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pH Drop

pH Drop adalah cecair yang digunakan bagi dititiskan ke dalam air minum lalu kononnya boleh menjadikan air minuman anda itu menjadi beralkali. Ramai yang mengeluh mungkin ditipu oleh syarikat2 pengeluar pH Drop yang sentiasa saja rakus mengambil kesempatan mencari untung daripada anda sebagai penderita sakit kanser !!

Tidak lagi. Ketahui hak anda yang anda boleh menguji pH air anda di Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD) anda yang berada berdekatan yang terletak dalam setiap daerah yang anda berada. Unit PKD yang menguji adalah unit Kawalan Mutu Air Minuman (KMAM) yang diketuai oleh seorang Inspektor Kesihatan atau PPKP.

Caranya mudah saja iaitu dengan menulis surat permohonan rasmi kepada Pegawai Kesihatan Daerah di daerah anda berada bagi memohon untuk menguji air yang anda beli samada benar beralkali ataupun anda merasa ditipu oleh syarikat syarikat pengeluar pH Drop yang sentiasa rakus mahu mencari keuntungan walhal air yang mereka jual pH sebenarnya adalah berasid !!! Sekiranya ada PKD yang enggan menguji air anda walaupun dengan surat permohonan rasmi secara berhemah telah anda keluarkan, maka anda boleh membuat aduan keengganan mereka ini di laman sesawang Biro Pengaduan Awam.

Jangan lupa kongsikan ujian anda di laman ini untuk pengetahuan pesakit barah yang lain.

What Are pH Drops?.
pH drops are a potent powerful solution that when added to water dramatically increases the pH of that water. To stay properly hydrated it is absolutely essential to drink between 3-5 litres of water per day - so the quality of this water is critical. If you drink three litres of acidic water every day you will not be doing your body any favours at all! pH drops, at the very least raise the pH of the water from around 6-6.5 up to between 7.5-9.5 (varies by brand). Depending on the brand you buy, you might also get an extra benefit, for instance, PuripHy also neutralises any acid microforms in the water such as yeast, bacteria and mycotoxins to give you a high pH, pure drinking water. Using pH drops in your drinking water can have a profound effect on your health and it is one of those supplements where you really notice the difference, straight away!

What Are pH Drops?


The contents of each varies, but it is generally a highly potent concentrationof alkaline minerals including Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Bicarbonate, potassium Bicarbonate and Calcium Bicarbonate.  Ph ion’s pH Booster Ionic Solution also contains 72 extra ionic minerals to help ionise the water.


Dr Young’s 4th Generation pH Drops – PuripHy are, in my opinion, the best pH drops on the market today. They say you get what you pay for and this could not be truer than with these little drops. However, even though PuripHy retail slightly more expensively than other brands, because they are so potent you only need to use five drops, meaning that each bottle lasts waaay longer than other similar brands. PuripHy also not only increases the pH of the water it is added to, but it also neutralises acid toxins in the water including yeasts, molds and bacterias. This unique product is my product of choice for pH drops.

Best For: those who want the best.

pH Booster:

pHion Balance’s pH Booster is totally unique in that it has a two step formula. Step One alkalises the water, much like other pH drops – but Step Two actually ionises the water with a blend of 72 ionic minerals. The outcome of this ionisation is that the water clusters and becomes ‘wetter’, basically meaning that it becomes more hydrating to the body, as the body has to do less work to absorb and use it.

Best For: those who want ionisation as well as alkalisation!

Plasma pH:

Alkalvision’s Plasma pH is a standard pH drop, in that it increases the pH of the water – however it is great for the more budget conscious alkaliser. We love Alkavision because it is still a great, potent product. Other cheaper pH drops are often so weak that you have to use 15-20 drops to get a decent increase in pH – but with Alkavision you still only need 10 drops. OK, it doesn’t have the ionising capacity of pH Booster or the purification skills of PuripHy – but if you just want to get your

pH up you can do far worse at this price.

Best For: the price conscious alkaliser who still wants a quality

pH hit!

Which pH drops are best?

