AND HELP DIABETES http://hubpages.com/hub/avocadocuresprostateoralcancer
TOFU CAN SLASH OVARIAN AND COLORECTAL CANCER IN POST MENOPAUSAL WOMEN http://hubpages.com/hub/tofuslashovariancolorectalcancer
MAGIC REISHI OR LINGZHI MUSHROOM CURES CANCER, HIV ETC. http://hubpages.com/hub/magicreishilingzhimushroomcurescancerhiv
GOD'S FOOD: BROCCOLI CURES CANCER http://hubpages.com/hub/godsfoodbroccolicurescancer
GOD'S FRUIT: BLUEBERRIES FIGHT CANCER, ETC. http://hubpages.com/hub/godfruitblueberriesfightcancer

http://cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancer-questions/can-graviola-cure-cancer  _ Negative coMMENT FROM UK MAYBE CHEMOTHERAPY / ADRIAMYCIN SUPPORTER GROUP:
Graviola is a substance that comes from a tree in the rain forests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. Its scientific name is Annona muricata. It is also known as cherimoya, guanabana, soursop, custard apple, and brazilian paw paw. In many countries, people use the bark, leaves, root, and fruits of this tree for traditional remedies. The active ingredient is thought to be a type of plant compound (phytochemical) called annonaceous acetogenins.People in African and South American countries have used graviola to treat infections with viruses or parasites, rheumatism, arthritis, depression, and sickness. We know from research that some graviola extracts can help to treat these conditions. In laboratory studies, graviola extracts can kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs. But there haven’t been any large scale studies in humans. So we don't know yet whether it can work as a cancer treatment or not. Overall, there is no evidence to show that graviola works as a cure for cancer. Many sites on the internet advertise and promote graviola capsules as a cancer cure, but none of them are supported by any reputable scientific cancer organisations.We know very little about how graviola affects the body. But we do know it can cause nerve changes, causing symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. So it may have harmful side effects for some people. Always talk to your doctor before taking any kind of complementary or alternative therapy.Graviola costs more than £5 for 100 capsules. The manufacturers advise taking 2 capsules, 3 to 4 times a day. So 100 capsules could last less than 2 weeks. We do not support the use of graviola to treat cancer. Our advice is to be very cautious about believing information or paying for any type of alternative cancer therapy on the internet.

Also known as Annona muricata, soursop or guananbaba, the possible Graviola cancer cure has been under investigation since the 1940s. This tropical plant grows in Central and South America and has been purposely grown for its healing properties for more than three centuries. The bark, fruit, leaves and roots have been utilized in folk medicines mainly as a sedative. However, native South American healers have used the plant to improve ailments such as heart complaints, arthritis, liver problems, fevers and asthma.Researchers have found that Graviola does show remarkable potential healing properties and has given positive results in test tube studies. However as yet, there have been no clinical trials on humans or animals.The National Cancer Institute carried out the first modern clinical research on Graviola in 1976. Tests done at Perdue University found that prostate, lung and pancreatic cancerous cells were killed by the leaves of the Graviola plant. Further studies were conducted to investigate the chemical effects of the plant in laboratory tests, however tests on humans or animals are required to create conclusive results. Studies in Korea resulted in findings that cells from colon cancer where destroyed more effectively 10,000 times stronger - using Graviola than Adriamycin, a popular chemotherapy drug. Taken in isolation and with the quest continuing to find a cure for cancer Graviola certainly seems to be very effective.
There are known side effects from chemotherapy which is used on tumors like mesothelioma cancer, such as hair loss and nausea. However, Graviola only targeted and killed the carcinogenic cells leaving normal healthy cells alone, much more preferable than toxic drugs which can kill the cancer but also the healthy cells. Cancers such as malignant mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma are aggressive cancers caused by exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral used in building. Its use has now been banned.In traditional native folk medicine, the seeds of Graviola are utilized in the removal of parasites in the human body. Jamaicans and West Indians eat the fruit to stop diarrhea and lower fevered body temperatures. Brazilians make a tea from Graviola to relieve liver complaints and extract oils from the seeds to improve rheumatic conditions and arthritis. In Guyana the leaves are made into a tea and drank for a healthy heart and as a sedative.The Graviola herb has shown promising results and the active ingredients are called Annonaceous acetogenins. In test tubes they have aggressive anticancer results and only a small amount is needed to produce positive effects 1 part in 100,000,000 for example.The Graviola tree cancer cure is still under trial but, worldwide, there are more than two thousand varieties of plants in the Annonaceae family and the potential for further cures to serious diseases is clearly exciting. Graviola supplements and Graviola extract are available to aid well-being and taken as a general healthful tonic for the body. The fruit is high in carbohydrates especially fructose and contains significant vitamins C, B1 and B2. So, it seems that there is hope, however, more in depth research needs to be conducted to produce a definitive graviola cancer cure. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3564690

I've been taking Graviola in combination with other Amazon Herbs for several years. I've bought Graviola from Rain-tree, but if your on chemotherapy it works more effectively in combination with other herbs to the support the lymphatic system. This information comes by way of a naturopathic physician that has used Graviola for many years. At first he found the kill off of cancer cells was so extrordinary that it created a problem with the backup of toxins in the lymphatic system, causing some side effects and inflammation at the tumor site, in his own words. So, Dr. Hawver who incidentely is on the advisory board of the Amazon Herb Company, formulated what is known as Gravizon with 19 herbs including Graviola. Herbs such as una de gato (cats claw), pau de arco and many more that are effective against cancer. Hers a link to Gravizon. http://lifesource.amazonherb.net/ProductInfo.aspx?ItemID=5027
Heres a list of herbs in this incredable formula... Graviola of course!
Camu Camu
Sangre de Drago
Pau D’ Arco
Uña de Gato
Chanca Piedra
Dong Quai
Tangerine Peel
Bitter Orange
Dalergia Wood
Espinheira Santa
Muira Puama
This doc treats cancer patients from all over the world. I met him in person.. I use Gravizon every day.. It keeps me in remission. Its a great detox formula for every day and works well with chemo supporting the lymphatic and immune system. The herbs from the Amazon Herb co. are whole plant herbs containing the total profile of the plant, so less likely to cause side effects whereas the Rain-tree herbs are from extracts, not that there not good. I like to buy Graviola and una de Gato from rain-tree in bulk to add to my smoothy.Doc Hawver has a CD intitled, "Know Your Body, Feed Your System. Rainforest nutrition for life" If you want a copy I can send you one, or to anyone else that interested.Another Doctor, thats on the same advisory board uses Gavizon along other agents in his treatment protocols. He has a free lecture that can be emailed, called, The Natural Supportive Therapy for Cancer Cessation. He details some of the 22 agents he uses with his patients. Heres a preview to research.

Hidden Cancer Cure Comes to the U.S.
Mushrooms that fight cancer.. http://form.hsibaltimore.com/reports/mushroom_cancer.pdf 

Another formula this homeopathic doctor uses with great success, is what he calls, a non-toxic form of chemotherapy.. http://www.polymvasurvivors.com/
Theres a weed growing, possibly in your backyard, Native American knew about centuries ago that shrinks tumors. They diden't know about cancer but they were affiliated with physical conditions related to tumors. They simply made a tea from this weed. (Bindweed) Science has identified the active compound that starves the tumor as a angiogenesis inhibitor. (shuts down the blood supply). What, your oncologist diden't tell you about this! Its available on the internet. You can copy this lecture off the internet and educate your oncologist...
The three amigos, below.. (cancer killers) Database from www.rain-tree.com  on Graviola..
Article on Graviola...

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