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elokla berusaha dahulu barulah berserah. Kita dilarang putus asa. Tuan boleh melayari laman sesawang di bawah ini untuk keterangan lebih lanjut:

Natural medicinal herb as an alternative cancer treatment  using  Rodent Tuber aka Keladi Tikus extract

Typhonium Flagelliforme has proven to heal cancer patients such as breast cancer , colon cancer, rectum cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, cervical and lung cancer.Yes, it heals haemorrhoid and vaginal discharge too.
What is Typhonium Flagelliforme?
Typhonium Flagelliforme (Lodd) BL is the scientific name for rodent tuber in English or keladi tikus in Bahasa Melayu. It is also known as Tu Ban Xia or Lao Shu Yu in Chinese. It is categorized as an araceae plant that only reaches a height between 25cm to 30cm only. It grows typically  in a moist habitat and should be kept from direct sunlight. The green leaves are round and pointy at the end form like a betel leaf shape. Typhonium flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus is a herbal plant grows in East Asia. Usually people around this area use these plants as a traditional medicine in their daily life.
Is TYPHONIUM FLAGELLIFORME (RODENT TUBER / KELADI TIKUS) the best alternative cancer treatment?
Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) was discovered by a professor from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Chris K.H. Teo. which is also the patron of the Penang Cancer Care in Malaysia. He found from a research conducted since 1995 on the crop appears to successfully overcome the problem of cancer. As of August 1998, he has successfully helped more than 800 local and foreign patients, including New Zealand, America, India, Indonesia and Australia. …Until now (August, 1998) this herb have been proven in helping 800 local and outside patients, including those from New Zealand, USA, India, Indonesia and Australia.”- Prof. C Teo KH., USM, Penang. Another person who has also conducted a research on the Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) is Mr Lai Choo Sheen from Medicine Research Center, Universiti Sains Malaysia. He found that Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) contains fitol which serves as an anti-cancer substance. There are also reviews from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta Indonesia that Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) is able to prevent the development of cancer cells by cutting the DNA chain of cancer cells. In general, Typhonium flagelliforme ( keladi tikus / rodent tuber) contains detoxification agent which helps to clean toxins and improve our digestive systems in the body, improve blood circulation and restore the resilience of the missing anti-body. A female engineer of the JKR headquarters in Kuala Lumpur had spinal cancer, had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment , her body was weak, thin and her hair had fallen entirely. She  was taking this herb for several months, she finally recovered-  her hair grew back and she returned to work as usual. A teacher has found herself  jaded and lifeless.After a medical examination, they found a small bulge in her breast, and doctors suspected  it was a starting point of   breast cancer. She took two bottles of “Keladi Tikus ”capsules for the first trial. After taking few capsules for couple of weeks, she felt better and most remarkably,  the cancer tumor was shrinking, and now she is back and is happy to teach as usual.
Scientifically, researchers have found three major substances in the Typhonium flagelliforme ( keladi tikus / rodent tuber) plants are: -
1. Ribosome inacting protein (RIP)
Functioning as an agents of weakening growth of cancer cells, kill the cancer cells without disturbing the surrounding system and prevent cancer growth.
2. Anti-oxidant agent
Functioning as an agent to prevent the occurrence of genetic damage
3. Curcumin agent
Function as an anti-inflammatory agents or anti-inflammation.
Combination of this three substances, enable to develop the mediator that stimulates strong body immune system that’s work together to fight cancer cells.
In addition to these three substances, it also contains high essential amino acid known as Arginine. In the normal growth of animals, plants and microbes, Arginine works as agents that sustain normal metabolism and propagation of cells.

Will you get your keladi tikus supplements today, while you still have a chance? – It’s proven to be the best alternative cancer treatment

  • Low medical costs and affordable by all users.
  • Treats the cancer naturally without side effects
  • Enjoy life more confident, peaceful and calm.
  • Reduce the side effects commonly experienced by cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Safe to be taken while undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
  • Restore energy and appetite of cancer patients.
  • It is proven to have anti cancer and bacteria substances which have been tested in the lab of University Putra Malaysia (UPM).
  • Registered under Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
  • Guaranteed 100% Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) with zero usage of unwanted chemicals in each dose.
  • Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) is planted using organic fertilizer and we use only the fresh leaves in our products. Emphasis on the quality, we manually harvest the matured trees only, it is to ensure the quality and positive impact of this herb to patients. We are not using any pesticides in order to control the quality of our products.We  are proud to claim that our product is  free from any chemical substance.
  • Typhonium flagelliforme’s (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) natural habitats are now hard to be found and we believe  with the unstable weather condition nowadays really affect the plants habitat.
  • The cancer patients:
    • Breast
    • Cervical
    • Lung
    • Rectum
    • Cervical
    • Prostate
    • Blood (leukemia)
    • Tumor
    • And other types of cancers even at  level 3 and above.
  • Practitioners of alternative medicine
  • Cancer specialists and doctors
  • Distributors of health products
  • Pharmacies and Chinese drug stores (sen seh)
  • Those with a history of family members who had cancer.
  • Those who had a history of suffering from cancer.
  • People with haemorrhoid
  • Women that are affected by vaginal discharge.
Also can be consumed as a daily supplements in order to prevent cancer by everyone  especially for those with the high risk to be affected by cancer. (i.e.  smoker and alcoholic)
Also safe to be taken by children with a lower dose.
Strictly prohibited for pregnant women.

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