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Reasons Supplement dont Work

Read this entirely !  The medical community would never want you
to hear about results like the ones you are about to hear about!!!!

One of the first things you learn in medicinal chemistry is that
not all pills work the same for everyone.  What might be a cure for one
person, could be worthless for another.  That's why there will never be a
"miracle cure." There is simply too much "individual variation."

This variation stems from genetics, age, weight, height, and
lifestyle just to name a few. But there is one common variable that holds people back from getting the most out of their nutrients.  It's poor absorption.

The number one reason supplements don't work for select individuals
is because they are not assimilating the active ingredients within the
capsule.  Rather than be digested, absorbed and circulated throughout the 100,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries, nutrients pass through the body due to a "road block" of waste accumulating along the walls of the digestive system. I have a very simple fix and I suggest everyone do it, especially if you are overweight.  It's called the $1.41 Cleanse.  It works.

I'm going to give you the link that shows exactly how to do it.
(Don't worry about the "fertilizer" known as Azomite.  It's not going to kill you.  It's simply loaded with trace minerals that nourish the body as well as plants.  That's why it's also called a "fertilizer."  If you're scared, don't use it.
The cleanse will still work well for you.)  But first, I want to warn you to be careful!

Recently, an employee at my mail drop "Googled" me and found
"The $1.41 Cleanse."  He decided to try it...It worked.  But, I
heard through the grapevine that he had to stay home the following day because, "he couldn't be very far from the bathroom."

Timing is everything.  The best time to do The $1.41 Cleanse is in
the evening, before bed. Hopefully, when you wake up, you will be ready to take care of business before going to work. Forget all the expensive, ridiculous cleanse programs...You can get better results for a lot less!
Once you've done The $1.41 Cleanse, you can bet that your body will
begin absorbing the nutrients contained within your capsules!  Especially if you are using my products. Not only are my pills super potent, but I also use the fastest dissolving capsule in the industry to package the active ingredients. It's a pain in the ass because sometimes the thin, fragile capsules break on my encapsulating machine or skip the loading step.

This is why a tiny percentage of bottles have broken capsules or
empty ones.  Don't worry about it. My counters still ensure that bottles
are filled with the correct amount of pills.

You're not getting ripped off.  You're getting great products that
are designed to help you absorb what you are paying for.

If your capsules are not dissolving, they are holding your nutrients "hostage!"  No matter how good your absorption, thick, hard-to-dissolve capsules will pass through your body and into the toilet.  That's why
it's worth the extra effort for me to use thin capsules - I want you to get results like these:

"I was always very skinny, even after having 3 kids, with a great
shape until my 40s. But than I started to accumulate fat and pounds, a whole extra 40 pounds.  My stomach was always bloated, like if I
was pregnant at 55!  I started AM-PM, because my daughter saw me
and said that's it and she got me on the program.  It was incredible, because without DIETING, I'm never hungry, I eat what I need
and I already lost 10 lbs in a couple of weeks, when before loosing
10 pounds will take me 6 months. I'm 55 years old and for the first time in 20 years I can work out, do the famous abs work outs that were impossible for me. Now I do them.  I feel with a lot of energy, a lot younger and now I'm being told I look like if I were 38 - 40. I love it!" - Fan of Hormone
Intelligence Therapy (HIT) . Nobody escapes the rising tide of obesity!  I urge you to get your best body and your hormones back:

"I recommended Cinnergy to a co-worker who was a heavy drinker and
was facing a liver biopsy. He took Cinnergy religiously and avoided the procedure all together." -JG, TX

Learn How Cinnergy Slows the Aging Process and Controls Blood Sugar:

"I'm 55 years old and for many years I've tried to handle my
condition of having gastritis, this was terrible with strong pains in my stomach day in and day out.  I've tried everything and there were
days were I just couldn't eat or do anything.  I was pretty miserable.  I was an incredible sugar consumer too, so I started taking Cinnergy, and for the first time in my life I cancelled the sugar and it was an extraordinary change, my body didn't ask for it anymore!  And for the first time in
my life this so called "medical condition" that no doctor could never help me with it was GONE. Pain gone. Gastritis completely gone! I have NO words
to thank Shane, as I had tried every treatment out there, for years, I was really intoxicated by everything that I had taken, and with his natural
program everything got solved!" - Cinnergy Fan.

Learn How Cinnergy Slows the Aging Process and Controls Blood Sugar:

"I have always suffer from strong pains in my legs and in my chest.
I eventually ended up at the hospital! With electrocardiograph, the doctors couldn't find anything.  I started taking Cardio FX and right away
I noticed the difference.  At night I was able to breath better, my
"so called chest pain" was gone! Same with the leg pains!  Now I can workout, something I was never able to do before...My physical strengh is
a lot better and it feels great! - CardioFX Fan

Learn how CardioFX can Truly Supercharge your Heart and
Cardiovascular System:

My life motto is simplify and thrive!  Thats why I love chemistry.
When you speak its language, it shows you how to overcome seemingly difficult health problems, simply!  No drugs, no surgery, just nutrients.  With the right nutrients being absorbed, the body can heal from within!

Start with The $1.41 Cleanse.  Learn the process by watching my PC
Reality TV clip (toward bottom page) titled, The Fastest Way to Lose 10lbs - The $1.41 Cleanse - at

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