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Natural Cancers Remedies Vs Drugs

Natural Cancers Remedies Vs Drugs

It is common knowledge among scientists and natural / holistic doctors that certain nutrients are taken out of our food so we get cancer? There are many different foods and herbs that have healing properties that have been used for hundreds of years before the money making drugs were discovered. Natural products can not be patented but synthetic drugs can be. To learn how and why big drug companies have manipulated the system so they can sell synthetic drugs that are inferior so they can make money, Read the Ultimate One Page Cancer Report free. Watch "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video" and Download "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1 and all at no cost a the next link now

Don't let this crash your metabolism

Did you know that regardless of diet or exercise that blood pressure meds will make you fat?  I've been saying this for years and now even The Lame Stream Media is warning people about it!

"REUTERS: Blood pressure drugs known as beta-blockers could be helping to fuel the obesity epidemic, by dampening the body's ability to
burn calories and fat over the long term, researchers say in a
new report." Obesity and diminished lifespan are a hefty price to pay for lowering blood pressure!

Especially since there is a safe, all-natural remedy that wipes out high
blood pressure...RESTORES heart health...STRENGTHENS arteries...BUSTS unruly blood clots and even boosts oxygen intake and nutrient distribution! Before you take another prescription med for heart health, you need to learn about CardioFX!  know for certain it may save your life, and also increase the quality of it. Listen to what one fan had to say: "I have always suffered from strong pains in my legs and in my
chest...I ended up at the hospital. With electrocardiograph, the doctors couldn't find anything.  I started taking Cardio FX and right away I noticed the difference.  At night I was able to breath better, my "so called chest pain" was gone! same with the leg pains. Now I can work out, something I was never able to do before, my physical strength is a lot better and it feels great!" - CardioFX Fan

Don't let your heart be without CardioFX! Watch this video:

Best, The People's Chemist 3600 Cerrillos Dr. #714C-802
Sante Fe, New Mexico 87507
You might be wondering why the "war on cancer" that President
Nixon started many years ago has not produced any results. If you really want to know what the FDA, various government  agencies, and big pharmacy companies don't ever want you to know about cancer, click the next link to watch the video right now online at no cost! I wanted to give you the option to hear from real people who have won the battle against cancer! On the video "World Without Cancer" and the site below you will hear such testimonies. Click the next link below to watch "The Ultimate Cancer Cover Up Video"... Also get the "The Miracle Mineral Book" Part 1 and the "Ultimate One Page Cancer Report"  all at no cost at the next link now!

Cinnamon and Milk Thistle

Many readers already know that I spent years perfecting the most
potent blend of cinnamon and milk thistle - a product I now call
Cinnergy.  This weekend I sold a record number of bottles,
and many of them went to repeat customers.  I also got a record
number of questions and I thought I'd address them publicly because
everyone should here the answer, whether you take cinnamon and
milk thistle, or not! Since its release, third party reviews have called Cinnergy,"The most potent detoxifying, anti-aging, fat-burning and health
promoting supplements we've ever tested."

Now, the reason it is so potent is because I use a whole herb "extraction"
process.  A fan recently emailed to say, "I'm interested in the Cinnergy
product that you wrote about. But I understand that the ingredients are "extracted." Is that done using a chemical process? And what is the benefit of extracting the ingredients?"

First of all, I want to applaud this fan for being concerned about the way this supplement is produced. Too many people blindly assume that all nutritional supplements are safe and effective. This is simply not true. In fact, some supplements aren't even natural!  (Read that sentence again, please.)

Many commercial "vitamin" products, for example, are produced
from synthetic ingredients (including petroleum extracts and coal
tar derivatives) and can be downright harmful!  As "The People's
Chemist," I would never use a chemical extraction process!  EVER!

The Extraction Process

"Extraction" is simply a way of making the ingredients in   Cinnergy more powerful and more potent. And in this case, it's done with purified water and oil so that I can pull out the entire spectrum of water soluble and fat soluble, healing compounds. If you want to know how it works, think of it like you're making coffee...

Let's say that you pour half a cup of coffee grounds into a
French press and then steep those grounds in hot water. But instead of drinking the coffee, let's say you pour it off to the side and discard the used grounds. Next, add a fresh batch of coffee grounds to the French press. Then heat the existing coffee again and pour it over the new beans.

