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Tak Elok Ambil Kalsium

Tak Elok Ambil Kalsium


"Should I take Calcium?" Every week someone asks me that. Just a few months ago, a government task force warned the public to avoid
taking low daily doses of calcium and vitamin D. So the short answer is NO!

The New York Times wrote that the group, the United States Preventive
Services Task Force, based its recommendations on extensive reviews of more than a hundred studies.  They found that neither pill was beneficial and that adverse effects included kidney stones and lots more.

This is reality, not a conspiracy to get people off vitamins. The recent news on calcium risks always peaks my attention. Probably because a friend of mine told me about a gruesome death of a
loved one.  In his words, she was a "health nut," taking calcium as
prescribed by her doctor.  Later, her sister found her lying on the kitchen
floor.  She had stopped by for a surprise visit, to say happy birthday.


...I couldn't make this shit up.


Taking the normal dose of calcium pills, her arteries were "calcified."
Essentially, they were frozen in time.  Like a concrete setting, her
insides hardened and were unable to work properly. Technically, it's called calcification.

Still, millions of people are blindly trusting their longevity to
calcium supplements.  They have no idea that calcium pills
are NOT what you find in nature, which is organic calcium.

Made by drug giants Hoffmann-La Roche and BASF, calcium pills
are known chemically as carbonate, citrate, dolomite, di-calcium
phosphate, and tri-calcium phosphate.

They are poison!

Studies over the last 10 years have confirmed that these synthetic toxins
offer no health benefits, whatsoever. At the same time, chemists learned
that they lead to calcium deposits - a common condition that, in severe
cases, can narrow or block the arteries that feed the heart.  This leads to
heart failure.

One University study wrote in The New York Daily News that, "Calcium
supplements, long recommended for stronger bones, may be bad for the

The New York Times sounded the calcium supplement alarm, too.  They
published that, "Older people who take at least 500 milligrams of calcium
daily--less than the amount in a typical one-a-day calcium pill--are 30
percent more likely to have a heart attack than those who take no calcium at all."

As The People's Chemist (heck, even as a young college dude tossing
together a hangover remedy), I've always taught that medicine is a science of MEASURABLE RESULTS.

For the non-genius reading this, that means there has to be a positive
outcome from taking a pill - something you can measure.

Every single one of my creations has a positive, MEASURABLE RESULT.

For instance, CardioFX lowers blood pressure, strengthens the heart and busts unruly blood clots on contact!  It's that good.  And THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT FROM A PILL! Learn more at

What's more important than your cardiovascular system?

Hmmm...A pot of gold?  Nope. A house in Hollywood Hills!?  Where a gardner DELIVERS flowers and you don't have to eye them sitting in traffic, while bums swoon you for handouts?  Nope. Neither of those are gonna keep my heart beating and my arteries clean...

Yea, they'd be nice, but knowing my heart and cardiovascular system
are always at their best and ready for flying, fighting or chasing my wife
around the bedroom is priceless!

In fact, sometimes I'm so healthy thanks to CardioFX, I feel like the
richest man in the world. And I don't need insurance, a huge bank account or even a large mortgage to experience it, just CardioFX.
See the proof at

By strengthening your cardiovascular system with CardioFX, you are better able to live an active, fit life, which is what truly strengthens bones! Get fit now at

Dare to live young,

The People's Chemist

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