All of the pH drops we sell at energiseforlife.com have been tried and tested by the Energise staff over the course of the last five to six years. They are all great for different reasons (see above). I (Ross) am personally using Dr Young’s PuripHy at the moment, but I also like pH Booster. Callum is also a PuripHy fan at the moment but we’ve both used Alkavision in the past and have like that too. At the end of the day, all of the pH drops we sell are of the highest quality and they are all:

1. A potent source of alkalinity

2. Will structure the water to make it more hydrating

3. Will increase the pH of tap water to at least 8

So which is best for you depends on your own taste and how the pH drops work for you. But you can feel

safe in the knowledge that whichever of our pH drops you try – you will be getting full value for money and

the very best, most effective and potent pH drops on earth.

Why use pH drops?

pH drops, at a base level, all serve to do one thing extremely well: they increase the alkalinity of your drinking water. However, each brand also has a different benefits:

PuripHy: also detoxifies the water of acidic impurities such as yeasts,

mycotoxins, molds and bacteria. PuripHy is also extra potent so each serve is only five drops –giving better value for money.

pH Booster: pH Booster ionises the water as well as alkalising it – which may improve your cells’ ability to conduct electrochemical signals.

Plasma pH: uses their unique blend (they call Vital Force Technology) to ensure you only need to use ten drops per litre, again offering great value for money.

Do I need to use pH drops if I have a filter?

In short, yes – the ideal scenario is that you use an ioniser (such as a Jupiter) to ionise and purify the water and then add the pH drops. Ionisers do two things. Firstly they filter the water. The level of filtration is superior to that of a standard water filter. Once filtered, the water then passes over electronic plates which separate positively charged (acidic) ions from negatively charged (alkaline) ones. A further benefit to the separation process of ionizing is that with non-ionised water minerals form clumps in water. The ionising process reduces the size of these clumps, which means that the remaining, negatively charged (alkalising) minerals (in smaller clumps) can be more easily assimilated and metabolised within the body. So, in short – the ioniser separates the water into acidic and alkaline, filters out impurities and toxins and

clusters the water to make it easier to metabolise.

pH drops substantially increase the pH of the water.

When you add pH drops to water without filtering through an ioniser you still get high pH water – but the acidic mineral complexes remain present. The highly alkalising solution that you add has an over-riding effect on the water’s pH – but it is not ionized and therefore you don’t get the other benefits listed above. Ionising also dramatically reduces (a good thing) the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of water (ORP is

how the antioxidant level of a substance is measured. The lower the ORP the greater antioxidants potential of the substance.). This also promotes the alkalising and de-toxifying effects of the water that the ionizer produces.

What do they taste like?

pH drops essentially have zero flavour. However, because they change the structure of the water (especially the pH ion pH Booster) they change what is known as the ‘mouthfeel’ of the water. Water with pH

Booster added tastes a little ‘thicker’. PuripHy and Alkavision have less of this effect and you generally can’t tell if your water has them added or not.

How many drops do I need?

This varies by product:

PuripHy: 5 drops per litre

pH Booster: 26 drops of Bottle 1 (ionising), 26 drops of Bottle 2 (pH boosting)

Alkavision: 10 drops per litre

I strongly recommend you do not exceed this dose per litre!

How long do they last?

Again, this varies by product, but as a rough guide, pH Booster & Alkavision will last approximately one month, whereas because PuripHy is more potent (and you only need five drops per litre) it lasts around six

to seven weeks. This is based on each product being used to treat three litres of water per day. In terms of use-by dates - pH drops last almost forever! Of course, use by dates will vary but I challenge you to own one long enough for it to go out of date!

Can alkaline water affect my medications?

I get this question a lot. My honest answer is – I am not allowed to answer this question! Legally it is impossible! And even if I could it would depend on the medication in question! I strongly recommend you

seek a nutritionally aware and informed medical professional and discuss your specific medication with them.

Can I add pH drops to hot water?

Hot water does not affect the efficacy of pH drops – so feel free to add to herbal teas.

What is in pH drops?

The contents of each varies, but it is generally a highly potent concentration of alkaline minerals including Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Bicarbonate, potassium Bicarbonate and Calcium Bicarbonate. pHion’s pH Booster Ionic Solution contains 72 extra ionic minerals to help ionise the water.