Once this second batch has steeped, you pour the coffee to the side again and throw away the beans. Now, imagine repeating this process three more times. At the end of the process you would still have just one batch of
coffee - but it would be FIVE TIMES more potent than the first batch you brewed. Next, imagine that you take the pot of coffee and slowly evaporate the water. This would leave only the solids behind. These solids could then be powdered and put into capsules. In this example, just one small capsule might have the same amount of caffeine (and antioxidant power) that would normally be found in five cups of coffee!...Now think how that translates into providing a pill loaded with the medicinal compounds from cinnamon and milk thistle!

Water/oil extraction is a perfectly natural and time-tested process that can greatly enhance the potency of an ingredient. And that's exactly what I do with Cinnergy.

The cinnamon is extracted five times, while the milk thistle goes through the process four times. The end result is a highly potent detoxifying, anti-aging, fat burning and health promoting natural supplement...My wife likes to call it her "sexy body insurance" because by controlling blood sugar and insulin levels, it SLOWS the aging process! Not only does it cause you to age slower, but it also makes you feel younger too thanks to an increase in energy throughout the day! Cinnergy Is The Guardian of Fitness and Health. I'm Not Making This Up!

I've written about the vast benefits of cinnamon and milk thistle for the last 5 years. And over that time, I've watched companies adulterate their products with toxic substances like chromium picolinate, processed soy oils, titanium dioxides and sodium lauryl sulfates.

Worse, I've even tested other products that claim to be potent water or alcohol extracts and found they didn't carry ANY of the medicinal compounds intended by Mother Nature. Once altered in the lab, my results showed conclusively that the quality of products dwindled. Yet, science continues to discover the vast benefits of using "medicinally active" cinnamon and milk thistle. Therefore, I set out to offer a safe and effective product like Cinnergy so that consumers could avoid the marketing shenanigans of the supplement industry, while also using it as the guardian of their health, fitness, and longevity.  PLUS, ANYONE CAN AFFORD IT.

Important Message on Price and Potency

Would you believe that people send me emails bitching about my price for Cinnergy without doing the math?  I'm going to set the record straight...If you were to buy the weak cinnamon and milk thistle products sold in retail stores, you would be paying double or triple!  (I'm yelling that.)

Cinnergy is so potent that it remains in your body for days!

Therefore, if you are not Type II diabetic, you should only be taking one capsule every three to four days!  That's it!  If you are diabetic and trying to get control of your blood sugar without meds, then you can follow the instructions on the label. Once you combine that with an eating plan that ignites Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) as outlined in my book,
Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, you can lower your dose.

What this means is that Cinnergy is not only the most potent form
of cinnamon and milk thistle, but also THE WORLDS MOST
INEXPENSIVE.  A bottle can last as long as seven months, costing
you as little as $4 dollars each month!  Bam!

Supply does not last.  Order Cinnergy now and get a FREE eBook
that teaches you about the Glycemic Index and how best to use it:

72 Bottles of this Cinnamon and Milk Thistle Product Left
If you've been paying attention, then you know that out-of-control blood sugar is currently the biggest threat to longevity! My latest product Cinnergy is poised to curb the threat and do a lot more!  That's why it's so popular!  I currently have 72 bottles left.  I'll be working hard to get more ins stock in the future.  But if you want to stay on top of your health, order Cinnery here:

Cinnergy replaces ALL prescription drugs that are being used to lower blood sugar!  Commonly used medications like Actos (pioglitazone), Glucophage (metformin) or Avandia (rosiglitazone) might lower blood sugar levels by 15 percent to 20 percent, but this doesn't translate into better
health because it's simply the result of poisoning the liver. Quite the opposite, a drop in blood sugar due to medication results in early death!

In a press release issued by the Department of Health and Human
Services, the U.S. government alerted the public about the hypoglycemic risk: "Intensively targeting blood sugar [with hypoglycemic drugs] to
near-normal levels in adults with Type II diabetes at especially high risk for heart attack and stroke does not significantly reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events, such as fatal or nonfatal heart attacks or stroke, but increases risk of death, compared to standard treatment."

If you want to beat bad blood sugar, get aggressive with CINNERGY.

Type II diabetics only need 1-2 capsules daily and all others only need 1-2 capsules WEEKLY! It's that potent.

