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35% Off News, Cures

To continue my battle against censorship, I'm offering an
unadvertised 35% off my Secret Health Files...You 
WONT SEE THE DISCOUNT on the info page, but it will be applied when 
you check out!  This product is also shipping WORLDWIDE!

(Offer good only while supplies last - Have overstock due to extra copies made
on last manufacturing run and I want to get this into as many hands as possible!)

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Want to Discover the New Cures to Help You Live Longer, Better?

Want to Stop Getting Shellacked by Big Pharma?  

Want to Learn What Was Left Out Of my Book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures?

Then take action and start kicking ass with real education and actionable advice found
in my Secret Health Files!

...Sure, I Might use Profanity, But With This much Dirt on Big Pharma and Natural Cure 
Gurus, Who Wouldn't?

Read on to discover:

How The Wrong Calorie Can Kill You                                                                  
How To Defy Aging DNA The Easy Way: Add 10 Years To Your Life 
How To Obtain Digestive Health On A Dollar Budget 
The Healing Secrets Of The Inca: Beat Malaria, Soothe Pain, Get Your Libido Back
How resveratrol, folic acid or vitamin D might be killing you
Cholesterol - What They Are Not Telling You 
Four Ways To Reduce Inflammation And C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Without Crestor 
The Athletes Deadly Mistake: Avoid This To Enhance Performance And Smother Age Accelerating Free Radicals 
...And lots more!

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Read the Secret Health files FACT SHEET at

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