How alkaline do they make the water?

In the testing we have done, each of these products raised the pH of tap water up to a level of between pH 8 and 9.5

Can I overdose on pH drops?

I strongly, strongly recommend that you only use the suggested amounts on each product’s label. Basically, yes you can overdose. Never ingest without diluting to the correct proportions as per the manufacturers instructions & never be tempted to add more pH drops than recommended. If diluting it would be difficult to overdose to the point of illness, but definitely not impossible. Any amount of overuse will have an adverse effect on your body.

If you have any other questions you can either email me on ross@energiseforlife.com – or

you can now ask directly on the product page!

Can I add green drinks to smoothies or other drinks?

You sure can! Powdered greens can be added to any other beverages – but what you add them to is down to you! I personally add green powder to my juiced vegetables, veggie smoothies and some soups too.

You can’t just add pH drops or green powders to acid-forming drinks like protein shakes to make them more alkalising (there is a scientific reason that is beyond this FAQ) but this will at least increase the nutritional

content. But remember, nutrients are less bioavailable (absorbable by the body) when they are consumed with acid-forming foods.

Do green drinks make the water alkaline?

Green powder, on it’s own will not make the water more alkaline, but once consumed the green powder will have a highly alkaline effect on the body. The water you drink greens in should ideally be of a pH of 8

or above (optimally pH 9.5) otherwise you are consuming the nutrients from the greens in an acid-forming solution, thus minimising the effects of the greens.

Are green drinks antioxidants?

Green drinks are rich in antioxidants from the phytonutrients (nutrients from plant sources) including the spinach, broccoli, capsicum, cucumber, carrots, grasses etc. Dr Young’s pHruits & pHoliage has been specially formulated to contain less of the grasses and more antioxidants (and anti-aging) from ingredients such as blueberry, papaya, pomegranate, cranberry, noni and acai (note, the antioxidant and nutrient content of these plant sources has been extracted in the formulation giving all of the alkalising benefits and none of the acid forming sugar).

Should I get a grass mix or just wheatgrass?

I always receommend a mixture of ingredients to guarantee a good range of nutrients from a wide variety of sources. A grass mix is always more beneficial overall than a straight wheatgrass or barley grass products. I do still use single-grass greens on occasion however, as wheatgrass and barley grass have extremely high chlorophyll and other specific nutrients – so I will use these when I want to get a potent, stronger hit of these.

How are green drinks made?

While the process is slightly different across the different greens we have, they generally follow a process to keep the nutrients as safe and in-tact as possible. Generally speaking, they are created using low-heat

dehydration (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and ground into a fine powder before being taken through an ionization process to make the powder electrically active. Beware of products that are created using flash or

high-heat dehydration.

Are capsules less effective than powder?

Yes capsules are as effective in terms of the nutritional content. To get the full benefits though, ensure you

drink plenty (2-3 litres/day) pure water that is around 9.5pH.

Are there any side effects of green drinks?

No. You will feel more health, energy and vitality – but there are no side effects. When you are first starting out, however, and especially if you are coming from a fairly acidic lifestlye – start slow! As mentioned

below, sudden high dosages of nutrients can cause feelings of nausea (the same would happen with strong vitamin tablets or even a vegetable juice) as the body cannot cope with the sudden density of nutrients

while you still have acid overgrowths (such as yeasts) clogging your system and it puts short term stress on the liver and digestive system. These are not lasting or damaging effects and only last a few minutes.

If you do feel nauseous, just have a snack – it goes away immediately.

I had a green drink and it made me feel nauseous, why?

It is best to start off slow and work up. Try to drink around 1 litre per day for the first week, then two in the second week. You will start feeling benefits immediately - more energy and alertness. People are often

tempted to immediately start drinking a large amount, as they feel the initial benefits. However, this could end up with your body quickly detoxing. Although this is not a problem, it could cause cold like symptoms or nausea while your body gets rid of the built up waste in the system. It is better to build up slowly and over time the extra nutrition will help detoxify and rebuild your body at a gentler pace.

Do green drinks ‘go off’?

