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Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea
I have a quick cancer history lesson you will probably never hear about on the news. Essiac Tea was discovered by Renee Caisse (1888-1978). By 1922, she had discovered that four herbs mixed together and then brewed as a tea had reported very beneficial effects on cancer. Renee Caisee was a Cancer Nurse in Canada. She learned of the tea from an ancient Canadian Ojibwa Indian. Because the FDA prohibits people from explaining
how it may be beneficial to you by detoxification you may have never heard about it.
However this tea has been used continuously with tens of thousands of individuals consuming it for the last 80 + years successfully against cancer.

So what exactly is this tea?...
The herbs that are in the Essiac Tea are: burdock root, slippery elm, sorrel, and Turkey (Indian) rhubarb. The tea has been tested at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, the U.S. National Cancer Institute in the 1970's with positive results. We have the fresh herbs packaged and provide the product in kit form with its own cloth bag to brew your tea. One order makes two gallons which should last you for one month.
It is suggested you brew all the herbs at one time, then take one-half of the liquid, approximately one gallon, and freeze it to keep it fresh while you
consume the first gallon.
Order your EZ-AK Tea (our name - pronounced EASY-AC)
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If you have not seen the free video called "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin now is your chance, just click the next link.

Testimonies from real people who had cancer and were able to beat in naturally!

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