Cause of depression
Nobody should be taking antidepressant meds, period.  They don't work.  It's been proven. But, that's not to say that depression is not a real and present danger. Depression robs you of motivation and the drive you need to live your best life. There is a cure! It was recently published that, "when healthy participants were deprived of sleep, they had greater brain activity after viewing upsetting images than their well-rested counterparts, which is
similar to the reaction that depressed patients have, noted one of the study authors." Dr. Matthew Edlund summed up these findings saying that, "If you don't sleep, you don't have time to replenish [brain cells], the brain stops functioning well, and one of the many factors that could lead to
is depression." Numerous other studies done over the last 20 years only substantiate this recent finding.  You need DEEP RESTFUL SLEEP every night if you want to be happy.  Does that mean you need prescription
sleep pills?  Of course not.  You don't need to be knocked-out cold.  You need to induce deep REM SLEEP!

That's why I designed SerotoninFX, an incredibly effective, all-natural sleep aid.  It works extremely  well, even on the toughest cases of sleep deprivation!  Here is what one client recently experienced. "My dad has never been a good sleeper his whole life! He can fall asleep but could never stay asleep. I made him take SerotoninFX while staying the weekend with me and he didn't wake up once! He was thrilled! You are definitely doing something right! Keep it up and a HUGE thank you for everything you have done for my family!" SerotoninFX combines an ultra-potent blend of valerian root and all-natural L-tryptophan.

Learn more about its potency and what else it helps at:

Have you ever wondered why the "war on cancer" that President Nixon started many years ago has not produced any results. If you really want to know what the FDA, various government agencies, and big pharmacy companies don't ever want you to know about cancer, click the next link to watch the video right now online at no cost!

How much vitamin B17 should I take?

If you are preventing cancer, 7 to 10 seeds per day or one 100mg tablet according to the book "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin is enough.According to the book "World Without Cancer" if you are trying to get rid of cancer, the injectable vitamin B17 and the raw apricot seeds are the best but, the injectable vitamin B17 needs to go into the vein. If you can not do the injectable, then the 500mg tablets and the seeds are the next best thing.  As with anything you start out with low doses and increase slowly. If you get nauseated back off a little and let your body get use to the level you are at for a few days and then try to increase again.  You can work your way up to as many as 20 500mg per  day if possible. The idea is to get as much in your system as you can without making yourself nauseated. Then go on a maintenance does. Other things you can do to help. Take high levels 10,000mg to 20,000mg of vitamin C each day Start out at low doses and increase slowly to prevent detoxing to fast.

Drink Alkaline water.

De-chlorinate your bath and shower water.

Breathe clean indoor air...

Use chemical free personal care products

Eat organic food and drink raw cow or goat milk. Click the next link to sign up and watch the free video called "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin also known as "The Ultimate Cancer Cure Video" video at the bottom of this web site

Vitamin b17, Apricot Seeds, MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) click link.

"World Without Cancer" see...

Because the government and big business do not want one person to help another I must give the following disclaimer. I am not a doctor or licensed in any way. The information I give is only my opinion and you are responsible for yourself and for anything  you do, eat, or take.  It is your responsibility
to do your own research.

"What pill should I take, Shane?"
 I hear that one a lot.  And it's a good question because if  you aren't taking the right pill, then you are either wasting money or worse, risking your health. You should only take pills based on two things:
1.  Your desired goals
2.  Measurable results that are in line with those goals
Keeping those two requirements in mind, everyone's "pill protocol"
could look very different.  However, there are some basic goals
that everyone should have:
1. Healthy heart
2. Healthy blood to prevent blood clots and stroke
3. Increased oxygen uptake
4. Controlled blood pressure
These four goals are mandatory for living young and whether or not you are an elite athlete, soccer mom or die-hard couch potato, all four of these things mare proven to increase lifespan. Plus, if you take the right pills to achieve those goals, you can MONITOR with MEASURABLE RESULTS! That's how I designed CARDIOFX, the ultimate in cardiovascular protection.  It helps users achieve ALL FOUR OF THOSE GOALS and the proof is in the measurable results it offers:

1. Controlled blood pressure
2. Lower resting heart rate
3. Clot-free blood
4. healthy heart as confirmed by EKG
5. Increased athletic performance

Want to bullet-proof your heart?

Here is what one user experienced: "I have always suffered from strong pains in my legs and in my chest, that I ended up at the hospital. With electrocardiograph, the doctors couldn't find anything.  I started taking Cardio FX and right away I noticed the difference.  At night I was able to breath better, my "so called chest pain" was gone! same with the leg pains.  Now I can work out, something I was never able to do before, my physical strengh is a lot better and it feels great!"
Want to bullet-proof your heart?

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