Once you have mixed a green drink it will only last an hour or so before it starts to taste different and you lose some of the nutritional benefits.

In the tub, the powders have a very long shelf life. As an example, in Jan 2010 shipped a tub of Doc Broc from my warehouse in the UK to my home in Australia and the use by date on this tub is 23rd September

2011. While I cannot guarantee that all tubs will have at least a certain number of months of usage left, we sell through all of this stock very quickly so our stock is always fresh. You should get at least a year of use-by date.

If you have any other questions you can either email me here – or

you can now ask directly on the product page. So click on a link

below and ask away!

Doc Broc Greens

pHruits & pHoliage

Mega Greens

Pure Energy Greens

pHion Green Superfood

Beyond Greens

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not just hybrid but empty as in grown with chemical fertilizer in dead soil EMPTY of minerals , mineral rich soil make mineralized plants , we mush grow our own mineral rich food as much as drink filtered mineralized alkalized water.

Alkaline water is only HALF the truth when it comes to how to stay completely healthy and live a very long life. The other part is, which most people don't know yet, that we were supposed to consume ELECTRIC FOOD, not hybrid food, which is dead. Our bodies not only need alkaline water but also electric food because it is an electric body. Any type of food that has been changed from its original state is considered a hybrid. Over 95% of the food consumed in the U.S. is hybrid.

You are right. Some things are acidic to test beforehand, such as lemons, but are alkaline forming in the body. This video doesn't quite tell the whole story, and is also slightly deceptive. You can drink a mix of sodium bicarb with vinegar, and will cancel each other out before you drink (acid plus alkaline, it is more neutral) , but is extremely alkaline forming. I know from experience testing my own ph.

THANK GOODNESS I JUST WATCHED THIS!!!! I can't afford these crazy alkalizing machines or distilled water etc etc. It's hard to find honest information that is not a scam.

this acid is not what he's talking about... it's about pH level... the food breaks down with stomach acid but in the blood remains alkaline (or acidic) meaning high or low pH (potential of hydrogen) . hydrogen is a key element in life force... it's all quite esoteric in many ways if you try to look at the real causes and not simply the effects that most doctors / scientists measure. but that's a digression... there is much to explore / learn hope you can continue to seek and find.

radiation kills everything in your body it comes into contact with i have researched cancer and cures for years. Chemotherapy causes cancer and kills everything as well, Cancer has been cured for years its just people dont listen to people that know whats going on NCI is a lie, FDA is a Lie WAKEUP cancer donations is a scam damit people THC, DHA, Baking soda and molasses, Antineoplastons (ANP), essiac tea just the top cures that work there are many more over 80 years ago CANCER was Cured.

Great ! my Mom had similar deal.. only she is an avid 'believer' in establishment medical-ites' nevertheless... they gave her pill to shrink the tumor in order to be able to remove it easier... if they can shrink the tumor.. why not use that method and leave it at that ? ? they love to milk folks' money especially if they have good insurance... it's an amazingly deep pit of shameful manipulation the way i see it... i doubt i'm wrong.. but i'm sad about that too.. still trust love.

My wife had a cyst in her right breast the size of a golf ball. The doctor said in was benign yet suggested a biopsy which she refused. She has addressed it with homeopathy, raw foods and juices and by avoiding processed and cooked foods as much as possible. It's now barely detectable..like the size of a pea.

cancer is a symptom of the immune system that is breaking down." I have read and heard more and more about a vegan/alkaline diet that cures and prevents cancer. 86% of all illnesses are related to stress. Amazing! Chill out everyone! Meditate

I developed uterine cancer. I have lived a high stress life style due to being abused since childhood. I also have Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I got a hysterectomy at the age of 65. I also have carbohydrate cravings that I have not yet been able to heal other than a few weeks at a time. The surgery was messed up and I had to get a colon resection. I still have some visceral pain. So to prevent any more development of malignancies I will use things to become more alkaline. Thanks.

Yes! Being more alkaline will help you! Thats why fruits and herbs are the real super foods on the planet.

Chemotherapy cure rates 2.7%, would you decide to cure yourself with something giving you 2.7% chance of survival...?? Cancer doesn't kill you, chemotherapy does

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