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Tamoxifen sebabkan barah endometrial

Tamoxifen sebabkan barah endometrial

Is this a joke? Endometrial Cancer? What next??

I guess a good way to describe "cancer" is like a thief in the night! It sneaks up on you, steals the life from right underneath  you when you least expect it....then again who expects to have cancer? It happens to other people not you. But you learn to deal with  this so called normal  nonsense you are trying to adapt to. All the fear all of the  overwhelming feelings  begin to subside, you start to feel better....even are able to sleep at night without waking up in a cold sweat. The "piece de resistance"  you finally  step aside some of your fears allow yourself to become involved with someone, a good decent caring man  who wants to surround you with happiness.... Karma he calls it, his "les destin"
 - fate-

Without a moment's hesitation things change on a dime.
Friday at noon I had a Dr.'s appointment. I had gone through some tests a couple weeks prior a little female  issue that's all no big deal. I have always had been on top of my yearly exams so I figured it would be routine, though routine didn't entail forced menopause due to chemotherapy, nothing routine about that!!

Every time I went on one more of the anti estrogen drugs it was menopause hell all over again. The worst was Tamoxifen ....night sweats I wish I could have slept in a freezer all night. Different things began to crop up, not normal or routine to me. I saw the Dr. he told me to get off the drug as the side effects could create some changes.......ok I was off. Lets move on a few months time for my yearly physical doc said  better send you to see your Gyno doc ..I went for the ultra sound the day my bladder nearly burst from drinking a gallon of water then made to wait!!

My Dr came into the room sat down with a look on his face that made me uncomfortable. . He asked about the Tamoxifen  I told him what my symptoms were. His next sentence came as one line  letter by letter and I heard him say. I believe you have Endometrial Cancer.... by the looks of your tests  it could be advanced we will know more and staging when we do the Endometrial D&C  and biopsy...... I asked if he were kidding I never had issues, my body ran like clock work every month  on que....My son was a "C" section baby...blaaaaa blaaaa blaaaaa with a nervous nauseous taste in my mouth.Next question...."Now what? you just ruined my Friday." I wanted to throw up right then and there but I had composure. I waited till I arrived home. I was so pissed off.. Yet again one more stupid idiotic can't you just cut me a Frikkin break moment!! Upon leaving the nurse gave me paperwork telling me they are going to fit me in ASAP hang tight by the phone for the next couple of days. The Dr. doesn't want  unecessary  wait time.OKkkkkkk.....

I sat in my chair at home, just cried and cried till I felt sick.....How could this happen? First my botched pathology, now Tamoxifen being the likely cause of Endometrial  Cancer.. ???????????? Is someone playing a sick joke...maybe I'm dreaming this...I'll wake up I won't have Breast Cancer and certainly not Endometrial Cancer.......

Although tamoxifen has been useful both in treating breast cancer patients and in decreasing the risk of getting breast cancer in women at high risk, it also has some serious side effects.
These side effects arise from the fact that while tamoxifen acts as an antiestrogen that blocks the effects of estrogen on breast cells, it mimics the actions of estrogen in other tissues such as the uterus. Its estrogen-like effects on the uterus stimulate proliferation of the uterine endometrium and increase the risk of uterine cancer.

Million dollar question.........why are we taking this drug if one of the side effects are known to cause another cancer?  Are these our optimum choices? Bottom line  our choices are limited. These pharma companies are playing Russian Roulette with our lives. We are dying and they are  pushing this toxic drug knowing full well what the consequences  are. Are we given a preferable choice of which cancer to choose from?

Once I find out the staging, will come the treatment.Honestly I'm not sure if I can do Chemo again. It's not a case of being a coward.The first time left me so terribly ill
I just want some "Happy Time"!! I have no idea what I am going to tell him... I'm not sure he signed up for this part  ...come to think of it, neither did I!

Just a final thought in closing.  Over the last many years there have been campaigns  for cancer fund raising & research. Billions of dollars collected  why are we no closer to a cure!?? We are still dealing with the same draconian methods of treatments...Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation ..the treatments  can be far worse than the disease  leaving permanent side effects.We keep donating but we as Joe & Jane Public are ignorant as to where the money goes.We hear the word cancer we automatically conclude  it's going to the right cause... more likely into the salaries of well paid executives  profiteering from the victims of Cancer.....I refuse to support these fund raising organizations that claim a Search for the Cure. yet refuse transparency where the dollars are actually spent.....Maybe if we did have more of an open door policy, I along with hundreds of others wouldn't be wondering why a drug that  should have been a preventative causes a double wallop by  causing another cancer.....

~Love Alli.......

P/S : Saya sendiri tidak faham apabila oncologists mempreskripsi ubat ubatan kepada pesakit….. Harapan menggunung saya adalah tolong preserve quality of life pesakit, rawat pesakit anda dengan kasih sayang bukan hanya merawat mengikut tulisan buku semata mata… JANGAN tambah kesengsaraan pesakit. Jika pesakit kanser ditakdirkan mati, biarlah mereka pergi dengan aman…bukan dengan potong sana potong sini hingga mengurangkan kualiti hidup mereka!! Apabila pesakit mendapat komplikasi, bukan anda yang merawat  serta melihat kesengsaraan mereka tetapi staff nurses. Anda hanya tahu prescribe itu saja… Selepas habis rawatan , anda masuk ke dalam kereta mewah anda balik ke rumah besar meninggalkan pesakit anda terbaring di atas katil mereka menunggu saat saat akhir mereka!!! Kepada surgeon pula, jangan terlalu ghairah membuat operation yang invasive sehingga menjejaskan kualiti hidup mereka. Mungkin pesakit memilih untuk mati dalam keadaan aman. Kepada student registrar, berhentilah daripada membuat promosi membuat operation yang besar dan life threatening, quality of life reduction semata mata kerana nak mengisi log book anda sebelaum bergelar pakar bedah…… Ingatlah penderitaan dan kesengsaraan akan dialami oleh pesakit selepas operation invasive anda… Seperti kata professor Susumu Sekine, biarlah pesakit dalam keadaan aman.

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