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Makanan Beracun

Makanan Beracun

Fruit sellers fear huge losses

GEORGE TOWN: Traders of dried and pickled fruits are concerned about the Level 5 health alert issued on such products from China and Taiwan.

“We are going to lose out if people stop buying the items as we have already stocked them,” said trader Foo Wah Choong, 62, who operates a stall at the Chowrasta Market on Penang Road.

“My hope is that the wholesaler will take back the products.”

Foo said about 30% of the items in his shop were imported, mainly from China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand while the rest were from orchards in Balik Pulau and Sungai Dua.

Foo’s wife, Ch’ng Poh Tuan, 61, said consumers would find it hard to stop buying dried plums.

“Pregnant women like to eat them,” she said. “People also use them to get rid of giddiness and nausea and they are used in drinks.”

Trader Ong Ai Ling, 45, said it was difficult to know whether the items she had in her store came from the 15 companies identified by the Health Ministry.

“The prune and plum pickled fruits are definitely imported but I don’t know for sure which country or company they come from as this is not stated on the bag when I get it from the wholesaler,” she said.

Another trader, who only wanted to be known as Tan, however, said the dried plums and black prunes at her outlet were sold only as supplementary items.

“I sell 5kg of these a month compared with the pickled buah salak (snakeskin fruit) from Indonesia, which I can sell about 10kg a day during the school holidays.”




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