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Adakah chemotherapy or radiation therapy berkesan?

Adakah chemotherapy or radiation therapy berkesan?

Jawapan: ... First of all, there is only a 3% survival rate from using these drugs! If you are in the 3%, the medical term for cured is 5 year survival rate. That's right, when orthodox medicine states they have "cured" a
cancer patient, what they mean is they lived just 5 more years!

Why do people get cancer in the first place? The simple answer
is the
food we get in the stores is tampered with and is no longer nutritional !


According to the book and video World Without Cancer (copy below
for free) it is imperative that you have vitamin B17 in your diet to kill free-moving cancer cells.


Here are some of the proven benefits of vitamin B17:

- Helps to lower your blood pressure

- One of the healthiest foods on earth

- Strengthens your internal arteries

- Helps target and kill cancer cells

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