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Ubat Darah Tinggi Sebabkan Barah

Ubat Darah Tinggi Menyebabkan Barah

Common Blood Pressure Medication Increase Cancer 25%

We'll never have a cure to cancer if we don't identify the cause. I'm surprised at how many people miss this.  
What good is a cancer cure if you're still exposing yourself to the cause? Cancer isn't the elusive illness that it was two decades ago.  

In Over-The-Counter Natural Cures I showed how the biological superpower behaves and why it's so deadly.  From it's early beginning as a twisted portion of DNA, to its growth as rogue tumor disrupting organ function, I taught that by feeding our body key nutrients, the immune system mounts a deadly attack. But if we keep tossing cancer-causing substances down our throat, our innate defense mechanisms eventually throw in the towel. The medical community refuses to act according to this logic - what I termed nutrient logic. This is best illustrated by the rampant use of blood pressure medication. A recent study by  UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute reviewed 60,000 patients.

What they found was mind blowing. "We have found the risk of new cancers was increased with these medications [blood pressure drugs] by 8-11 percent," said Dr. Ilke Sipahi, associate director of heart failure and transplantation and assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. "Most importantly, risk of lung cancer was increased by 25 percent." We all have friends and family who take these medication as an attempt to increase lifespan.  But the fact is, they're trading low blood pressure for a potential cancer diagnosis.  If these medication were the only option, it might make sense.  But it's not.
You have 100,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries - that's the same distance from Los Angeles to New York and back, twice!  The heart provides the energy to push oxygen and nutrients throughout this vast network.  
When blood pressure rises, it can mean that there's a road block somewhere in the system...Or it might just mean you're having a killer workout or a damn good time in Vegas. Either way, you want to make sure your cardiovascular system is well equipped to handle the pressure.  To make that happen, we need the following:
A strong heart Clot free blood. Arteries that can open to accommodate for increased blood flow. Blood pressure medication actually work against all three of these!
Yes, blood pressure medication "lower" your blood pressure numbers.  But their benefit is illusory because they are damaging your body as a means of lowering your blood pressure numbers.

Two Ways Blood Pressure Medication Weaken Your Body
- They work directly on the heart to weaken contractions.  That releases pressure, but disrupts distribution of much needed oxygen and nutrients, which is why heart failure is a well-known side-effect.
- They work directly on muscles surrounding portions of the cardiovascular system to lower the mechanical stress. That releases pressure too, but disrupts muscle function and growth, leading to atrophy and weight gain, which is why weight gain is a side effect. At the same time, users risk cancer because the medication attack our genetic map, DNA.  You don't have to ruin your health in an attempt to live healthier, longer! Nature has answers.  That's why I designed CardioFX - an all natural blood pressure regulating supplement that strengthens your body. If every cardiologist in America recommended this lifesaving heart tonic, nobody would be using blood pressure medication because it lower blood pressure in minutes, and that is verifiable!  But that's not all.  When used twice daily it can relieve or reverse:

Deadly blood clots and even congestive heart failure
And it does it all without the cancer risk!

I didn't become "The People's Chemist" so I could design, produce and promote limp cures.  I did it so people could have real choices,  that offered measurable results.  CardioFX does just that.  See the report here :

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