Jumaat, 1 Mac 2013

Jangan sembarangan beri anak makan

blindly feed kids over-the-counter meds 

Nothing angers me more than parents who blindly feed kids
over-the-counter meds...Especially when it comes to cough and cold
meds! The FDA has made a public statement to warn parents of their risks! They've pulled over 500 products!

I recently picked up a safe alternative for my little guy Blair, who has been coming down with a cough.  I've been using it for years...

Surprisingly, this "hippie" looking product works GREAT!  And you can find it most anywhere.  The extracts come from a time-tested formula...

Click to watch now , to learn how to protect your family from OTC cough meds! clicks.aweber.com

Dare to live young!

The People's Chemist

3600 Cerrillos Dr. #714C-802

Sante Fe, New Mexico 87507

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