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Types of Surgical Accidents
No one wants to think that his or her surgery will go wrong due to negligence or incompetence; truly, most people go into an operating room expecting that they are going to be treated by a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made. Below are some types of surgical accidents that are encountered in a medical setting, whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is involved.
Items left inside patients – It isn’t just an urban legend…this type of surgical accident happens more often than you might assume. Clamps, gauze, and other medical tools are left behind after surgery; as a result, complications (and sometimes death) occur.
Incisions made into the wrong body part – Sometimes, doctors and their staff make cuts into areas of the body that needn't be cut. People may suffer long term and / or life-threatening complications including infections as a result of this type of surgical accident, .
Operations on the wrong side or the wrong body part – This type of surgical accident occurs occasionally and are often a result of miscommunication between staff members. The consequences of such mistakes, such as amputations of the wrong limb, can be devastating.
Anesthesia mistakes – This type of surgical accident happens frequently, especially when professional staff members are overworked. Unfortunately, the long hours many ER and operating room medical personnel put in can translate to misery for patients. In the case of anesthesia errors, one small slip could mean the loss of a patient’s life.
Needless surgeries – When this type of surgical accident occurs it’s usually because one physician did not receive information from another. Thus, a patient may be operated on even though he or she never needed an operation to begin with. This means the individual experienced the trauma of surgery for absolutely no reason.
The abovementioned types of surgical accidents are chilling. However, they are also familiar to some people. If you or someone you care about has been the victim of any of these or other types of surgical accidents, please contact our team of legal professionals today. We’ll offer nonjudgmental, expert advice and representation just as we’ve done for hundreds of other satisfied clients.
A phone call or email is free, and so is our initial consultation. There’s no reason to delay if you’ve been a victim of any types of surgical accidents; start on the path to receiving the restitution you deserve now.

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