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Berapa banyak Vit B17 perlu diambil

How much vitamin B17 should I take?

If you are preventing cancer, 7 to 10 seeds per day or one 100mg tablet according to the book "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin is

According to the book "World Without Cancer" if you are trying to get rid of cancer, the injectable vitamin B17 and the raw apricot seeds are the best but, the injectable vitamin B17 needs to go into the vein. If you can not do the injectable, then the 500mg tablets and the seeds are the next best thing.  As with anything you start out with low doses and increase slowly.
If you get nauseated back off a little and let your body get use to the level you are at for a few days and then try to increase again.  You can work your way up to as many as 20 500mg per day if possible. The idea is to get as much in your system as you can without making yourself nauseated. Then go on a maintenance does. Other things you can do to help. Take high levels 10,000mg to 20,000mg of vitamin C each day Start out at low doses and increase slowly to prevent detoxing to fast. Drink Alkaline water.

De-chlorinate your bath and shower water. Breathe clean indoor air...

Use chemical free personal care products

Eat organic food and drink raw cow or goat milk. Click the next link to sign up and watch the free video called "World Without Cancer" by G.
Edward Griffin also known as "The Ultimate Cancer Cure Video" video at the bottom of this web site

To order Vitamin b17, Apricot Seeds, MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) click the this link.
Because the government and big business do not want one person to help another I must give the following disclaimer. I am not a doctor or licensed in any way. The information I give is only my opinion and you are responsible for yourself and for anything you do, eat, or take.  It is your responsibility
to do your own research. 1 Cure 4 All Cancer, 707 White St., Pahrump, Nevada 89048, United States

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